The Grande Finale

Terrorists have struck again and this time it was at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester England. Ariana Grande is a pop star whose fans range from young girls to teenagers and that demographic is expected to make up the bulk of the casualties of the bombing where (as of this post) twenty-two have died and nearly five dozen have been injured.

According to the news the concert had ended and people were leaving when a suicide bomber detonated a bomb filled with nails. That kind of bomb is designed to hurt a lot of people and it is likely the numbers will rise throughout the day.

When the news flashed last night to report the bombing the first thing I thought was that it was another radical Islamic terrorist (though the lines continually blur between radical and traditional Muslim) even as we were, once again, cautioned not to make snap judgements.

As events unfolded two things became clear, as they do in all these kinds of attacks. The first is the bomber was a Muslim (and the recent news would tend to support that) and the government already knew about him.

Yes, these things always end up being radical Islamic terrorists and the government always knows the guy. You know how it is, they were suspicious but really had no evidence so they did nothing. That should be comforting to the families who lost loved ones.

CBS News confirmed Tuesday that the man who blew himself up the previous night at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, was 23-year-old Salman Abedi, who was known to British authorities prior to the attack. CBS News

The events after this attack will be the same as all the previous attacks. People will change social media pictures to flags of the attacked nation, claim that we are all them, say they are praying and for us to pray, and then we will be cautioned not to judge all Muslims based on the attacks of a few.

If only gun owners could get this same consideration. When some nut gets a gun (often ILLEGALLY) and shoots a place up the government and its puppet supporters scream about gun control, gun bans and more laws to infringe on the rights of law abiding Americans. All gun owners are blamed and the only way to end the carnage is to ban or restrict guns. The victims are often still warm while the left is screaming about gun control, never let a crisis go to waste. Anyone hear these same people blaming all Muslims and demanding a ban on them?

The left will blame many things while telling us that it is not all of them. Perhaps not and in reality the bomber and his support group (and the radical religion) are to blame. You know who else is to blame? The people of England in political office who have relaxed the laws and turned a blind eye to the influx of Muslims. Same is true for France and many other countries in that part of the world. They welcome everyone and then get attacked.

This incident did not happen here in the US but it very well could and the likelihood is great considering that liberals have made it easier. You read that right because liberal politicians, worthless liberal judges and the liberal thumb sucker snowflakes have all opposed President Trump’s Constitutional Executive Orders on immigration. Trump wants to slow or temporarily halt immigration from a number of unstable nations until we can more accurately determine the people trying to come here.

Liberals oppose that and their sock puppet judges issue rulings counter to what the president has done, things that are well within his authority. But hey, liberal politicians and pocket judges know best.

Truth is, they don’t care about you, they don’t care about the country and they don’t care if a bunch of kids get murdered by a suicide bomber. They are protected and it is unlikely they or their families will ever be the victims so they do not care. If your kids get blown up then there will be more outrage, more opportunity for them to raise cash by duping morons into contributing, and there will be more opportunity for them to seize even more power.

If these people really cared they would not oppose the president’s orders and they would not oppose action to end these barbarians.

It is time for all civilized nations to band together to attack ISIS and all other radical Islamic groups (and any other terror groups we can find) and keep attacking them until they are completely destroyed. They cannot be damaged or degraded they must be eliminated from the earth and removed from the human gene pool so that they can never recruit and attack again.

As an aside, I can’t help wonder what Grande is thinking. At one point in her career she claimed to hate America and Americans (she later stated something different) and she is anti-Trump and for all things liberal. Reports are she can’t wait to get back to the safety of the US. I wonder if she will oppose the immigration crack down Trump is fighting in favor of in the court system…

This attack was senseless and cowardly. The radical Islamic terrorist (I base that on his name but am willing to change that should it be wrong. History is on my side on this one) attacked a bunch of little girls. That is the very definition of a coward. He detonated a bomb and murdered a lot of people and injured many more. He did all this because the politically correct world can’t open its eyes and see the real enemy before us.

It is easier to chase bogeymen and make up stories about Russia than to actually work to keep the nation safe.

And that is because of what I stated earlier. The left is not concerned about your safety. They know more attacks eventually lead to more control by the government and that is what they want. And fewer of us means a smaller carbon footprint and who can argue against that, right? Our overlords sure are great….

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Don’t Monkey With Cruz’s Kids

The general rule in politics is that a politician’s children are off limits. Most politicians try to adhere to this by leaving the children of other politicians out of the political process. This means children and not young adults. You see, older teens and young adult children of politicians who campaign for their parents can and should be subject to the process. Such was the case with George Bush’s daughters who the press was eager to go after (even when they were not part of their dad’s political process). One would be hard pressed to find the same press going after Chelsea Clinton.

It is not hard to find Democrats who have gone after the young children of Republican candidates. Sarah Palin’s young son and his Down’s Syndrome were the topic of many on the left. Now we have a political cartoonist going after Ted Cruz’s young daughters because they were in one of his ads.

The two young girls were portrayed as monkeys dancing to an organ grinder (Ted Cruz). The rationale was that they were in the ad so they are fair game.

How many times have Obama’s girls been a part of his political process? Did anyone draw cartoons of them in this fashion? Hell, Obama’s kids do questionable things and if it is reported the WH demands the stories be pulled and a compliant media does as it is told.

Imagine how the liberal establishment would have acted if during one of Obama’s campaigns his daughters were depicted as little monkeys…

I think the woman responsible for the hit piece on the Cruz children does not have her own kids. Word is she aborted all of hers. Maybe we can draw a cartoon of her dead and dismembered children pleading with her for their lives as she stands there with blood soaked hands.

In any event, leave the kids alone.

And please be sure to remember this episode the next time someone tells you Trump lacks civility (thanks John Nolte).

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


If We Can Save One Child….

Liberals constantly scream about saving children. I have already pointed out the irony of liberals passing legislation that they claim is important “if it saves one child” while they actively work to protect abortion at all costs. Abortion does not protect one child. In fact, it murders millions.

Liberals tried to impose even more gun control after the Newtown massacre and justified it with the words, if it could save one child. Martin O’Malley of Maryland and his band of liberal merry morons in Annapolis passed unconstitutional gun laws after Newtown because a Newtown could happen here and it is just if we can save just one child. Never mind the fact that none of the laws will save any children because they only harm law abiding citizens in the first place.

It is never about solving a problem, it is about controlling people.

Barack Obama is way out in the liberal plantation and he loves to talk about saving children. It is all about the children. My God we have to do this (insert moronic liberal idea here) to save the children.

If he is so worried about children then why did he shut down the Amber Alert website? The reason put on the webpage is that it is because of the lapse in federal funding but Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move website is still up.

Which is more important?

It appears as if all the negative publicity has affected the Obama regime. The Amber Alert site is back up. It is not up for the children, it is up because the act was seen as a political liability, children be damned.

Well there is no doubt that Obama and his minions are trying to make things as unpleasant as possible just as they did with sequester. They need to make it hurt or people might actually see that less government is better. Face it, the Obama base does not care and since the welfare queens suckling at the liberal teat are not affected by any of the funding problems it is unlikely they will stop their adoration of the messiah.

Obama knows this. He needs to make those who do not agree with him hurt. He has closed monuments and memorials that are open 24/7 without anyone manning them.

He has closed pull off points near Mount Rushmore so that people can’t stop and take pictures from afar. There are more guards at open air memorials than there were in Benghazi. People who own homes on federal property are being forced to leave and entities in the government that run on user fees are being closed.

These actions are designed to harm people and inconvenience them all in the name of political gain.

Obama is a dictator who sees himself as an imperial ruler.

It is well past time to remove him from office.

As well as any elected person who still supports him.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Letters From The Children To The Fuhrer

Remember thisThe man child running the country has released a few letters from children asking for gun control. He did this ahead of his big announcement where he will trample on our rights. He will be surrounded by children as he makes his announcement which should come as no surprise since he has trampled on the graves of the dead children in Connecticut in order to bring us gun control. This is a tactic Hitler used. Surround yourself with children and claim what you are doing is in their best interests and people will give up most anything.

Not me.

My children deserve freedom as do all the children of this country. The freedom they deserve is a birthright paid for with the blood, sweat, and tears of generations of patriots who endured many hardships so that we might be free.

Now that freedom is in peril as the Socialist in the White House works to disarm us. All tyrants first disarm people because unarmed people are slaves who can be forced to do anything. Jews were disarmed under Hitler and then 6 million of them were murdered because they did not have the means to resist.

This is the legacy of governments that disarm their citizens. This is the legacy of many regimes that have disarmed people and then systematically murdered them by the millions.

This can happen here unless patriots stand firm and refuse to be disarmed. This is the only way to keep our children safe and FREE.

I know Obama is using children and their letters as props to advance his anti American agenda. Does anyone actually think he gives a rip what children think? How many wrote him letters saying gun control was not the answer? Bet you will never see those.

In any event, if the man child in DC is listening to children on policy issues then we need to mobilize.

Our children need to write letters by the millions asking him to cut spending to protect them from the burden of massive debt. All of our children and our grandchildren (and even their children and grandchildren) have been saddled with huge amounts of debt and they will be slaves to government their entire lives. Children born today enter the world owing tens of thousands of dollars.

We need our kids to write letters demanding that spending be cut so that they can be free of the burden of government debt.

If Obama truly cares what children think and truly responds to their letters then he needs to get millions of them.

Of course you know he would ignore those. Children are only props to him. Make no mistake people; Obama does not care about your children. He allows them to be murdered by the bushel before they are born. He does not care if your kids are safe.

Children are only useful to him when he has an agenda. That is why he had a kid present when he signed Obamacare and it is why he will have kids present today.

Hitler did it and look how that turned out.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



This Is The Tyranny We Toppled

There are a number of reasons we went to war in Iraq and whether or not one agrees with the decision to go (a decision Congress voted to approve) the fact is we have troops there and we need to have a successful outcome before we bring them home.

I know a number of people who think we should never have gone there and they have arguments to support their opinion. However, I think we needed to end the rule of tyranny in Iraq and that meant getting rid of Saddam Hussein. He was a brutal dictator and a murderer:

Three mass graves were discovered in the sub district of Dubiz in Kirkuk. Announced the Kurdish daily news paper ASO on Sunday, Feb.21st. These graves are to be excavated by the Ministry of Anfaled and Martyrs of Kurdistan regional government in a near future.

“The graves are holding remnants of children from both Chamchamal and Garmyan areas”. Sayd Fazil Amin the head of KRG martyrs office in Kirkuk told ASO, these kids were taken into captivity during 1988 Anfal campaign against the Kurds.

Anfal genocide was a campaign against the Kurds in 1980s. It was aimed at the elimination of the Kurds in Iraq, by destroying and burning Kurdish villages down. Killing and burying alive the people of these villages. It costed over 200,000 lives of innocent Kurds. The Hawler Tribune

Hussein committed genocide against the Kurds. He used chemical weapons on them and he tried to wipe them out. Two hundred thousand Kurds died by his hand, many of them children, and this alone was reason enough to get rid of him.

Big Dog


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