Democrats Really Are Vile Creatures

I listened to some of the committee hearing on the confirmation of Senator Sessions to be the Attorney General and I tuned in at the time Senator Al Franken was speaking and he took up the entire time until the vote. He went on and on about whether Sessions was honest or misrepresented something and then attacked Senator Ted Cruz about Cruz’s defense of Sessions in earlier hearings.

Franken spent a lot of his time attacking President Trump and his assertion that millions of people voted illegally. Franken then went on to say Trump was going to look for people who are registered in more than one state. At that time Franken pointed to Trump family members and staff who are registered in two states.

Franken basically called Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump liars because, you know, liberals know lying when they see it.

So let me help out Franken because this unfunny has been comedian is a liberal hack who needs help.

It is unclear if Sessions was untruthful on his questionnaire because the definition of significant is different to different people. Maybe what Sessions did was significant for the work he was doing and maybe it was not. But Franken, who is not a lawyer, was putting his own definition on the case and using that. He also took the word of some other person over the word of Sessions. I expected as much as Democrats are working hard to harm Trump’s cabinet nominations.

Franken’s assertion about being registered in two states is misleading. I believe what the President means is people who are registered in two states and VOTED in BOTH. We see this a lot with liberal snow birds and liberal college students. They vote absentee in one state and then vote in person in the other. They do this intentionally. As far as I know, it is not illegal to be registered to vote in two states. If you are registered in one place and move and then register in the new place your first registration might not get cancelled. One is supposed to update the first registration but a lot of people never think of that. This is why a number of people can be registered in two places. It is not until you vote in both of them that you have broken the law. Nice try Al but as usual, you are wrong.

As for Franken’s claims that there were not millions of people who voted illegally and that this has been debunked he has no real way of knowing. He knows that Democrats think there was fraud but believe it came from the right and they are convinced of that because their fraud was not enough to win. Even cheating they lost so the other side must have cheated too. Funny thing is Franken got elected on fraudulent votes that were miraculously discovered after he was behind in the recount. It was just enough to put him over the top. Yeah Al, tell me again about cheating you lying jackass.

Barack Obama encouraged illegals to vote (a violation of the law) and California has millions of illegals with driver’s licenses who are able to vote. It is not beyond belief that millions of illegals voted and that people voted in two different locations. Franken said that people who commit voter fraud should be found and prosecuted but he asserts that fewer than 100 cases have occurred or been found. Really? Then why did Democrats scream about fraud in 2000? Why did Democrats demand so many recounts after the last election?

Democrats don’t want this looked into so they claim it has been debunked. If it is looked at they are afraid the fraud committed by them will be discovered. The votes from dead people, from snow birds and college kids coupled with the illegals could very well be in the millions. I hope Trump has this investigated and I hope he finds 5 million illegal votes just so we can shove it down Franken’s throat.

Oh yeah, Franken also stated that Trump came up with a 3-5 million number because Hillary won by 2 point something million. Al, Hillary did not win by 2 million something votes because we do not have a national election. She won some states and she lost other states but she lost the electoral vote and that is all that matters. To claim she won the popular vote is moronic and misleading since we do not have a national election we do not have a national popular vote.

Franken also took the time to praise Sally Yates as a hero who stood up to an illegal order. Once again it is Franken who is lying. He couched it with the “I think we can all agree…” but we do not all agree. First of all the order was NOT illegal. It was in accordance with the law and it is a law that Obama signed. It also follows Title 8 of The United States Code, if Franken cares to read it. Yates did not exercise courage or heroism, she was insubordinate. If she had expressed concerns based on the Constitution or the law she would still have a job. Instead, she just took it upon herself to say she disagreed with it and then told her people not to defend it. This is gross insubordination.

General Stanley McChrystal tendered his resignation (was fired by Barack Obama) based on some things he allegedly said (the claim is his words, and those of his soldiers, were taken out of context) in a Rolling Stone interview. Those things were viewed as improper and Obama wasted no time in Accepting his resignation (dismissing him), a true hero by the way.

Yates was grossly insubordinate and a moron like Franken thinks she is a hero.

As expected the Democrats on the committee all voted against Sessions and the Republicans all voted for so he will go for a full vote and is sure to be confirmed. It is a shame that these people who have worked with Sessions for decades would stoop so low as to impugn his character all in the name of politics and all because they are butt hurt that Trump won.

After the last few days I never ever want to hear a Democrat cry about obstruction from Republicans and I never want to hear them complain about any character assassination. Screw every last one of them. They are low life scum sucking ass hats who should all be put out to pasture.

Yes, they are vile and loathsome creatures.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Kagan Lied

Associate Justice Elana Kagan lied to the Senate during her confirmation hearings and she should be impeached for this. Her lie was about her involvement in Obamacare prior to her selection to serve on the Supreme Court. Kagan lied about her involvement and recently released documents show that she was involved in the legal issues and that the DOJ tried cover this up by asseeting that she had been walled off from the issue. Many of the documents have been redacted so there is no telling what deeper involvement she had. The Senate should request the unredacted documents and dig as deep into this as it can.

Doug Ross does a great job detailing the documents, Kagan’s response to written questions about her involvement in Obamacare and the DOJ decpetion of “walling” her off.

Ross details how Kagan was asked (in writing) during the confirmation process about her involvement in Obamacare including being asked if she offered her opinions, views or comments (and specifically about a Constitutional challenge of the process of deem and pass). Kagan denied that she had done any of these things but the documents show otherwise. One such occurrence of her involvement took place thirteen days before she sat in front of the Senate judiciary Committee for her confirmation hearings.

Kagan lied, period. Not only did she lie but the DOJ tried to cover up her involvement. This folks, is illegal and she needs to be impeached (and heads at the DOJ need to roll).

Before she is impeached she needs to recuse herself from any debate regarding Obamacare IAW 28 USC 455.

CNS has the entire story.

This gang of criminals needs to be put in its place, and soon.

First she recuses, then she is impeached.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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Supreme Politics Of Personal Destruction

This week the conformation hearings for Sonia Sotomayor will begin in what will certainly be a media circus. Sotomayor has a lot of explaining to do with regard to remarks she made about a wise Latina making better decisions than a white man. She also has a few questionable associations that must be dealt with. When all is said and done there is no way 40 Republicans can stop her from being confirmed unless Teddy Kennedy is too sick to vote and Robert Byrd has not made it back from his recent illness.

Sotomayor has a few strikes against her and with Harriet Miers like numbers she will have a tough road but she will eventually be confirmed. She will not change the make up of the court even though she is an activist judge who uses her position to address social issues rather than the law.

He recent decision in the Ricci case was overturned by the Supreme Court and it will be one of the topics covered. Frank Ricci is scheduled to be called as a witness. He is the white firefighter who filed a lawsuit for discrimination. The Supreme Court agreed with him that he and all the others who passed the promotion exam were discriminated against contrary to what Sotomayor’s opinion in the case.

The outcome of this is that groups supporting Sotomayor are targeting Ricci. They are working on destroying his reputation by digging into the two other workplace lawsuits he has filed. The bash patrol will try to discredit him so that the bad decision by Sotomayor is ignored while everyone focuses on Ricci and his work history. This is the politics of personal destruction. Ricci is the bad guy because he dared to stand up for his rights and he dared to win and make a liberal judge look like a rookie.

We have seen the politics of destruction with Joe the Plumber. He asked a question that caused Obama to disclose his true intent of redistributing the wealth in this nation. Instead of focusing on that issue the media and several elected officials went after Joe. Some elected officials committed crimes in order to discredit him and the media worked overtime in order to paint him in a bad light while protecting Obama. Joe was harassed endlessly because he dared to ask the sainted one a question. The answer might be one of the reasons Obama is always using a teleprompter. He needs to keep focused on telling you what he wants you to hear while masking his real intent. Off the cuff answers leave him vulnerable.

I am expecting some heated debate in this confirmation process. This woman needs to be hammered about her racist remarks (I have called her a racist for making them but whether she is a racist remains to be seen. The comment though, was a racist one) and she needs to hammered about her associations. She belonged to a women only club. I don’t care because I think people should be able to belong to whatever kind of club they want but judges nominated by Republican presidents seem to be taken to task for such associations by the likes of Ted Kennedy, of all people.

I want the Republicans to bloody her up. I want all of her dirty laundry aired in public and I want the Republicans to be ruthless. We need to live up to the standard that Democrats have established. In an ideal world we could keep her from being confirmed and maybe some procedural thing will make that a reality.

However, it looks like she will eventually be confirmed. I hope it is not until well after the carcass of her career has been picked clean.

Anyone want to bet that the Democrats will treat Ricci with hostility?

As an aside, I find it interesting reading all the liberals who want her confirmed. They complain about Republicans smearing her and that she should just be voted on and sent to the Court. It is funny that they don’t feel this way when a Republican nominee is on the hot seat. Then it is smear, smear, smear. Bork, Thomas, Alito and Roberts were all treated badly by the libs. We owe it to Sotomayor to ensure she gets the same treatment, in the interest of fairness, which is something she does not believe should apply to white firefighters.

Big Dog

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