Hillary Performed A Public Service

Hillary Clinton did the nation a service when she set up and used a home brew server for her email. She allowed classified information to slip through and she subverted government archiving procedures but in so doing she helped the nation because she got us all talking about the inadequacies of her process.

She got us talking about government officials who think they are above the law and she got us talking about using non-government systems to send and receive classified information. She got us (most of us anyway) to agree that doing so is not wise and puts the nation at risk.

Hillary should be indicted and face the music for what she has done but we should not forget that what she did caused us to engage in the conversation and that is important. Perhaps a judge can take that into consideration at her trial.

These are not my words, these are the words of former Attorney General Eric Holder.

He did not say them about Hillary, he said them about Edward Snowden.

Holder thinks Snowden did the nation a service by exposing how we are surveilled but that he broke the law in the way he did it and should come home to face the music for his actions.

We can certainly argue about the way in which Snowden did what he did, but I think that he actually performed a public service by raising the debate that we engaged in and by the changes that we made.


I think that he’s got to make a decision. He’s broken the law in my view. He needs to get lawyers, come on back, and decide, see what he wants to do: Go to trial, try to cut a deal. I think there has to be a consequence for what he has done. CNN

The things Holder said about Snowden are no less true for Hillary. She broke the law, she allowed classified information to spill, and she caused turmoil and endangered the nation.

In essence, Holder is saying that Hillary Clinton should be held accountable for breaking the law.

He just used Snowden’s situation as a proxy…

Cave canem!
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Big Dog


Is Trump Inciting The Violence?

There has been a lot of violence lately at political events featuring Donald Trump. I know a few of his supporters have responded to thugs disrupting things with violence and Trump has said he does not condone such actions (attacking those who have not gotten physical).

The reality though is that most of the violence at these events (or in the surrounding area) is being carried out by people who do not support Trump. These are Clinton and Sanders supporters who are showing up at Trump events and causing mayhem. These people are being sent to the events by the Clinton and Sanders people as well as by former Nazi worker George Soros.

I know that the media, the Democrats and some Republicans are blaming Trump for the violence but if he were the one initiating it then wouldn’t it be taking place at the Sanders and Clinton campaign events? Why would Trump supporters be creating violence at his events (with the exceptions of those who responded to thugs) when they support the guy?

No, it is being done by people who do not support him and it is being orchestrated by the left who then blames it on Trump.

Yes, I know Trump has made statements about punching back and attacking those who attack but his statements are no worse than those made by one Barack Obama when he was running for the presidency. You remember, the statements the media thought were cute and that he was praised for by his supporters.

The people responsible for what is going on are those who are committing the violence and those who are sending them to do so.

Those people are domestic terrorists and should be locked up for their crimes.

If people want to assemble and protest in peace they are free to do so but their right to do just that ends when they infringe on the rights of others and when they break the law.

It is time to clamp down on these terrorists and make them pay for their crimes and that includes the terrorists directing them to commit violence in the first place.

Time to make Soros pay to clean up the mess he paid to happen and then throw him in jail where he belongs.

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Big Dog


O’Malley Is A Typical Liberal

He likes to live off other people’s money…

I don’t know if Democrat presidential candidate (polling at about 1%) Martin O’Malley ever had a real job, you know, in the private sector, but if he did it was a long time ago. Sometime after he lied on his bar application he became a public servant which is liberal code for using the public for their own service.

O’Malley (or O’Moron as I like to call him) has lived off the taxpayer for a long time. That runs in the family as his wife draws a salary off the taxpayer as a judge (and she is following in her daddy’s footsteps of living off the taxpayer).

Liberals love to put their hands in your pockets and spend your money. O’Malley was governor of Maryland and he drove the state farther down the hole of oppression and tyranny. During his tenure he had furniture that cost the taxpayer $62,000 in a part of the Governor’s Mansion.

Interestingly it was declared junk and sold to the O’Malleys for just under $10,000.

Look, it might have been junk though I hardly think that junk would be kept in the Governor’s Mansion. But the family is a bunch of liberals so they have no respect for other people’s stuff which means they might have trashed it completely.

If it was junk it should be sold but there is a catch. There are procedures in place and they were not followed. Someone in the private sector might have wanted to bid on the stuff but there was no notification. It was labeled junk at Mrs. O’Malley’s request (curious is it not?) and then sold to them.

If it was truly junk why would the O’Malley’s want it? He is running for president for goodness sake. Does he really want people to think he buys junk because his huge salary as governor would not allow him to buy new stuff? Perhaps living off the taxpayer all these years allowed him to believe he was entitled.

Liberals are a bunch of people who believe they are entitled to the stuff of other people.

In any event, O’Moron appears to have broken the rules regarding how these things are done.

It will go largely unnoticed by the liberal media.

Funny though. Republican Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland moved his own furniture into the Mansion to make up for what was sold.

I wonder if he will be accused of stealing the furniture when he takes it with him…

Do not vote for O’Moron. He could mess up an anvil with a rubber mallet.

Cave canem!
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Big Dog


Concentrate On The Gangs

There are a lot of gangs in the US and they create chaos for the general public by fostering drug and gun markets and by waging violence on people. One of these gangs is MS 13. They are a bunch of thugs from El Salvador and they have no regard for human life. They are lower than animals and should be eradicated.

Many of these violent cretins are here illegally. The US continues to allow these kinds of people to cross our borders and inflict pain and suffering on our people.

A 16 year old girl in New York was savagely raped by three members of the MS 13 gang. She was raped on a golf course and discovered by golfers when she appeared from a wooded area. She was nearly naked at the time of her discovery.

These no good lowlifes might have decided that they were entitled to take from the girl what they wanted and they did not care how it affected her. Maybe they were part of an initiation. Perhaps they were just bored.

These gangs use violence as a way of life. If they suspect someone is cooperating with authorities they hunt them down, torture them and then murder them. They murder people, beat people or rape people as part of their gang initiation.

Make no mistake. None of the animals in that gang is worth the $2 in chemicals their bodies are made of. They should be hunted down like animals and executed on the spot.

This would be a great activity for all the law enforcement in this nation. Instead of concentrating on veterans, or people who follow the Constitution or conservatives as some kind of threat to the nation perhaps the law enforcement community could concentrate on finding these thugs and bringing them to justice.

These gangs have a lot of money they have gained through less than legal means so let the cops keep what they seize if they can get rid of the bangers.

I know a lot of bleeding hearts will talk about the tough life they had or some such nonsense but I DO NOT CARE.

That young lady will now have a tough rest of her life. Her family will have a tough time from this point forward. Imagine if this were your daughter. It could happen.

I want this handled as if the victim were Barack Obama’s daughter.

MS 13 is a well organized criminal element that has long arms throughout this country. They have no regard for the law, for human life or for the rights of others and they have no issue with doing horrific things to people.

I pray for this young lady. She did not deserve this and she has been failed by a government that allows these kinds of people to come here and stay here and then turns a blind eye to their illegal acts.

The three thugs who did this have been captured and they are being held without bond. I hope they are not in a prison with other members of their gang and are in a place where they can be continuously ass raped by hardened criminals (see what I did there).

We need to declare open season on these people and hunt them down until they leave or they are exterminated. Right now they have no fear. We need to put the fear in them.

Unfortunately Obama will probably give them a medal and reward them with welfare cuz, you know, if he had a son…

Cave canem!
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Big Dog


The Cost Of The Damage Is Higher Than Their Bail

By now most of the people in the US know what is going on in Baltimore. The people who have been raised to be victims who are entitled to everything are upset because a black man named Freddie Gray died while in police custody. There is an investigation into the death but there are no results yet*.

On Saturday people were peacefully protesting the death when civil unrest and violence took hold of the crowd and the police had to step in. On Monday high school students initiated a purge and that purge ended up in a riot. Cars and buildings were burned and businesses ransacked and looted. The police were attacked by people who threw rocks and bricks at them.

The police did not clamp down on the rioters. They watched as the city burned and it has been reported that this was on orders from the mayor. Eventually the National Guard was activated and a curfew instituted. Things have been much quieter since then but there are rallies scheduled for this weekend so there is no telling how peaceful things will be.

It is also possible that the findings will show the police were not responsible for Gray’s death. If that is announced I suspect the city will light up again.

Protestors say Gray deserved due process and did not get it. These same people have already convicted the police without due process. If the cops are responsible they should be dealt with harshly. Unfortunately, they might never get due process. Public pressure might land them in jail even if they did nothing wrong.

Over 200 people have been arrested for their participation in the destruction and violence. Their legal system is working to get them processed but the state of emergency and numbers of people is making it difficult for rapid processing so many are being held longer than the 24 hours allowed.

Attorneys for those who have been arrested are complaining that their clients have excessive bail and are unable to get out of jail. Those attorneys were pushing for bail amounts of $25,000 but the judges have been putting those bonds at $100,000 and $500 of it must be cash.

It appears as if many of them can’t come up with bail and might well spend months in jail awaiting trial for their crimes.

I find it hard to have sympathy for people who have high bond amounts when they caused millions of dollars in damage and are costing the city and state millions in resources. If they can’t afford the bail then they can sit in jail until their trial dates. That will at least keep them off the streets and prevent them from causing more mayhem.

Perhaps they should have thought about the consequences of their actions before they broke the law. If they did not want to worry about bail money they should have stayed home instead of committing crimes.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. The police have thousands of images of people breaking the law. They have license plate number and photos of people looting. They will eventually hunt those people down and arrest them. There will be a heck of a lot more people with high bail amounts before this is all over.

I don’t blame the judge or the legal system for imposing high bonds on people who had no regard for property or the lives of the people in their city.

Jail is where they need to be to keep them off the street.

*(Just released) Preliminary Results indicate he broke his neck in the police van during his arrest.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog