Not Intended For Public Release; Ya Think?

When the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was passed by Congress there was a lot of buzz about the parts that authorize the military to detain American citizens if they are suspected of anything that can be linked to terrorism. This could include unknowingly patronizing a business that is involved in terror.

The government said not to worry because the Act did not authorize any such thing but they were disingenuous. The Act does not require the military to detain citizens but it does not prohibit it from doing so. Therefore, the military could detain citizens if directed to do so.

Many in Congress, even alleged conservatives, deny all of this and justify their votes by saying that those who make such claims are not playing with a full deck.


Then again, an Army publication was inadvertently released and in it there are instructions on how to reeducate people whose views differ from that of the government. The publication discusses political activists (prisoners) and how to indoctrinate them, how to segregate them and how to silence them. The manual’s instructions are intended for use on those overseas as well as American citizens here at home. The instructions discuss identifying the detained by Social Security Numbers and contain other language that definately applies to people here at home.

When asked about this an Army spokesperson stated that the manual was not intended for public release and that the instructions only apply to overseas operations. The words in the manual show that the part of the statement that indicates it is only for overseas is an absolute lie. The part about them not intending to release it to the public is most definitely true.

The government would rather you not know that it has plans to detain citizens and that it has instructions for the military to work as a police force to carry out these plans.

Now is the time for increased vigilance…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog