Cordozar Broadus Needs A Secret Service Enema

You know Cordozar better by the stage name Snoop Dogg, an allegedly talented rapper who usually sounds like someone hitting a sack of (stoned) cats with a stick. His greatest ability seems to be that of using the words f*ck, motherf****r and nigga in his “songs”.

The reality is he has very little real talent and is usually in a drug induced state when he is awake.

Cordozar is also a black man with an attitude who thinks the deck is stacked against the black folks (who he calls niggas). To Cordozar life is unfair and guys like Donald Trump, who are rich (and white), get away with anything they want. He also believes that there are lots of black folks in jail for possession of drugs (mostly weed) who have been there a long time while the white guys who sold it to them are out in society still pushing those drugs. Cordozar must think none of these drug dealers are people of color.

Yes, to Cordozar there is white privilege and black folks, the downtrodden like him, are getting ridden dirty. Really?

Hey Cordozar, you have been arrested an awful lot of times for illegal possession of a firearm (handguns) and have not spent much time in jail. You have been placed on probation or forced to make public service videos or had to do community service but you damn sure do not end up in jail where you belong for those gun infractions.

There are a lot of people, black and white alike, who are rotting in jail for illegal possession of a firearm and they did not get arrested as many times as you. How many times have you been arrested for drug possession and how many countries have you been banned from, for at least some period of time, because of your illegal behavior?

I can’t seem to find any report that indicates you are spending 10 or 20 years in a jail while white guys are walking the streets. Truth be told, your sorry ass is walking the streets while many white folks are in jail for far less. So please don’t give me any BS about privilege.

In Cordozar’s latest video (more garbage) he pulls a gun on a Trump look alike made up like a clown. To Cordozar it seems like a perfectly OK thing to do as the Trump look alike is referred to as a “f***ing clown.” You see, to Cordozar anyone he does not like should be shot. This is probably why his gangster ass has been arrested for illegal possession of firearms SO MANY TIMES.

Cordozar is a member of the Nation of Islam and has praised its leader, the equally insane Louis Farrakhan. To put that in perspective, Cordozar has praised Louis Farrakhan, an idiot who wants to eliminate Jews and who rails against white people, but in his video pulls a gun on a Donald Trump look alike and calls him a f***ing clown because, well I guess because it is Trump. Perhaps it is because he is white, oh say it isn’t so Dogg Pooh. I guess Cordozar is bitter because he voted for Clinton and Trump beat her like a rented mule.

The real clown in all of this is Cordozar Doggy Pooh who thinks he has a voice in the world. His message resonates to the low information voters (and non-voters) and the undereducated who listen to his music. He appeals to those he inspires to be gangsta and do what he sings about. His lifestyle inspires the undereducated to act like thugs and to break the law (thus becoming felons and losing the right to vote or possess firearms, like hero Cordozar).

Then when they end up in jail Cordozar can cry like a little punk about white privilege and the racist system that sent these poor little gangstas to jail.

In other words, Cordozar was taught to play the victim card. Let’s hope the Secret Service plays the Trump card and looks into this violent video aimed at the president.

Cordozar should expect nothing less. Don’t you think that is what he would have wanted if a video like this were made during the Obama reign of terror and it showed Obama at the wrong end of a firearm?

I only want to make sure Cordozar gets the equality he claims does not exist.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


All Is Good, Hillary Apologized

Hillary Clinton has been under fire for some time now for a number of things. One of the lasting items is her use of a private email server that bypassed official channels. As new information trickles out it is obvious that Clinton passed classified information through that server. She broke the law and a lot of her staff did as well.

Barack Obama had to know about the server so he is just as guilty as Clinton.

Hillary has been under fire and while she is the presumptive nominee for the Democrats Bernie Sanders is giving her a run for her money and worried Democrat donors are trying to entice Joe Biden to enter the race.

But all is OK now. Hillary Clinton apologized for using the server saying it was a mistake she is sorry for and that it is something she could have and should have done better.

Perhaps if she were not trying to skirt the law by keeping her communications out of the eye of oversight and perhaps if she were above board this would not be an issue because she would have done the right thing and used the official email that all government employees are required to use.

I imagine there will now be screams to leave this poor woman alone. She has apologized and gee whiz, she is trying to win the presidency.

All well and good for a liberal twit but to the rest of us she broke the law, her actions resulted in the deaths of Americans and she is a criminal. We need to bury her under her own evil deeds.

But I have to ask. If she believes she was wrong (that is what an apology is for) and that she could have done things better why should we now believe she is qualified to run the country?

We already know she is not fit to handle the 3 am phone call she touted in the last campaign and now it is clear she will cut corners to do what she wishes.

In this case she wanted to avoid being detected doing something wrong. She wanted to make sure she could control what others saw so none of it would damage her when she ran for the White House. She was involved in criminal acts and she covered them up (that is what deleting 30,000 emails is) so why should we trust her to run the country?

She is a liberal criminal (but I repeat myself) and the only term she is qualified for is 25 to life.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


So Trickle Down Does Work

The idea that when the people at the top make money the money trickles down has been attacked by the left for a long time. It is true that this happens as no poor man ever created jobs or had his money trickle to others. But for those who strike out and do well their prosperity trickles to the workers and those who get jobs. They get a paycheck and they can contribute to society.

I understand why liberals think it does not work. You see, they make lots of money but they keep it. They find ways to avoid taxes and they are not very generous with their own money (liberals are VERY generous with other people’s money).

Barack Obama has had his wealth increase quite substantially since he occupied the White House but that has not trickled down. While he was getting richer people were losing their jobs, having their houses and other property repossessed and have been in line for scraps at the welfare office.

But Obama is doing well.

Harry Reid has finally admitted that trickle down works. Harry and his wife sold their their house in Searchlight Nevada to a mining company for 1.7 MILLION dollars. There is no word on what the appraised value of the home is but I am willing to bet it is not nearly 2 MILLION dollars. This might be like other Reid deals where someone pays him through what looks like a legitimate transaction but is actually part of a shady process.

Reid’s financial disclose listed his most valuable asset as property he owns in Bullhead City Arizona at between 1 and 5 million. Seems to me if this is his most valuable his house is not valued between those two number though he sold it for that much.

In any event, Reid claimed that the sale of his house will create 60 jobs. I assume this means that 60 people will be hired to work at the expanded mining property but since this is Reid the 60 new hires might be the HAZMAT team required to clean the stench from the place. It might be a 60 person team searching to ensure Reid did not leave any evidence of his past payoffs.

One thing is undeniable. Reid made a lot of money and now the result of that is a trickle down to 60 people who will get jobs.

It looks like money (in this case in the form of jobs) does trickle down from a wealthy guy to the people on the lower rungs of the ladder.

Perhaps the Koch brothers, whose money trickles down to tens of thousands of people, could point this out to Harry so he can stop obsessing over them and get back to working for the money the taxpayers trickle up to him…

Harry Reid has gotten very rich as a “public servant.”

It seems to me the only people he serves (beside himself) and those who are related to him.

Reid pays off his mortgage

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Not So Clean Reverend Al Sharpton

Looks like Al Sharpton worked as an informant for the FBI many years ago and he recorded mafia criminals and others law enforcement was interested in. One might think that this was an honorable thing for him to do. After all, he worked to get information on criminals so they could be brought to justice and that work could have ended up costing Sharpton his life. I mean, the guy is a civil rights activist and he wanted to clean up the neighborhoods in the black community so how much more honorable could his motives have been?

Well, it looks like Sharpton had motives that did not involve wanting to clean up black neighborhoods. He was not an informant because he felt some higher calling and wanted to help law enforcement.

No, Al helped out because he was caught doing some illegal things (though it might have been tough to get a conviction) and he was flipped by the FBI. The FBI told Sharpton they would not seek to prosecute him if he worked for them so he did.

His interests were purely in his own interest and he only helped out to stay out of trouble.

How would it look to the community if the Rev was indicted for criminal activity? Hell, Sharpton would not be able to extort money under the guise of civil rights if he was in jail.

The Smoking Gun has an extremely detailed story about Sharpton, his shady dealings and his conversion to FBI informant.

Al has denied most of the stuff in this story or has given a vastly different account but one cannot really believe what he says because he is a liar.

So even though some who are sympathetic to Al might want to give him the benefit of the doubt that idea needs to be resisted.

Yes, resist they MUCH…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Hey Harlem, You Had Your Chance

I am constantly amazed at how dense some people can be. Take for instance, the people of Harlem in New York. Now that Charlie Rangel has been convicted of 11 ethics violations many of the Harlem folks say he should resign (though some, amazingly, still support him).

The news of Rangel’s corruption is not a recent thing. He has been under investigation for over two years and it was obvious to most everyone that he was guilty. How does one explain away using official stationary and postage to mail out fund raising material? That is against the law. Even if all the other allegations were on shaky ground, this one had hard evidence.

Evidently, so did the others as he was found guilty on 11 of 13. One was dismissed and the other was combined with one of the other allegations (so he was guilty on 12 of 13 original charges).

So the question is, why are all these folks from Harlem now calling for Charlie to step down? THEY JUST REELECTED HIM.

The people of Harlem had the chance to get rid of Rangel on their own and they chose to put him back in office.

And herein lies the issue. I am willing to bet that most of the people who voted for Rangel probably had no idea that he was under investigation. They probably just discovered the issue when the news broke that he had been convicted. The people of his district probably just vote for the Democrat they have elected in the past because he brings home the bacon and he must be a great guy.

It is people like these who keep putting career criminal politicians back in office.

So you folks have no real reason to ask him to resign. You just gave him the job again for two more years.

Maybe you can get better educated and start paying attention from now on.

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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