More misuse of our language (an addition to Fictionary July 10 post). The oft-used word invest. When it is uttered by a politician, you can be sure it has nothing to do with what we typically attribute it to. Their invest is a red herring for a big government program that is (probably) a repeat of an already instituted, failed and wasteful spending program that didn’t work the other times, is now repackaged and renamed for the same negative results from the same dumb premise. (I know, a long description, but oh so true.) Perk up your ears when they say invest; is government investing our money? Au contraire!

Where in our country are housing prices still rising, and where is there no unemployment problem? You guessed it! These staffers are in our world? And, this is the place from which often emanates that all-too-common D.C.-ism: We must invest in our children’s education. Really? Is the American public still falling for that worn out mantra?

News flash! You can’t fix a social problem by throwing money at it. Other countries have more students per classroom and a whole lot less money spent per child and get much better results. Their children are there to learn! Their parents demand it…their culture demands it…their teachers and administrators demand it. We (taxpayers) can feed kids breakfast and lunch and send them to the best school in their vicinity. But, if these same kids go home to an unfit guardian or adults who are terrible character examples, our money that our government spent is wasted. You can’t make life fair for some kids by feeding them, bussing them to a good school and sending them back home to non-parenting. That waste is multiplied when that unproductive, untamed and disrespectful child is an adult on welfare or in prison.

As long as we have no expectations of our children, guess what we get?

Give ’em the two “L’s” — love and limits. Yes, the limits are just as important as the love!

Lies (just two blatant examples)
Your government’s definition of transparent, independent and accountable by Secretary Sebelius, at the 5th bullet point. Do you believe her?

Your government’s Department of Homeland Security and another whopper from Janet Napolitano. Do you believe her? Did you believe her when she said our borders are safer than ever?

The Obama administration and many economists have warned of economic catastrophe if the United States does not raise the amount it is legally allowed to borrow by August 2. The last time we believed scare tactics by the Drama Queens they bailed out the big banks and corporations and then, to add insult to injury, they stimulated our debt and unemployment with our money on a credit card!

Apparently we Americans don’t know much about America. Pitiful! But, then who hasn’t seen those incredible Jay Walking bits? (This video: Your reward for reading this far!) Maybe we got where we are today because we don’t know what, when and how this country became so great. We don’t know our own American History! Maybe we ought to start getting smart, paying attention, and becoming responsible citizens. No point in waiting for or expecting those in charge to change their ways!

My Personal Desire – time to get back to the basics. More reading and learning for me. It really is quite easy today with answers to everything literally and figuratively at my fingertips! What excuse do I have?

If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development.
– Aristotle

Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
– Winston S. Churchill

A country without a memory is a country of madmen.
– George Santayana

Some historians hold that history is just one damned thing after another.
– Arnold Toynbee


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Today’s word definitions and misnomers, in no particular order.

Our current state of affairs and use of language often cause me to ponder. Most recently, maybe we’re all pondering the criminal justice system.  Maybe the lesson of the Orlando jury’s verdict is that we are too used to being lied to?

For example:

Raise the debt ceiling – What ceiling? It’s always being raised. It’s not like the glass ceiling that you couldn’t break. This one is flexible. Government makes its own rules. Let’s try that at home, folks. When we’re in debt, we’ll raise our credit line. That will work!

Rich is defined today as evil and highly taxable. I’ve even heard the rich called lucky and lazy—Wrong! Do you remember when rich was a worthwhile goal, the American dream, something positive that benefited everyone–not just the person getting rich?

Secretary of the Treasury – No, he can’t be! He wants to fix a spending problem by giving the spenders more money….to spend. He seems to have no clue that high tax rates destroy the economy or that big government (he) is the problem.

Undocumented worker – A euphemism for an illegal immigrant who is illegally hired by an unlawful employer.

Immigration – Currently this term is used by the media to represent everyone that is here from another country, completely ignoring the status of the immigrant. We continuously hear the word immigration when the talking heads are really speaking about illegal immigration. Illegals are not American citizens – they cost American citizens billions of dollars.

Which conjures up another term:
Homeland Security – At the same time that we citizens (including 95-yr old Grannie) are being abused, humiliated and “felt-up” in airports by TSA employees, we like to think no radical terrorists are slipping in our porous border on the south along with that stream of illegals.

Green jobs – Where are they, again? GE sure got some green – zero tax liability. Consumers and taxpayers will lose lots of green over green jobs.

Environmental Protection Agency – Extort Peoples’ Assets (When Al Gore pitches a tent and rides a bike, we shall consider that he is correct.)

Employee Free Choice Act – Complete irony for coercion to vote “yes” for the unions = no free choice.

Stimulus Package – This incredibly obvious misnomer is actually very apropos–it stimulated government waste and the national debt.

Economist – Where is the administration official who has any business experience and has ‘economist’ on his resume? An economist ought to know how business works, not how government works. Oh, sorry, I forgot…government does not work. Unlike business, government can spend ad nauseum, print more money and still stay “in business.”

The Federal Reserve – We are learning to suspect anything labeled “federal” and sure don’t think we have a “reserve.” A supposed smart economist says,  “We don’t have a precise read on why this slower pace of growth is persisting.” Here’s just one clue why (or, the reality I see): We’ve become a socialistic society and economy with leadership that encourages class warfare and insists that government can fix everything…with more spending! We are becoming Greece and France where double digit unemployment, out of control national debt and misery are common stagnations. This slow pace is not recovery; it is socialistic stagnation.

Affirmative Action – One example of what this really meant: Your government would get to decide who gets into medical school based on race quotas. Do you want your doctor to be someone who was a good Black student or one of the smartest in his/her class…regardless of race? That really is reverse discrimination. Forget about someone’s intelligence, grade average, potential and credentials; let’s make sure the race percentages are right! Life needs to be fair! And, your government will provide the rules and regulations to make it fair!

National Education Association – Does the NEA represent education or does it represent teachers’ benefits? They’re a union, so that pretty much answers the question. Behold the huge Atlanta scandal. Can the state of California afford to pay their current teachers while they honor the previous union contracts for retired teachers’ pension and health insurance benefits? Nope! Seems NYC has same huge issues with United Federation of Teachers “Union.”  Each year we hear we need to spend more on education and the school dropout rate goes up! Hello!

Here’s an individual responsibility thought to mull over: Make the parents/guardians accountable for their kids that are using our public education system: late for school twice in one month: fine the parents; no homework done twice in one class in one week: fine the parents; lack of respect for the teacher/administrator/staff member—by disrupting the class or foul language: fine the parents. Taxpayers don’t need to pay for students that don’t show up, don’t participate and behave badly!

Remember the definition of insanity. We sure have to change our ways if we expect anything to change…for the better!


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Syria OK with Turkey Trot to War

Turkey is lining up for an attack into Iraq against Kurds with whom they have been having trouble. The US is asking for Turkey not to attack and the President of Iraq, Jalal Talabani, is asking for more time to resolve the issue. What I find interesting in this situation is what President Bashar Assad of Syria had to say:

However Syrian President Bashar Assad, visiting Turkey, said he supported the country’s right to take the action “against terrorism and terrorist activities”. BBC News

Hamas and Hezbollah are both terrorist organizations and they continually launch rockets into Israel. Israeli soldiers have been abducted and are still held captive (some believe in Iran) and Israel’s neighbors salivate at the chance to attack or wipe out that country. Launching missiles across the border into areas populated with non combatants is an act of terrorism and yet, when Israel defends itself by sending in its military Syria is quick to point the finger of condemnation.

Why is it that Syria would have two standards with regard to this subject? The obvious answer is that Turkey is an Islamic country and Israel is not. In fact, Israel is full of Jewish people and the Muslims cannot stand Jews and do not think they should be allowed to exist. It is also ironic that Syria, which is a state sponsor of terrorism, would describe someone else’s acts as terrorism.

The UN and the rest of the world should remember Assad’s words so the next time Israel responds to acts of terror there will not be a rush to condemn that country. Syria’s president is nothing more than a two bit terrorist who supports killing people, especially Jews.

No wonder Pelosi and her ilk like visiting the guy.

Big Dog

Raven Lunatics; Attack of the Cretin Liberals

My friend Raven has written lengthy post discussing her recent adventures after she asked if a soldier suffering from PTSD when her post indicated that he was exploiting the situation by refusing help. The post was picked up by Sadly No and a few others and the bloodletting began. Moonbats came out of the closet to write some of the most vile comments directed at her. This is a popular method the left uses, they attack the arguer and not the argument. There is a lunkhead named Thinking Meat who uses the same tact except he calls everyone a liar and then continually echoes the same requests that the writer prove some assertion and regardless of the proof, the writer is a liar and a coward. I have not figured out if he is a retard suffering from echolalia or if this is a desperate attempt to attract the people he insults to his site. He must be lonely and he has never heard about that honey/vinegar attraction thing.

In any event, I have seen some of the worst the left has to offer in the last few days. In the comments of another post that Raven wrote some jackass wished that Robert’s children (Robert of American and Proud) would get stomach cancer so that he would suffer and have to get help from the government. This all in response to the debate about S-CHIP. I don’t know about people who can wish such a thing. I find that kind of person to be the lowest form of life and not worthy of the chemicals that make up his being.

Ravens recent post has been used to indicate, in some abstract way, that Conservatives do not really support the troops. I find this to be absolutely absurd and a stretch by anyone’s imagination. People who make this kind of assertion are the same idiots who misquote Limbaugh in order to take the focus off their lack of support for America’s true heroes. Liberals stopped supporting our troops sometime around Vietnam and they have never gone back.

In Vietnam we won every battle and yet we lost the war because the Democratically controlled Congress lacked the will to stick it out. North Vietnam was on the verge of surrender and the constant bombings were taking heavy tolls. They held out because they believed that America would crumble from within because of the anti war movement and they were right. They declared themselves the winners and a lot of POWs were never released. John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Jane Fonda and countless others led protests in this country and slandered our troops. John Kerry’s testimony before Congress accused our troops of war crimes, none of which have been proven though if they were Kerry would be in jail for admitting his participation.

We had some glory days in the first Gulf war when our troops smashed Iraq quickly and our losses were few, though one is too many. There were certainly more than a few Liberals who were against the war because this group of vile people think there is never anything worth fighting for except the seats they have occupied for far too long. They will slay dragons to keep those seats but will sell out our country to avoid using its military might for just causes. The left is now engaged in the same kind of actions they embraced during Vietnam. They are protesting our troops, they are calling them murderers and they are painting the entire military with the brush tarnished by a few who committed crimes. Abu Ghraib was blown way out of proportion and people like Ted Kennedy said that Hussein’s torture chambers were reopened under new management.

Just as we had during Vietnam, we have elected leaders going to countries that are hostile to us and accusing our president and our country of doing bad things. This must be a continuance of the trend started by Bill Clinton in Russia when he was busy dodging military service. Funny, I have never heard him referred to as a chicken hawk even though he put our men and women in harm’s way a number of times. The left is so full of hatred since the false prophet of global warming lost in 2000 that they have never recovered and their hatred gets stronger and more vile every day. The people who clamor about Raven’s post and a lack of support for the troops are the same idiots who indict our men and women in the court of public opinion.

These despicable cretins can claim to support the troops but when a jackass like Jack Murtha accuses our Marines of murder before any investigation has been completed it is not hard to see what kind of support they really provide. Yes, the left provides a lot fo support but that support is to the enemies of this country. The left’s daily rants and accusations as well as their loathe of the military provides fodder for the people who want to do us harm.

Who are any of these idiots to accuse Raven of not supporting the troops or to use her post as a weapon against the right. Show me a liberal organization that collects food for the troops to send Thanksgiving Dinners to them. Show me a liberal group that provides them with air conditioners and toiletries. I do not think there are many, if any, liberals in Soldier’s Angels. What have Code Pink, MoveOn, and the rest of these Communist organizations actually done to support the troops? They protest all over and exploit our war dead in an attempt to bring our troops home in defeat. They insult a highly decorated General who has given more for this country than the lot of them combined and they continually insult the President of the United States. They call our troops killers and they say that we are wasting money in Iraq. No matter what it costs, we are not wasting money so long as it is spent in support of our troops. There is waste from war profiteers like Dianne Feinstein, another big supporter of the troops (so long as their work makes her husband money).

I have read Raven’s work and I communicate with her almost daily. I know what is in her heart and I know she cares deeply for our men and women in uniform and she would never do anything to hurt them. I know that she puts her heart and soul into her work to ensure her patients get the best care possible and I know that she is a hell of a lot better person than any of the jackasses who have been attacking her.

I would rather have Raven watching my back than any of the lily livered communist puke liberals who have been attacking her and I know that she is a better person than any of them can ever hope to be. I also know that instead of wishing cancer on their children Raven would pray for them to be well.

Recipe for happiness.
Ingredients: 1 Liberal wacko (preferably one who hopes children get cancer) and 1 rope. Some assembly required.

Big Dog

As an aside, the letter that Harry Reid sent attacking Rush Limbaugh is on auction and has a bid of over 100,000 dollars and all money earned will go to the Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Fund. Rush turned their hatred into true support for the troops. Of course, Reid will probably try to take credit for the success since he wrote the letter. So who supports the troops? Harry “we lost the war” Reid or Rush Limbaugh who used an attack on a private citizen to earn money for the troops?

Should Jon Elliott of Err Amerika be Fired?

Randi Rhodes was reported to have been attacked near her New York apartment. It turned out that she had actually fallen and was NOT attacked. The initial report of her attack fueled speculation among left wing blogs that Rhodes had been attacked by a Right Wing lunatic. Jon Elliott, who filled in for Rhodes, said this:

“Is this an attempt by the right-wing hate machine to silence one of our own?” he asked on the air, according to the Talking Radio blog. “Are we threatening them?” NY Daily News

Here is a guy who has classified the entire “right” as a bunch of hate filled people. He called us all violent hate filled people who would attack a woman with whom we disagree. He did not attack some public official, he attacked all private citizens who happen to be on the political right.

So the question is, will he be fired? Don Imus was fired for his “hate speech” when he called a girl’s basketball team a bunch of nappy headed hos. Imus attacked one basketball team and the race baiters were out in full force demanding that he be fired (and the black journalists have their panties in a wad that Imus will get another job). Elliott called every person on the political right a hater and indicated we were prone to violent attacks so perhaps he should go. I know, he apologized:

“I shouldn’t have speculated based on hearsay that Randi Rhodes had been mugged and that it may have been an attack from a right-wing hate machine,” the statement said. “I apologize for jumping to conclusions.”

So did Imus.

Imus should not have speculated that the girls were nappy headed hos but he got fired for that. Maybe Imus just jumped to a conclusion about the girls, but he apologized nonetheless. His apology did little good because even though he humiliated himself by kissing the ring of the godfather of race baiting, the godfather still demanded that Imus lose his job, his livelihood.

No wonder Err Amerika is going under. The dumb asses there cannot even get a news story that involves one of their own correct. How do we expect them to get things out of their own sphere anywhere neat correct?

Big Dog