Democrats, Pro Choice? Not Really

Last night the Democrats held their first circus event of the campaign season as four old (and one middle aged) white people debated how to issue a death blow to the nation and finish the destruction accelerated under Obama.

These folks all discussed how to spend more money we don’t have to give away things government has no business being involved in. They want to give away free college education, free health care for illegals, and just about any other thing that will pander to the uneducated in order to secure votes while continuing our downward spiral.

For those of you who support these people please tell me how these free things are going to be paid for. Please explain where the money will come from and then tell me how it is actually free…

I did notice there were not too many pro-choice folks on that stage. Oh sure, there were those who support a woman’s right to choose what to do about her pregnancy. They are all in favor of murdering children in the womb and want to spend even more taxpayer dollars to provide this service.

But nearly every one of them is not in favor of pro-choice should that choice involve firearms. I think Jim Webb is the only one there who supports the Second Amendment.

The others have varying opinions on firearms that have evolved over the years depending upon who they are pandering to (like John “Elmer Fudd” Kerry and his shotgun).

These folks discussed how to disarm law abiding citizens and eviscerate the Second Amendment. In other words, they want to deny you the right to choose to own or carry a firearm. Make no mistake about it, these people want to remove firearms from private citizens. They cannot totally control you if they do not disarm you. This has been going on for over 100 years and our protected right to keep and bear arms has been eroded over that time. If it takes them a hundred more years they will not stop until they have us unarmed and at their mercy.

They are like Islamic terrorists that way.

Martin O’Malley was up there telling everyone how wonderful he is and how he did so many wonderful things in Baltimore and in the state of Maryland. Did you see those riots? They were the culmination of policies O’Malley put in place or continued from previous liberal “leaders”. Baltimore has been run by liberals for a very long time and it is a dying city. Anyone who saw those riots and cannot connect the dots is not smart enough to vote.

O’Malley, as governor, pushed through some of the strictest gun control in the nation. He pushed unconstitutional gun laws on the state and his toadies in Annapolis assisted him. Baltimore has more shootings now than it did before the laws and crime is out of control. O’Malley wants to impose those same laws on the nation.

O’Malley, like three others on that stage, does not believe in choice when it comes to firearms. If you want to murder your unborn child then they are all about being pro-choice but if you want to own or carry a firearm to protect your child they are not pro-choice.

They only want you to have the choices they decide are good for you and that, in reality, is not choice at all.

Fortunately, we have a choice in who to vote for and anyone who cares about this nation should not vote for anyone that was on the stage in Las Vegas last night.

Those people are self-serving twits who want to rule over you. They have forgotten that the people are the government, and the people are in charge of the government.

Unfortunately, many Americans have forgotten this as well (or more likely were never taught it in the government run school system).

It is well past time to take this country back and the best way to do it (not the only way) is to run all these anti-American elitists out of politics.

And retrain their mindless zombie voters…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Obama Did Not Do Enough In The Last Debate

The final presidential debate was on foreign affairs and it was a snoozer when compared to the first two. Those two featured both candidates going after each other. The final debate showed Barack Obama channeling Joe Biden in petulant behavior.

Obama attacked Romney and was condescending toward him. One would not know that Obama was speaking to an accomplished businessman some 15 years his senior. It appeared to me as if Obama felt he was speaking to someone beneath him.

Mitt Romney was low keyed and agreed a number of times with Obama but he acted more presidential. I think this was his strategy for the debate. Romney knew Obama would try to paint him as a war monger who was stuck in the Cold War era. Romney would have none of it and stayed above the fray.

Obama won the debate on points but lost it on style and that is what mattered in this debate. With a terrible economy the people of this country are more concerned with that rather than foreign policy. It helped Romney greatly that he was able to bring our national security back to the economy. Obama cannot counter attacks on the economy because he has done nothing to make it better. It does not help Obama when he continues to scream that the math in Romney’s plan does not add up and that it will not lower the deficit. Obama wants us to believe that he is the one who can lower the deficit despite the fact that he has added to it in each of his four years to the tune on nearly 5 TRILLION dollars. Obama is hollow on this issue.

Obama is falling in the polls and there is a risk to his campaign that one state after another will fall into Romney’s column and this includes states that are traditionally blue. Mitt Romney is beginning to pull even or ahead in states that Obama felt little need to defend so much so that he has had to pull out of those he thought he could win in order to defend those he should easily win.

During the last debate Barack Obama needed to score a big win. He needed a knockout punch in order to stem the tide of states moving toward Romney. Obama did not get that knock out punch. He might have won the battle but the win was marginal and therefore he might end up losing the war.

As an aside, the fact checkers found about 15 items that Obama was not truthful about. It is unlikely he made mistakes or misspoke so I can only conclude that he deliberately lied to the American people.

On 6 November we can end this nightmare that is Obama and put adults back in charge of our nation.

After watching Joe Biden and Barack Obama it will be a breath of fresh air to see adults in charge once again.

One last thing. Obama spoke as if he cares about our military. If he cares so much why are he and his Democrats across the nation working had to deny the vote to our service members? If you were going to sit this one out please go to the polls and vote for the military members who are being denied the very thing they fight to protect. Vote Romney for their sake.

Let’s do it for the troops.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Obama Can’t Secure His Donation Website So…

What Makes You Think He Can Secure This Nation Or Its Assets?

Tonight there will be a debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and the topic will be foreign policy. It remains to be seen if the moderator will be an impartial director or an Obama surrogate like Candy Crowley but in any event, Romney has a great opportunity to clean Obama’s clock.


Because Barack Obama has failed in the foreign policy arena and he has failed to provide security for this country. He runs around claiming he killed Osama bin Laden and that act has al-Qaeda on the run and in disarray. Then the attack in Libya happened and obliterated the al-Qaeda claim because it was that terror group that murdered our citizens. The subsequent cover-up has been a disaster and has demonstrated why Obama and his regime MUST go away.

Let’s look at reality. Obama was dragged off a golf course to watch our military get Bin Laden using polices from the Bush administration that Obama opposed. Obama claimed we don’t spike the football and then has mentioned the Bin Laden killing dozens of times during his reelection bid. After Libya the Obama regime claimed that some obscure movie caused the attack when, if we are to accept this spontaneous riot meme, the constant droning about Bin Laden probably caused the murders. In any event, the movie maker remains behind bars, his freedom taken because Obama is more interested in protecting his own job than protecting the First Amendment right of the movie maker.

It is obvious that Obama has failed in the security arena. The security of our nation and its assets is a BIG job and Obama is not up to the task. Let us look at a microcosm of Obama security; the security of his donation website.

The Obama donation website is not secure. It is set up so that anyone from any place using fraudulent information can donate. Foreigners have deliberately donated to his campaign using obviously phony information in order to show that anyone can donate. It is a violation of our law for campaigns to knowingly solicit or accept donations from foreign sources and yet, Obama routinely does this. In 2008 Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs ran a number of detailed posts exposing illegal donations to Obama when he first ran for office. This was ignored by the MSM and those in charge of enforcing our laws.

As an aside, the same people who made illegal donations to Obama tried doing so to Mitt Romney and their donations were rejected because they failed to pass industry standard security measures that Romney uses and Obama does not.

Barack Obama does not require credit card users to supply the security code from the card. His site does not check the address registered to the card to the one provided and therefore his lax security allows him to receive illegal donations.

If Barack Obama cannot secure something as simple as his donation website how can anyone expect him to provide adequate security for the nation and its assets?

But Big Dog, it benefits Obama to have lax security on his website. Yes, and it was to his advantage to have lax security at our Libyan Embassy because he needed to show that his support for the change in government there resulted in a safer place.

He failed in that demonstration and four Americans were murdered. If Barack Obama takes credit for the death of Bin Laden then he MUST accept responsibility for the murder of four Americans.

Obama’s foreign policy incompetence resulted in the murder of four Americans in Libya. This was not the first foreign policy that resulted in the murder of Americans. Obama’s Fast and Furious resulted in the murder of Americans as well.

Obama is involved in a cover up of the failure of his regime to secure our people and our assets. He has engaged in lying and deception and has been aided by a compliant media (ala Candy Crowley) that is more interested in helping him get reelected than it is in reporting on the failures that led to the murders of our citizens and the subsequent cover up.

Let’s recap. Barack Obama ignored a number of requests of for added security in Libya. He ignored the requests even though every other nation closed shop in Libya. He ignored those requests even though the Red Cross packed up and left. He ignored those requests even though our Embassy had been attacked several times in the past year. He ignored the requests even though the anniversary of 9/11/01 was on the horizon.

He ignored those requests and people died.

In the last debate Obama said he was offended that people would call him and his regime into question regarding this issue. Really?

Let me say this Mr. Obama. Given that your incompetence led to the murder of four Americans and given that you have been involved in a cover up of what happened I hope you will understand that I don’t give a damn what offends you.

We cannot trust Obama to do something as simple as secure his donation website so why would we expect him to be able to handle the complex security required of our nation and its assets?

Remember in November.

Obama MUST go…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Should Have Taken Candy From The Baby

There was a town hall format presidential debate last night and Mitt Romney had his hands full because he had to debate Obama and the moderator, Candy Crowley. Crowley did not stick to the debate format that was agreed upon by the candidates but that should not be a surprise because she said she was not going to do so. There is a reason that Crowley did not follow the agreed upon rules and that is so she could help Obama out during the debate.

That might come back to bite them both in the rear. More on that later.

Obama came out more feisty and ready to swing in this debate. The left knew he would after his dismal first debate performance and the left also knew he would need cover. The cover started when Crowley had the questions submitted prior to the debate so she could screen them. She then picked questions that would play to the topics believed to be Obama’s strong points. She claims that the questions were not provided to either candidate early but some of the responses gave me the impression that Obama was aware of what was going on.

In any event, Obama hid behind Crowley’s skirt during the debate and let’s face it that is a big place to hide. The Chinese army could hide behind that skirt. Ironically, but not surprisingly, that was not the first time that day Obama had hidden behind the protection of a woman’s skirt. Earlier in the day, Hillary Clinton took responsibility for the complete foreign policy failure in Libya thus providing Obama cover.

He took responsibility during the debate but let’s face it, Hillary manned up before Obama did.

Now back to the act that might bite them both. During the debate the topic of Libya came up and Obama addressed it. Romney made the claim that it took Obama 14 days to call it an act of terror. Obama claimed that he called it an act of terror the very next day in the Rose Garden. Romney asked him two or three times if that is what he was claiming and Obama told him to proceed (as if he realized he was lying and wanted to move on) and then Crowley did the unthinkable. She injected herself into the debate and said that Obama had, in fact, called the Libya attack and act of terror the day after it happened. This seemed to stop Romney in his tracks because he was stunned at the revelation. He was rebuffed by the moderator.

Obama told people to look at the transcript.

Well, I and tens of thousands of other people have done just that. Barack Obama DID NOT call the Libya attack an act of terror in the Rose Garden the next day. He mentioned terror attacks in general as part of his remarks but only as they related to 9/11 and the general attacks on our people. He DID NOT call the Libya attacks acts of terror as he claimed during the debate and as his debate partner “confirmed” for him. They both lied and they did so in a concerted effort to thwart Romney.

This will come back on both of them. You see, Obama was drowning in his Libya lie and Crowley threw him an anchor. The Libya issue will now have new life and be the talk of everyone with fewer than three weeks left until the election. Obama will be shown to have lied. The meme will continue over and over that he lied AND that Crowley helped him.

Liberal journalists have already fact checked and reported that Obama did not call it an act of terror and Crowley admitted after the debate that Romney was correct.

If anyone out there had any lingering doubts that the media were biased and wanted to help Obama win Crowley took those doubts away. She ruined her credibility, the credibility of CNN and the credibility of the liberal media in general because she prostituted herself out for Obama (and he walked across the stage like a pimp so it worked out well for her).

Crowley made it clear before the debate that she did not intend to follow the format rules and she kept her word in that area. She injected herself into the debate as a fact checker only to have her fact checking shown as totally untrue. Suppose she had done this to both candidates?

Suppose she had injected herself in the debate when Romney claimed that Obama had cut federal leases for oil drilling in half. Maybe when Obama was saying that was untrue Crowley could have said no, Mr. Obama, he is correct you did do that (fact checkers have shown that Obama cut them about 60% for off shore and 33% on land). Perhaps when the question about equal pay for women came up and Obama talked about how he was all in favor and worked for that Crowley could have pointed out that Obama has historically paid female staffers less money than male staffers.

And perhaps when Barack Obama was defending Planned Parenthood and claiming that defunding it would mean a lot of women would not get mammograms Crowley could have injected her fact checking self into the debate to inform Mr. Obama that Planned Parenthood DOES NOT provide mammograms.

I mean, if her job was to fact check the debate one would expect that she would do so for both sides. But then again, she was only there to help Obama.

And she did so by lying for him.

Ladies and gentlemen who won that debate last night depends on whom one supports. Obama supporters think he won, Romney supporters think he won and about 33% think it was a tie. Undecideds in focus groups moved toward Romney so it looks like it was a good night for him.

Obama needed a knockout, not just a win, and he did not get it.

Romney gave a strong performance even though he had to fight a handicap match with Obama and Crowley tagging in and out all night.

Get used to saying it.

President Mitt Romney.

And just as importantly get used to saying this:

FORMER president Barack Obama…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


A Job Obama Is Qualified For, Maybe

Barack Obama has never had a real job and has never had to hire people (so he never created jobs) and he certainly has never had to meet a payroll. Considering how he runs the nation’s budget it is probably a good thing that he never had to run the finances of a business because he would not be in business very long. Obama has over a trillion dollars in deficit for each year he has been in charge.

Please do not tell him what comes after a TRILLION.

Obama was not really qualified to be a state senator where he voted present most of the time in order to avoid taking a position on tough issues. When one has a shadowy past it is best to avoid taking a specific stand on an issue.

Obama was not really qualified to be a US Senator and only got there by using the backhanded Chicago style politics to get his opponents out of the race. Obama was so unqualified that he voted against suspending the Stafford Act requirements for New Orleans (which actually passed) which he then lied (using his black folk voice) about to whip up racial discontent.

Obama was not qualified (and still is not) to be President of the US. He admitted that when asked about it but that admission did not stop him from running.

He won and then spent four years proving he was not only unqualified to lead the country but lacked qualification to run anything. He has no business sense, he has no idea how jobs are created and he thinks money grows on trees in the yards of rich people (those who make more than 250 thousand dollars a year).

But I think I have found a job Barry is qualified for. In fact, he was practicing for this job over the weekend. That job is as a pizza delivery person. Obama took some time out from his debate prep to deliver pizzas to a local campaign office (he delivered pizzas a few weeks ago as well). Obviously this was a photo op for Obama but the reality is he looks like a natural. Since Obama will be out of a job come next January delivering pizzas might be a fall back for him.

The only problem is that Obama delivered pizzas that were already paid for. Given his lack of math skills and problems he has demonstrated in managing money it is unlikely he will be able to properly collect the amount due for the pies.

And even if he could effectively do the math required his philosophy is that people should be on a level playing field and have things provided for them.

Yeah, Obama would be good if all he had to do was deliver the pizzas. If he had to handle the money the company would go out of business pretty quick.

Maybe Obama could get a pizza delivery job where they only accept credit cards. He is good with one of those.

Well, he is good at using one. Paying the bill is another issue completely…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog