Government: Record Take Still Spends More

The out of control government took in a record 2.45 TRILLION dollars in tax revenue through June of this year which equals $16,451 for each person fortunate enough to have a job. Of course, they did not pay this much because taxes come from various places but it is still a staggering amount of money.

Despite taking in this record amount the government is still running a deficit of 313.4 BILLION dollars.

The spending machine that is government will never be satisfied. It will always spend more than it gets in. Raising taxes did nothing to solve the debt problem because even though government pilfered more money from people it still spent more than it had.

The reality here is that many folks on the bottom end of the scale (the lower 47%) will get refunds of virtually all of the federal income taxes paid in. The top 53% will foot the bill for the balance.

The debt clock continues to tick up and each of us owes tens of thousands of dollars to settle the debt.

It is unsustainable and we will eventually collapse under the weight of the debt.

Of course since Barack Obama has given Iran the green light on nuclear weapon production we might not have to worry about debt for long.

The debt will be wiped out with a lot of mankind when World War III starts up.

So those are the choices. Die under the crushing debt or die in a nuclear war.

Well, at least we have Obamacare to take care of our injuries.

Wait, add one more choice to the ways to die…

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Spending IS The Problem

The reality is not that the federal government does not get enough of our money to spend, the reality is they spend too much of it. No matter how many times the government has some kind of record revenue (read more taxes coming in) it always manages to spend more than that number.

The biggest problem is that the federal government is an ever expanding entity that keeps taking on things that it should not and that it has no Constitutional basis for getting involved in. Each time government decides to add more to its plate it has to add more plates, more people, and more money. Its insatiable appetite for spending is why there is no money in the Social Security Trust Fund. Government looked at the money we paid in for retirement as a slush fund and issued worthless bonds and took the money to spend. Now it cannot pay back the money without taxing us more which, in effect, means we pay into Social Security at least twice.

Despite the terrible Obama economy the federal government took in a record amount of tax revenue during the first five months of this fiscal year. One would think that would be a good thing but the government spent more than it took in. So even with more revenue the government overspent.

Government has had a spending problem all along. When Reagan and Bush cut taxes the revenue to the Treasury went up. The government decided this meant it had more to spend and did so. The government never gave a thought to paying down the debt or balancing the budget.

There are claims that Clinton balanced the budget and had a surplus. This is untrue. The revenue and expenses looked good on paper but the government did not follow the plan. The Treasury shows that we had deficits each year the budget was allegedly balanced. You can claim anything if you change the parameters after making the claim.

We are well past the time when government should be reigned in. We are well past the time where unnecessary, duplicated, and unconstitutional spending must end.

We are over 17 TRILLION dollars in debt (well over 100 TRILLION when unfunded liabilities are included) and that will go way up over the next ten years. We are in a crisis and it has to do with out of control spending.

Our government views us as an endless ATM but we are unable to pay our debt even if most of the wealth in this nation were to be confiscated. Until we get spending under control we will continue to spiral downward and when we crash it will make Greece look like a playground fight.

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Obamasnare; Getting Caught In The Increase

If you like your doctor you can keep him. This law will save each family $2500 a year.

We have to pass the bill to see what is in it.

Remember these lines of BS thrown at us during the time the Democrats rammed Obamacare through? There were plenty of other lines of BS thrown around (like tax dollars not paying for abortion) but these are the ones that are now affecting people.

As we get closer to full implementation of Obamacare people are finding out that the statements above were lies. Obamacare is becoming a huge nightmare as people are having their insurance coverage cancelled, their hours cut so employers are protected or they are receiving insurance bills with huge increases.

It might seem as if the statement we had to pass it to see what was in it was true but we could have spent time reading it and learning prior to the votes. Therefore, it is a lie to say we HAD to.

One Kentucky family is finding out that the Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable. Their monthly insurance bill rose from $333 a month to $965. This is a threefold increase and is not an uncommon occurrence as families across the nation are getting the same kind of news.

But Democrats have decided that you do not matter. They (and only they) passed this monstrosity even when the majority of the public opposed it. Even those groups (unions, AARP etc.) who supported it now oppose it and are trying to get (or have gotten) waivers. Congress worked hard to exempt itself from this. They fought to force it on you and then fought to keep it from them.

Democrats and some Republicans are working to ensure this is fully funded and they do not care about you.

Senators McConnell and Cornyn, both Republicans, are helping Harry Reid defeat the House bill that defunds Obamacare. They will then vote against it because Democrats can pass it without their votes. They will go home and tell people they did all they could to get rid of it and that will be a lie.

We need to get rid of them so folks should work hard to do so. Regardless of the outcome of the current fight, these two need to go.

The Democrats are working hard to get this passed and to screw you over. Make them pay in the next election. Take the Senate away from them (and keep the House) so they do not have the ability to impose these bad laws on people. This is not an endorsement for Republican politicians because many of them are no better.

Those who impose their will on us should pay.

As it stands right now families like those in the article are the ones paying.


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Obamacare Will Add More Than One Dime

When Democrats were ramming Obamacare through Congress they assured us that it would bend the cost curve down and that health care would cost less money than it does now. They assured us that the private insurance companies had caused runaway costs and that Obamacare was the answer.

They claimed it was a wonderful plan. It was so wonderful that the Democrats had to bribe some of their own members and lie to others (on no federal funds for abortion) in order to get them to vote for passage. After it passed it was so wonderful that Democrats granted thousands of waivers to their friends. All those folks who supported Obamacare and pushed for it to be passed promptly applied for, AND RECEIVED, waivers so they would not have to participate.

Conservatives and Republicans (not one in the same) argued that adding millions of people to the health care rolls (ironically, nearly as many will be uninsured under Obamacare) would increase costs. The excessive regulations and the free reign given to the Secretary of the HHS all but ensured Obamacare would cost more.

Barack Obama said that it would not cost one dime more (everything with him is one dime probably because of all the dime bags he bought in the past). He told us that he would not sign a bill that added one dime to the deficit.

“I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits — either now or in the future,” Obama told a joint-session of Congress in September 2009. “I will not sign it if it adds one dime to the deficit, now or in the future, period.” National Review

In all fairness, none of his programs add one dime. They add lots more…

According to the CBO, Obamacare will add 6.2 trillion dollars to the deficit.

That is 62 TRILLION more dimes….

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A Paying For Problem Is A Spending Problem

Congressman Steny Hoyer, a moron from Maryland, said that the country does not have a spending problem; it has a “paying for problem.” Yes, this moron actually said this. He might be right depending on the definition of spending because it seems there is no problem when it comes to that task. The problem is spending too much.

We have a paying for problem because we spend more than we have. In Hoyer’s limited ability to comprehend, we only have a problem because government has not confiscated more of our money to pay for the spending. You see, if only they could steal more from us, then there would be no problem.

If you had little or no money and went out and bought something on credit and then coul not pay for it what would be the root of your problem? Would it be a paying for problem (yes, you definitely have that if you can’t pay your bill0 or would the root cause be that you spent money you knew you did not have?

When you have a paying for problem it is because you have a spending problem. If you don’t spend too much you won’t have a problem paying the bills.

Hoyer also took his obligatory shot at George Bush and Republicans:

Well, we spent a lot of money when George Bush was president of the United States in the House and Senate were controlled by Republicans. We spent a lot of money. Real Clear Politics

George Bush was responsible for four trillion dollars in increased debt in eight years. Obama is responsible for a six trillion dollar increase in four years. It is time to stop blaming Bush for the past and focus on the failures of the present guy and his band of merry morons.

Steny put on your big boy pants and start accepting responsibility. Perhaps you can talk to the members of your party in the Senate and find out why they have failed to pass a budget for the last four years. There is a little thing called a law that mandates them to do so.

I am sure I am wasting my time because Hoyer is not a very smart guy. I am surprised they let him out in public without one of those safety helmets on.

Steny, I will type this slowly for you. The US takes in lots and lots of money each year. You guys keep spending more than that. Perhaps you all can focus on things that will get the economy going again and millions of people can get jobs. Then they can pay taxes and solve your alleged paying for problem.

Keep in mind that no matter how good the economy is we always (absent accounting gimmicks) run deficits. Even the alleged Clinton surplus actually ran a deficit.

You can make anything look good on paper.

The only thing Clinton balanced was his marriage and his affair and that, like his math, failed.

I am glad that Hoyer is not my representative. I would not want to have to communicate with him as it would lower my IQ.

Cave canem!
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