Special Counsel Could Be Nightmare For Trump’s Attackers

The liberal left, never Trumpers, and establishment Republicans have been attacking Donald Trump since he won the election. He was not supposed to win. Hillary Clinton was the next liberal to be anointed and she was so far up in the polls that she should have won so Trump must have pulled some shenanigans to win.

There has been a nonstop barrage of allegations that Trump Colluded with the Russians to win the election. The actual claims were that Russia interfered with the election and this is not in dispute. Here is a newsflash, Russia has been interfering in and trying to influence our elections for decades. The problem is that the Obama administration illegally gathered intelligence on some of the folks in the Trump campaign. What? It was not illegal and they were caught up in surveillance of the Russians? Yeah, you go ahead and stick to that. What really happened is the FBI solicited some former British spy to get dirt on Trump. The guy produced a really outrageous report that no one with two brain cells would give any credence to (and the guy himself said none of it was verified). Then Brennan used that report as the impetus to surveil the Russians in a fashion that would just happen to catch Trump campaign folks in the net.

A little questionable unmasking of those names, some manipulations and distributions to juuuusssst the right people and boom, there is a scandal totally comprised of BS and manufactured from phony information and information that was obtained illegally.

And yes, Obama was involved in this in some fashion.

The chorus has been never ending and it is now at a point where everything Trump does is questioned, equated to Watergate, deemed illegal and impeachable and spread out in the echo chamber of the Democrat Party and the media (but I repeat myself).

The liberals have manufactured stories and associations and then shamed people into recusing themselves from the investigations. Then the Democrats, all of whom were calling for FBI Director James Comey to be fired just eight short months ago, got all worked up that Donald Trump actually fired him.

Comey reacted to his firing by claiming that he wrote a memo about a meeting with Trump in which Trump said Mike Flynn was a good guy and hoped the investigation would end. This hit the proverbial wall with liberals and some establishment Republicans claiming that obstruction of justice might have occurred and that if it did it was impeachable. Interestingly, no one has seen the memo and the news reports it differently than the original context. I quoted above what was originally reported. The MSM, on the other hand (as well as the liberals), have reported that Trump told Comey to drop the investigation. It is being reported as more than it allegedly (no one has seen the memo) is. Top this off with the mindless reporting that Trump disclosed classified information to Russians he met with and the anti-Trump (anti America) crowd is in full tilt.

So now that everyone has been whipped into a frenzy because Donald Trump fired the guy they all wanted fired, said he hoped an investigation into a good guy would be ended and disclosed information he WAS ALLOWED TO DISCLOSE to Russians, the Department of Justice has decided to assign a Special Counsel and even that was reported incorrectly. He was appointed to investigate whether the Russians tried to influence the election (they did and we all know it) but it is reported as if he is appointed to investigate whether Trump or his campaign colluded with the Russians. That will certainly need to be looked at but remember what I stated, the MSM and the Democrats have made these two items the same in everyone’s minds.

Barack Obama’s administration was reported in The Washington Post in 2016 as considering sharing intelligence on ISIS with Russia. WAPO reported it as if it was a wonderful thing. Donald Trump did share the intelligence and the very same newspaper reported it as Trump disclosed classified information.

Democrats and their media wing (the MSM) are tickled pink that a Special Counsel has been appointed (The Wall Street Journal, not so much). They think this will lead to the impeachment of Trump. They are wrong and they really did not think this through. You see, the special counsel will have broad authority to investigate and that means he can sweep up all the Democrats who have been involved in wrongdoing.

There is no doubt that James Comey will be interviewed and while the Democrats think he will say Trump tried to influence the investigation proving obstruction of justice I highly doubt that will take place. James Comey is on the record, under oath, saying that he has not witnessed anyone trying to influence investigations. He gave this answer AFTER the alleged incident reported in the yet to be seen memo. Comey also never reported to the DOJ that Trump tried to influence the investigation, something he is obligated to do under the law. Given that he said he never witnessed such a thing and he did not report Trump one can only conclude that Trump broke no law and did not obstruct justice. Comey is too smart to claim that he felt Trump was trying to obstruct justice or he would be admitting to breaking the law (by not reporting it) and to lying under oath to the Senate. This is a nonstarter.

It is unlikely, barring any surprises, that the investigation will result in harm to Trump. It will harm the country because it will stifle the Trump agenda as spineless Republicans resist working on anything for a guy who has a special counsel investigation going on. Since many major law enforcement agencies and their leaders have already stated there is NO EVIDENCE of collusion between Trump and the Russians I fail to see how that evidence would suddenly appear. We already know they will discover the Russians tried to influence the election. Our country knows they did it and have done it in the past. Right now the Democrats are screaming about it and saying we can’t let it happen and express their righteous indignation but the Russians have done no more than our country, and most recently Democrats like Obama, has done.

Obama’s group that used to be Obama for America and is now Organizing for Action worked, under the direction of Barack Obama, to undermine and interfere in the Israeli election in an effort to oust Benjamin Netanyahu. What they did is no different than what the Russians did.

Recently, Barack Obama publicly injected himself into the French election by telling the people of France they should vote for Emmanuel Macron instead of Marine Le Pen. Now how is what he did any different than what the Russians did? I know he was public and they were sneaky about it but they did the same thing, injected themselves into the election of another country in order to affect the outcome. So excuse me if I ignore the Democrats and their selective outrage over the Russians trying to influence our election.

The special counsel will be looking at a lot of things and will have a lot of latitude to investigate. How many leakers will be identified? How many of the people who have been leaking secrets will be brought to justice? Will the ties of John Podesta and Hillary Clinton to the Russians be disclosed as part of the investigation? Will Susan Rice be prosecuted for unmasking the names of Americans who were targeted for illegal surveillance (see above)? Will the investigation look into why James Comey did not seek to charge Hillary Clinton for her crimes in setting up a home server and then using it to illegally transmit classified information? Will the meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Lynch (when Hillary was UNDER INVESTIGATION) be revisited?

There are many moving parts to all of this and the sweeping investigation could derail a lot of people including members of Congress. Wouldn’t it be a sweet bit of irony if the investigation by the special counsel the Democrats begged for caught a bunch of Democrats and Trump came out clean?

One good thing for the administration is that it can ignore questions about Russia and all the things that the left has been buzzing about by saying that they can’t discuss it because of the investigation. It will also take away the thing Democrats have been overwhelming the news with and take their message away.

They might have to actually get to work.

Speaking of which, if I were Donald Trump I would play hardnosed with these pukes in Congress. I would not allow them to recess in August and I would keep them in session with no other time off until they passed tax reform and a budget for fiscal year 2018.

He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information on the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient; he may, on extraordinary Occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them, and in Case of Disagreement between them, with Respect to the Time of Adjournment, he may adjourn them to such Time as he shall think proper; he shall receive Ambassadors and other public Ministers; he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed, and shall Commission all the Officers of the United States. Article II, Section 3 US Constitution [emphasis mine]

I would say that not having a budget is an extraordinary occasion. If Congress does not like it then it should try doing its job…

The country is heading for another civil war. The left is inciting violence and is interfering with the duly elected president because it does not like the outcome of the last election and it is imposing its will on the people and causing harm. It will not take very long before the right starts fighting back and when we do we will eliminate the left. Just remember, the left started this but they will not be able to finish it and they will not like the outcome.

Or as I read on one of the feeds, Impeach Trump and there will be war.

Proceed at your own risk.

As an aside wouldn’t it be great to see that prick Schumer frog marched out of DC?

Look at him. That is what you get when they remove the foreskin.

Maybe the Democrats are making noise to distract the public from the good news. Can’t have people knowing Trump is good for the economy…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Bernie Says Hill Breaking Law

With all the attention focused on the infighting in the Republican party the fighting among the two old white Democrat candidates has not received as much press, at least until recently. Sanders and Clinton have been steadily increasing their attacks on each other. They claim not to run negative campaigns but they are really going after each other.

The debate last Thursday was a demonstration of how far south things have gone between the two Democrats.

The New York primary is tomorrow and the polls indicate that Clinton is leading but the race has tightened. With that tightening race comes new accusations by Sanders that Clinton is violating campaign finance laws. The full details are in the linked article and if the allegations are true then it would appear she is breaking the law.

Is that a shock? Hillary has been breaking the law for decades so why would anyone think she would follow it now?

Ever since the Clintons started their public lives they have been involved in scandal after scandal. If the history of the Clintons involved an accusation or two one might dismiss them as politics but with these two everything they are involved in results in accusations of criminal activity. Hillary is the focus at the present because she is running for the presidency.

So did she do it? Probably but if her history is any indication then she has put several layers between her and the activity so that she has plausible deniability.

Sanders is probably right on this one but Hillary will never face the music because she is not the only criminal involved. She has most of the Democrat party as accomplices.

So while she wants a term of four years I think twenty-five to life is more appropriate.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Politicians Get Rich Taking YOUR Money

There is no doubt that many politicians get very wealthy (or wealthier) while in office. The fact that so many of them do cannot be a coincidence. The reality is they game the system to benefit them financially. The party matters little as members from all political ideologies work to enrich themselves and their families.

Harry Reid funnels money to family members or uses his connections to ensure they get well paying jobs. He uses his influence to ensure he gets great real estate deals.

It is reported that John Boehner will not “really” work to rid us of Obamacare because he has investments that will make him a lot of money because of the law. Something tells me he is not alone.

Dianne Feinstein is another who uses our money or her connections to get richer. It has been reported in the past that business is directed to her husband’s company because of her position in the US Senate. These allegations (and even the proof) are rarely mentioned in the liberal media.

Feinstein’s hubby stands to get about a BILLION more US dollars (in commission) as a result of the work of Congress. The US Postal Service will sell 56 buildings so it can pay more money leasing space. The company selected to handle this has Feinstein’s hubby sitting on its board and the sale of those buildings, expected to be 19 BILLION dollars will net the company (and hubby) a hefty commission.

This is one way politicians steer money to family members. They also hire them to work on campaigns, purchase campaign items from them (at greatly inflated prices no doubt) and they ensure that legislation favors their businesses or stock portfolios.

This kind of activity in the private sector gets CEOs hauled before Congress to explain themselves.

Anyone remember Congress grilling auto executives for flying in private planes to meetings in DC while the members doing the grilling fly at taxpayer expense and often in special planes? Some members (like the Speaker) have (or at that time had) their own Air Force air taxi service.

The people in elected office are, by and large, criminals who are in it to enrich their lives while they tell the rest of us how to live. There are a few good folks who are working for the people but the rest are out for themselves. They see themselves as elite and in a position to dictate how YOU live. They do not follow the rules they make.

Feinstein is but one in a large group of people who do things that do not benefit the people and do not follow the Constitution. That is all well in good in their minds because they live like royalty while in office and have ensured they will be very wealthy when they leave.

Cave canem!
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Big Dog


IRS Follows The Law…When It Can

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told the Congressional Ways and Means subcommittee that the agency follows the law when it can. While being questioned he told members of Congress; “Whenever we can, we follow the law.”

Texas Republican Representative Kevin Brady told Koskinen; “I encourage you to follow the law in all instances.”

This follow the law when we can mentality is probably what led to all the law breaking under Lois Lerner. She was supposed to follow the law but she didn’t. The IRS is supposed to follow laws about backing up data but it didn’t.

The agency probably decided that it just could not follow those pesky laws.

How do you suppose the IRS would treat taxpayers who follow tax laws “when they can”?

Cave canem!
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Big Dog


Oh Yee Of Little Integrity

DEMOCRAT and anti gun politician Leland Yee of California is in a bunch of hot water. He was arrested by the FBI after an undercover operation caught him trying to traffic firearms in exchange for campaign donations. He was indicted on 26 March 2014.

Yes, you read that right. A DEMOCRAT who worked to ban firearms labeled as assault weapons, who worked to ban lead ammunition, who wants background checks for people to purchase ammunition and who is against law abiding Americans owning firearms was caught in an undercover operation where he was working to traffic illegal firearms.

Reports indicate that Yee helped get firearms (and missiles) valued from half a million to 2.5 million dollars into the hands of a Muslim separatist group. Other reports indicate this group is a terrorist group.

It appears as if Yee was aiding terrorists.

I guess Yee is OK with terrorists having firearms (and allegedly ammunition) just not law abiding Americans.

It looks like we need to have a universal background check on people running for office and that check needs to be as tough as the one people purchasing firearms have to go through.

As for Yee, he should use the Obama did it defense and call it Fast and Furious II…


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog