Cordozar Broadus Needs A Secret Service Enema

You know Cordozar better by the stage name Snoop Dogg, an allegedly talented rapper who usually sounds like someone hitting a sack of (stoned) cats with a stick. His greatest ability seems to be that of using the words f*ck, motherf****r and nigga in his “songs”.

The reality is he has very little real talent and is usually in a drug induced state when he is awake.

Cordozar is also a black man with an attitude who thinks the deck is stacked against the black folks (who he calls niggas). To Cordozar life is unfair and guys like Donald Trump, who are rich (and white), get away with anything they want. He also believes that there are lots of black folks in jail for possession of drugs (mostly weed) who have been there a long time while the white guys who sold it to them are out in society still pushing those drugs. Cordozar must think none of these drug dealers are people of color.

Yes, to Cordozar there is white privilege and black folks, the downtrodden like him, are getting ridden dirty. Really?

Hey Cordozar, you have been arrested an awful lot of times for illegal possession of a firearm (handguns) and have not spent much time in jail. You have been placed on probation or forced to make public service videos or had to do community service but you damn sure do not end up in jail where you belong for those gun infractions.

There are a lot of people, black and white alike, who are rotting in jail for illegal possession of a firearm and they did not get arrested as many times as you. How many times have you been arrested for drug possession and how many countries have you been banned from, for at least some period of time, because of your illegal behavior?

I can’t seem to find any report that indicates you are spending 10 or 20 years in a jail while white guys are walking the streets. Truth be told, your sorry ass is walking the streets while many white folks are in jail for far less. So please don’t give me any BS about privilege.

In Cordozar’s latest video (more garbage) he pulls a gun on a Trump look alike made up like a clown. To Cordozar it seems like a perfectly OK thing to do as the Trump look alike is referred to as a “f***ing clown.” You see, to Cordozar anyone he does not like should be shot. This is probably why his gangster ass has been arrested for illegal possession of firearms SO MANY TIMES.

Cordozar is a member of the Nation of Islam and has praised its leader, the equally insane Louis Farrakhan. To put that in perspective, Cordozar has praised Louis Farrakhan, an idiot who wants to eliminate Jews and who rails against white people, but in his video pulls a gun on a Donald Trump look alike and calls him a f***ing clown because, well I guess because it is Trump. Perhaps it is because he is white, oh say it isn’t so Dogg Pooh. I guess Cordozar is bitter because he voted for Clinton and Trump beat her like a rented mule.

The real clown in all of this is Cordozar Doggy Pooh who thinks he has a voice in the world. His message resonates to the low information voters (and non-voters) and the undereducated who listen to his music. He appeals to those he inspires to be gangsta and do what he sings about. His lifestyle inspires the undereducated to act like thugs and to break the law (thus becoming felons and losing the right to vote or possess firearms, like hero Cordozar).

Then when they end up in jail Cordozar can cry like a little punk about white privilege and the racist system that sent these poor little gangstas to jail.

In other words, Cordozar was taught to play the victim card. Let’s hope the Secret Service plays the Trump card and looks into this violent video aimed at the president.

Cordozar should expect nothing less. Don’t you think that is what he would have wanted if a video like this were made during the Obama reign of terror and it showed Obama at the wrong end of a firearm?

I only want to make sure Cordozar gets the equality he claims does not exist.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Occupy The STD Clinics

Looks like the Occupy Wall Street folks are getting their (in the words of the NYP) “freak on” in the style of their 1960s ancestors and their free love protests. The nasty OWS law breakers have been having a lot of sex and there has been a run on the STD clinic. The OWS love machines have been getting handouts of money so they can clog up the local clinic that is in place to help the poor (or underserved, as they are called).

Imagine that. A bunch of poor people have to stand outside and wait forever to be seen for their illnesses because the OWS mob is clogging up the clinic to be seen for the STDs they contracted through lifestyle choices.

The OWS crowd that has been complaining about the homeless and other poor people infiltrating them and eating their food should remember this the next time they want to complain. Their life choices are not only hurting them but others as well.

Wait a minute…

Can’t we apply this on a larger scale? These folks are protesting because there are wealthy people and they are not part of that group. They want to take what others have. They want free education and debt forgiven. They want others to be responsible for them. They want the property of other people and they want to live off the government (the people who pay taxes). They claim that they want those who allegedly broke the law leading to the economic collapse to be prosecuted and they will demonstrate their distaste for the lawbreakers by…wait for it…breaking the law themselves.

They basically are unhappy with their lives and want to be taken care of no matter who else it bothers.

Kind of like engaging in casual, unprotected sex with strangers and getting a disease and then inconveniencing others because of it. I wonder if taxpayer dollars support that clinic and if so, how much is wasted because of this.

Personally, I don’t care if consenting adults want to engage in sex. That is their business. So long as they are not out raping people (as has been reported quite a bit) and so long as they are not doing it in public then they can do what they want.

But I would expect that these folks who are so smart mind you, that they have all the answers to our problems, would have the sense to use a condom. I mean, if you want to be where the rubber meets the road….

Here is a capitalist idea for someone in the OWS crowd. I know you won’t want to do it because it involves working and making money (and capitalism), but I will throw it out there.

You can order a box of 1000 condoms for anywhere between $70 and $200. If you order a few boxes and sell the condoms for 50 cents each you will make a very good profit.

If you OWS folks intend to stay there until things go your way (and you really mean it) then you are going to be there a very long time. A lot of bored hippies taking drugs leads to a lot of hippies having sex.

An enterprising OWS person can make a fortune if he tries.

You will make money and the poor will not be forced out of their clinic so OWS folks can be seen for STDs.

The rest of us will benefit because you will be preventing these people from reproducing…

UPDATE: The Daily Caller has a slideshow of homes. The addresses of the homes were obtained from some of the records of OWS protesters who were arrested. Look at these very expensive and beautiful homes and decide if these people are really part of the 99%. Are they really poor people who have nothing or are they posers who actually have it pretty good. The only other thing we could ask is if they are people who bought homes they could not afford under the CRA and are unable to pay for them. If this is the case, then why are WE supposed to be concerned with their bad decisions? You signed the contract and if you can’t pay, too bad. Blame your Democrat supporters for their social justice schemes. In either case, these people are not really what they claim to be.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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Is Pelosi On Drugs Or Naturally Confused?

Or does she think we are stupid?

Nancy Pelosi is working hard to pass the health care takeover that Obama wants even though it looks like she is currently a few votes shy of the needed number of Democrats to pass it. The House and Senate have been working on this health care stuff for about a year and both chambers have a bill. They could have passed anything they wanted without Republican support because they had large enough majorities in both chambers.

The Democrats could not agree on the legislation and it is they who are at fault for this not passing. If it is so wonderful that they are going to ram it through now whether we like it or not then it was just as wonderful when they had enough votes to get it done on their own. They did not get it done because some of their own did not like it.

This is important because the Democrats keep blaming Republicans for obstructing. Republicans could not obstruct, they could only delay the inevitable, as long as all the Democrats were on the same sheet of music. They were not.

Plus, they know that if they are the only party to vote for it then they own it. If it turns out good then they will look like heroes and if it turns out bad it will be entirely their fault. They must know that it is not as wonderful as they say because they do not want sole ownership of it.

But what about Pelosi and her drug problem? She must be on drugs. Read this portion of a transcript from an interview she had this weekend with Candy Crowley of CNN:

CROWLEY: When we looked at our polling numbers just from yesterday, we had almost three-quarters of Americans who said they need to drop this bill, just stop talking about health care and move on to something else or they need to start new. So don’t the Republicans have a point?

PELOSI: The point is, is that we have a responsibility here, and the Republicans have had a field day going out there and misrepresenting what is in the bill, but that’s what they do. That’s what…

CROWLEY: So it has been messaging thing?

PELOSI: … they do. No…

CROWLEY: You think people don’t understand the bill?

PELOSI: No, I don’t think — there isn’t a bill. When we have a bill, which we will in a matter of days, then that is the bill that we can sell. Our bill, the House and the Senate bill, had some major differences which we’re hoping now to reconcile. [emphasis mine]

Nancy Pelosi starts off by saying that Republicans have had a field day misrepresenting what is in the bill. We could argue all day as to whether this is true and whether things were misrepresented but that is not important. Pelosi and her minions tell us this is wonderful and people just don’t understand it. They had enough votes (provided they all voted for it) to pass it. If things were misrepresented then they could have passed it and let America find out how wonderful it really is.

They did not do that for a reason. It stinks and they know it. They do not want to own it so they blame Republicans. Let me be clear for the moonbats who have trouble with this, Republicans did not obstruct because they could not block passage.

Next, Pelosi goes on to say that there is no bill. She said there is no bill now but when they have a bill they will be able to sell it. If this is true then how did Republicans misrepresent what was in the bill? You cannot misrepresent what is in a bill if there is no bill (her words were technically there is not a bill).

Maybe Pelosi is defining bill as the reconciled product from the Senate and House. If that is her definition of “the bill” then Republicans could not have misrepresented what is in “the bill” because “the bill” does not yet exist.

This is all misdirection and deliberate confusion created to make it appear as if Republicans had anything to do with the Democrats being unable to pass their health care takeover. They do not want to own up to the fact that they had enough votes and could have rammed it through at any time and still could not get it done. Now that they do not have a filibuster proof majority they want to ram it through with reconciliation and claim they had to because Republicans obstructed the process.

This is a lie and they should be called on it every time.

I do not agree with the health care process going on and would not have been happy if they had passed it when they had the chance, especially since a lot of people oppose it and I know it will be bad for this country. But, they should have the integrity and honor to admit that they hold all the responsibility for that failure.

No matter what, Pelosi is out lying about the process (or should I say misrepresenting) and whether or not they have a bill and trying to paint Republicans as obstructionists.

Republicans showed at the summit that they had ideas and were willing to work but like I said before, Obama’s idea of bipartisan is when Republicans do what he wants. He said it before and he intimated it at the summit, he won.

Fine, but man up and admit your own failures and the failures of your party. You blew your chance to pass it when you were unobstructed and now you might not have the votes to ram it through even with little used and inappropriate procedures. You can’t admit to your base that you could not get it done when you were completely unobstructed so now you need to blame it on Republicans to try and salvage the November elections.

It is your fault Mr. Obama and the fault of your Democrats.

Keep this in mind America as they use “obstructionist Republicans” as their reason for ramming it through (or at least trying) with reconciliation.

It really is too bad the Democrat party lacks men and women of honor and integrity.

Big Dog


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Our Presidente

Ole- our Resident and his little scuzzy socialistas want to grant amnesty to all the illegals here now, indeed, they wouldn’t mind if more came in- cheap work forces are hard to come by, especially if you have a sheriff who is arresting the potential work force. That is why, at the behest of several groups who are invested in the “legality” of these people, the federal government, in this case the Department of Homeland Security, has taken the Federal powers to arrest and detain illegal aliens from Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona.

A controversial Arizona sheriff known for taking a hard line against illegal immigrants has been stripped of some of his powers in what he described as a political move by the Obama administration.

Joe Arpaio, a gruff lawman who styles himself as America’s toughest sheriff, has won acclaim from US anti-immigrant forces for his relentless pursuit of mostly Hispanic illegal immigrants in Maricopa county, Arizona, a fast-growing county of 4 million people that is home to Phoenix, the nation’s fifth largest city.

Arpaio’s aggressive tactics include the jailing of illegal immigrants in tent cities surrounded by barbed wire in the middle of Arizona’s searingly hot summers, the reduction of meal costs to 20 cents per day, the use of pink jail clothing for men, and chain gangs for women inmates.

Good for him- the purpose of jail or prison is to punish the offender, not be a vacation destination- as far as I am concerned, if you offend, you lose some of your “rights”- like the “right” to air conditioning, TV, and other privileges that people in the outside world take for granted. The fact that Sheriff Joe can put these people in tents, dress them in pink, and feed them baloney sandwiches is and should be viewed as a part of their punishment. If the prisoners don’t like it, so much the better.

Under a two-year-old agreement with the federal department of homeland security, Arpaio and his deputies had been authorised to enforce federal immigration law by arresting suspected illegal immigrants in the field and by checking the immigration status of people arrested on other offences.

But after drawing thousands of complaints and a civil rights investigation from the justice department, Arpaio was this week stripped of his federal authority to make immigration arrests. County attorney Andrew Thomas, one of Arpaio’s supporters, condemned the “setback in the fight against illegal immigration”.

For his part Arpaio has promised to continue chasing illegal immigrants using state laws. In an angry press conference, he called US homeland security officials “liars” and said he would personally drive those caught on the streets to the border if federal officers refused to take arrested illegal immigrants into custody. “I’ll take a little trip to the border and turn them over to the border,” he said.

Heck, if I lived there, I’d volunteer to drive them back- that’s only fair. They do not belong here. Their first illegal act, was crossing the border. Mexico has a more stringent immigration policy than we do- how crazy is that?

“The department of homeland security is making a historic mistake if it continues its relationship with Sheriff Joe Arpaio,” said Paco Fabian, spokesman for immigration reform advocacy group America’s Voice. “The federal government is lending its full force and legitimacy to a rogue cop certain to go down in history as a serial violator of civil rights and an enemy of the Latino community.”

An estimated 12 million illegal immigrants live in the US. The federal government is virtually paralysed over how to react, with conservatives like Arpaio calling for the arrest and deportation of illegal immigrants and increased border enforcement. Obama, many Democrats and some Republicans call for a system that will allow most to gain legal status after paying a fine and learning English, but reform efforts in 2006 and 2007 withered under sustained rightwing opposition.

Imagine that- a Hispanic against the Sheriff- I guess Paco still has family that haven’t made it over yet. Hopefully they never do- then Paco and his family could visit the old country and the rest of his family, hopefully for an extended period of time.

The plain fact is that if we eliminated all illegal employment in the agricultural fields, our produce cost would rise by about eight dollars a year. A lot of this has to do with a more mechanical approach to harvesting, and also because most of our frozen produce comes from other countries now. In a recent search of my freezer, not a one of ten bags of frozen veggies came from the US.

So what good do the illegals do? Not a thing, in the end. Well- they do make for good news copy, as they slaughter themselves in great numbers. Indeed, there are seven violent crime stories involving spanish surnames to every one of any other race or nationality, every day in the local Houston paper. That is just a fact, as sorry as it may be.

Unlike other immigrants, they are not assimilating into the American culture, indeed they are actively encouraged not to, with ESL being taught, and exceptions being made for those who don’t speak english. Why? That just enables these people to keep crippling along as second class citizens, a sub culture that does nothing positive for our society, instead, making problems for our society that we have to stop and try to fix.

This is a segment of society that if we cannot control and assimilate seamlessly into our society, we need to cast out- their adherence to smuggling drugs and people cause them to be, as a group, much more dangerous, as they will not even try to clean up the bad actors who give them a bad reputation in their society, and thus our society.

If they don’t want to be a part of our society, and indeed they have shown repeatedly by their nationalism, their Mexican flag waving, and refusal to learn any more than rudimentary english that they do not, then they must go home.

Even your best friend can overstay his or her welcome, and they have overstayed theirs.


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Is Obama Hoping For A Dirty Bomb?

Well, I can say I told you so, but anyone with an IQ over that of the temperature of lukewarm water also had to have drawn the conclusion that the Resident just really wants a crisis, one he can use as a pretext to “Hugoize” the United States. Yes, our Communist in Chief has been rubbing up against the tyrants in the United Nations so consistently, he probably has a woody from the contact.

At any rate, he has decided, that we should reduce the number of border Patrol agents on the southern border. You know, the same southern border that Al Qaeda mentioned would be a really great place to smuggle weapons and people into our midst. We already have captured several people who are middle eastern Arabs or Persians- and this doesn’t include the drugs and illegal aliens who come into our land for  “ordinary”criminal enterprises.

Even though the Border Patrol now reports that almost 1,300 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border is not under effective control, and the Department of Justice says that vast stretches of the border are “easily breached,” and the Government Accountability Office has revealed that three persons “linked to terrorism” and 530 aliens from “special interest countries” were intercepted at Border Patrol checkpoints last year, the administration is nonetheless now planning to decrease the number of Border Patrol agents deployed on the U.S.-Mexico border.

These aliens and persons from special interest countries came in through the checkpoints- how many came in by way of the desert, or across the Rio Grande in South Texas? We may never know, simply because our dear “leader” doesn’t want to assign the manpower to get the job done. His philosophy, as has all the Democrats been, is if George Bush did it, it must be undone- no matter that what was done wasn’t partisan, it was right.

Each year, the Border Patrol sets a goal for “border miles under effective control (including certain coastal sectors).” “Effective control,” as defined by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, means that when the Border Patrol detects an illegal border crosser in a particular area of the border the agency can be expected to succeed in apprehending that person.
In the May 7 update of its performance review, DHS said the Border Patrol’s goal for fiscal 2009 was to have 815 of the 8,607 miles of border for which the agency is responsible under “effective control.”  The review also said the Border Patrol’s goal for fiscal 2010 was to again have 815 miles of border under “effective control,” meaning DHS was not planning to secure a single additional mile of border in the coming year.
However, Acting Deputy Assistant Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Todd Owen told a House committee in July that the Border Patrol already had 894 miles of border under effective control as of May 31 of this year.  These 894 miles, Owen said, included 697 miles on the Mexican border, 32 miles on the Canadian border and 165 miles in the coastal sectors.

Gee- one tenth of the total border is under control- that is a stat to be truly ashamed of- as a Commissioner, I could not actually present that report without presenting my resignation also. Granted, so should Napolitano, who is the “Border” Czar, and thus is responsible for the situation on the border. Also granted, is just where the buck stops- and it stops in the Oval Office, and thus our nation’s “First Immigrant” (if you believe the birthers) seems, well, less than enthusiastic about clamping down on anyone who wants to break the law to get into our country.

But even if the Border Patrol is able to maintain or marginally improve on the current level of security on the U.S.-Mexico border, most of the border will remain effectively open to smuggling both contraband and persons.
The entire U.S.-Mexico border is 1,954 miles long, according to theInternational Boundary and Water Commission. While 697 of those miles are now under “effective control,” according to the Border Patrol, 1,257 miles are not under “effective control.”
Reports from other government agencies paint a vivid picture of the massive drug and alien smuggling that takes place in these uncontrolled expanses and the national security problem created by unsecured border lands. 
Each year, the Justice Department’s National Drug Intelligence Centerproduces “drug market analyses” for each of 32 regions of the country that the NDIC describes as “high intensity drug trafficking areas.” Five of these areas sit along the U.S.-Mexico border. These include the California border region, Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas and South Texas. The latest reports, released in March and April of this year, use candid language in portraying the U.S.-Mexican frontier as wide open to drug smuggling and even vulnerable to penetration by potential terrorists.

Wide open- lovely. This is not a sustainable scenario for our country, and we need to do something substantial to rectify this, or sooner or later, we will have uncontrolled violence along our border, and then regular citizens will have to begin enforcing the laws that our government is too reluctant to do. The violence is already here- Phoenix Arizona is now the number two city in the world in terms of kidnappings. Hey FBI!!!! Sitting on your hands? WTF? 

We cannot stand for this- the status quo is unacceptable, and if Nobama will not do his job, he should be impeached, plain and simple.

Arizona’s border was judged to be open not only to drug smugglers but also aliens with “extensive criminal records” and from “special interest countries,” which are defined as “countries that could export individuals who could bring harm to the United States through terrorism.”
“Some criminal organizations smuggle aliens and gang members into the United States,” said NDIC’s report on Arizona. “These particular individuals typically have extensive criminal records and pose a threat, not only to the Arizona HIDTA [high intensity drug trafficking area] region but also to communities throughout the United States. Alien smuggling organizations reportedly also smuggle aliens from countries other than Mexico, including special-interest countries.”
“Special-interest countries are those designated by the intelligence community as countries that could export individuals who could bring harm to the United States through terrorism,” said the NDIC report.
The NDIC described the Arizona-Mexico border as “largely underprotected” in the areas between official ports of entry.
“Large amounts of illicit drugs are smuggled into the area from Mexico, and bulk cash is transported from the area into Mexico,” said NDIC. “These trafficking activities are facilitated by several factors unique to the region, including the continuing economic and population growth in Arizona’s two primary drug markets (Phoenix and Tucson), the highways that connect major metropolitan areas in Arizona with major illicit drug source areas in Mexico, and a remote, largely underprotected border area between Arizona’s ports of entry (POEs).

And that is just the Arizona border- we also have the New Mexico Border, the California border, and  the one that concerns me the most, (because I live here) the Texas border. When there’s only one third of the Texas border that can be considered “secure”, we have a problem that is aggravated because many on this side of the border collude with the drug and alien smugglers. There should be terminal punishment for this- trafficking in people is harmful to all concerned, and trafficking in drugs ruins lives here-

The people who traffic in these things should be shot and their bodies left right on the border as a reminder that some things should and will be punished to the fullest extent possible.

It is time to send a message here- nothing less will do.

There has been much discussion in the past week about whether President Barack Obama will heed the advice of Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, to increase the U.S. troop deployment there.  The administration, however, has already decided to decrease by 384 the Border Patrol agents deployed on our own southern frontier.

That is not the message we need to send- with an attitude like that, we will be attacked again, and it will be Obama’s fault.

And that is a fatal breach of responsibility.

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