The Misinformed Minority

The Trayvon Martin shooting did not make the national stage until the race hustlers saw a Jewish sounding name associated with the shooter. At that time the Jesses and Als of the race hustling movement started talking about a white man shooting a black kid and not being prosecuted for it. When it was discovered that George Zimmerman was Hispanic (that is how HE identifies himself) the race hustlers and their enablers in the media invented a new term, the white Hispanic.

Now that George Zimmerman has been rightly vindicated the race hustling industry has become even more unhinged. Across the nation minority groups, revved up by the New Black Panthers and the Sharpton race hustling enterprise, have gone into overdrive. There are protests, there are acts of violence and there are acts of vandalism. These things are taking place because those who thrive on racial discord are working overtime.

A Chicago church has an electronic sign in front with the message; “It Is Safe To Kill Black People In Amerikkka.”

There is a lot of opposition to the kkk in the name of our country because it is claimed that this divides us even more along racial lines and is a message of hate. The church defended the sign by saying:

The message on the sign is not a message of hate. It is a message of awakening and call to action. It is a message not intended to divide, but to cause honest reflection in order to make this country a better place for ALL.


The use of “kkk”, was done to call attention to the fact that, just as in the ‘glory days of the KKK, it appears far too often that the murder of African Americans is permitted, and the mistreatment of African Americans historically and currently is far too cavalierly considered.

Let us think about this for a moment. The church is contending that the not guilty verdict of Zimmerman is indicative of a society that far too often allows the murder of black children and that the message is not one of hate.

OK, but the majority of blacks (kids or adults) murdered in this nation are murdered by other blacks. The sign indicates that the issue here is white on black and the reference to KKK is what cements that point of view. Forgetting for a moment that the KKK came out of the Democrat Party and focusing on the reference to white hate against blacks leaves us with the reality that the church really is spewing a hate filled message and is inciting violence directed toward white people.

The truth of the matter is that Chicago is a dangerous place for black children and it is dangerous because other black children MURDER them. Greater than 90% of the murders of blacks are committed by other blacks. Chicago, a gun control city, black children are dying left and right (mostly from gunshots). Where is the outrage?

Where are messages from the church telling blacks to stop murdering each other? Where has the outrage been all these years as hundreds of black kids are murdered each year in Chicago alone?

Why is this church stoking racial discontent by implying that blacks are dying at the hands of whites when all the evidence shows otherwise?

This church and the race hustlers in this country do not care about black on black crime. They don’t really care that black kids are being murdered. They only care when the murderer is not black because they can whip the less educated and uniformed into frenzy and demand more from government. They get to justify their existence by ginning up the rare occurrence of white on black murder.

They should be ashamed of themselves and they are responsible for the violence.

Here is my message to this church and the race hustlers.


Do it for the children…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Chicago Is Hazardous To Children


Jonylah Watkins was only six months old when her life was suddenly ended by a gang banger with a gun. Thirty-three year old Koman Willis, a man with documented gang ties, shot the baby as she sat on her father’s lap in his parked vehicle. Jonathan Watkins was the intended target because he allegedly stole Willis’ video game console.

Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation yet it is among the most dangerous places to live. More people are murdered with guns in Chicago than in most places (if not all) in this nation and certainly more than any place where the right to keep and bear arms is not infringed.

We have been through this before. Criminals do not obey gun laws so people like Willis will continue to use firearms illegally. Law abiding citizens are stripped of their rights while those with no regard for the law continue to obtain and use firearms illegally. There is no doubt that gun control and the failure of the judicial system resulted in the death of this innocent child. You see, Willis has 38 prior arrests so it is highly unlikely he is allowed to own a firearm. It is also a mystery why a person with such a record is not behind bars where he could not shoot people.

Chicago is an open fire murder zone where people are shot and killed each and every day despite the fact that guns control is extremely strict there.

This is the progressive dream city and it still has gun murders. The reality of this escapes progressive politicians like Barack Obama and Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley who continue to harp on gun control as a means to end gun violence. Disarming law abiding citizens will not make them safer. There is no clearer example than Chicago but the progressives push on. They only want the agents of government to have firearms.

The progressives tell us that certain firearms (they desire all firearms) should be banned because they are only suitable for war. These firearms are possessed by police departments across the nation so if they are only suitable for war, just who are the police departments planning on going to war with?

While gun control certainly plays a part in the violence in Chicago it is not the only reason. There is a fundamental breakdown in the family unit and in societal norms. Society is definitely in decline when members of the society think an appropriate response to the theft of a video console is to murder the alleged thief. When neighbors are so terrified that they will not cooperate with police, when young men father children with many women or women have many children with multiple men there is a problem. That problem is exacerbated in the generational welfare state.

People lose all self respect and all respect for life. The code of the street and the gang becomes the norm and we end up with babies being murdered because a father allegedly stole a video console.

While politicians beg gang members to stop shooting children and churches beg the community to come together and repent the violence continues.

It continues because people are no longer accountable for their actions. It happens because people become dependent on the government and lack the responsibility and social mores that keep a society together.

Basically, people become animals and act like them while an overburdened judiciary keeps turning criminals back to the street and government keeps digging in deeper to keep people on the plantation.

It is sad that Jonylah was murdered but even sadder that her death was not an isolated incident in the jungle known as Chicago.

It is also sad that the gun will be blamed for this as it is for all gun related murders.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Anti American Police Chiefs Are A Threat To Public Safety

Chicago Police Chief Garry McCarthy has blamed everything for the plethora of gun related deaths in his city. He has blamed Sarah Palin and is now blaming the Second Amendment. Yes, the right to keep and bear arms is evidently the problem in Chicago where the right is infringed. You see, in Chicago there are very strict gun control laws that violate the US Constitution.

Yet the city is deluged with gun violence and gun crime.

The reason is obvious; criminals do not obey the law. If there was ever a fine example of how gun bans do not work, Chicago is it. The reality that gun control does not stop gun crime has been debated time and again and is generally pointless since brain dead liberals in the anti gun crowd do not understand common sense.

The same people who use all sorts of illicit drugs (those banned under law) think that laws banning guns will stop people from using them illegally.

The bigger issue here is that the police chief of a major city is expressing his view that part of our Constitution is a problem and that those who follow that Constitution are a threat to public safety.

The real threat to our safety is public servants like McCarthy who are not upholding their oaths. These people are dangerous because they believe it is Ok to ignore the Supreme Law of the Land to push their agenda. People who do this are the very reason we have a Second Amendment. It is in place to protect a preexisting right so that we the people have the means to fight tyranny within their own government.

McCarthy wants guns banned and the Second Amendment ignored so he and other like him can do as they wish and can abuse people at will.

They are dangerous and are a stark reminder of how important the Second Amendment actually is.

McCarthy believes the Second Amendment limits citizens to only owning smooth bore muskets. First of all, the Constitution does not limit citizens; it limits the government (which is why liberals do not like it). Second of all, the Second Amendment does not prescribe any particular type of firearm. Additionally, if McCarthy thinks that the Constitution only applies to items available when it was written then he and his officers need to give up their modern firearms. He needs to stop speaking on TV, the radio and the Internet and limit his communication to the newspapers and the US Mail.

McCarthy, not content with his anti Second Amendment lunacy, also said that judges and legislators should rely on opinion polls when interpreting the Constitution.

I imagine that would only pertain to things that liberals agree with. Public opinion polls showed that a huge majority of people were (and still are) opposed to Obamacare (is it any wonder why?).

What about any opinion polls showing that Obama should be impeached? How about those where people think Obama is not eligible to hold office?

In fact, the majority of people polled support our right to keep and bear arms so McCarthy would be SOL on that issue as well.

People like this are dangerous. He is unable to police his violent city and he is an idiot. He needs to be replaced and Chicago needs to stop violating the Constitution.

But in typical liberal fashion he blames everything that is NOT the cause of the problem.

If Obama had a son..

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



Efficiency In Government? Not For Obama

He talks a good game but he does not follow up on what he says and most of what he says never applies to him. The he is Barack Obama and the little king is great when it comes to spelling out rules and talking about doing things better but when it comes to actual practice he fails to follow the rules.

Obama published an Executive Order (13589) that deals with efficiency in government and it lists things that government employees are expected to do to ensure they do not waste taxpayer money. One of those things is to be more prudent in the way business is handled and travel is one of the areas that is specifically mentioned.

Obama wants federal employees (in the Executive Branch, the only one he controls) to travel efficiently, and to use technology if at all possible. That would mean to use teleconferencing for meetings rather than flying around for face to face meetings. Many federal workers (in the Executive Branch) have to certify that the mission cannot be accomplished via technology use before travel will be approved.

One would assume that being efficient in travel would apply to Obama and his family but that does not appear to be the case. Obama is scheduled to head for Hawaii on vacation and it was discussed that his wife and kids would go on without him if he got delayed in DC. It appears as if the first Klingon is unable to wait to get to Hawaii so she will be leaving before her man child husband. This trip will likely cost TAXPAYERS (at least) an additional $100,000.

MeeChelle will have a separate flight that will cost tens of thousands of dollars, she will have her staff and she will have limousines and other equipment that must be flown there. She will also need a security detail though one would suspect she could get by with her bat’leth.

This same thing happened last year and the Obamas cost the TAXPAYERS a great deal of money. This year is more of the same. As Congress argues over some kind of budget to keep government running and prevent a shut down this weekend (which might explain why the Klingon is leaving early) the man child king is allowing TAXPAYER money to be wasted so his wife does not have to wait to get to Hawaii. There are families who would love to have a job let along vacation time and those who do get a vacation are lucky to afford a week off near home so few will have sympathy with people who feel they are entitled to live off the TAXPAYER in first class accommodations in a luxury place like Hawaii.

The liberal morons (but I repeat myself) use to become apoplectic when George W Bush went to his ranch in Crawford Texas. Now they sit silently as their messiah wastes TAXPAYER money on a Hawaiian vacation that incurs extra costs to send his wife early.

But Big Dog, Bush went to his home when he took time off. Why do you deny Obama that same thing?

I don’t. Obama has a house in Chicago Illinois and that is listed as his residence. If he and the first Klingon want to head to Chicago for vacation they are more than welcome to so long as she waits and travels with him.

Remember, the rules do not apply to the elites so Obama ignores them.

November 2012 cannot come quickly enough.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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Judicial System Costs A Teen Her Life

A Chicago teen, Charinez Jefferson, was murdered by a gang banger who saw her walking with a member of a rival gang. Gang banger Timothy Jones fired shots at the two and his rival ran from the scene leaving Jefferson to fend for herself (what a real man this guy is).

Jones pointed his gun at Jefferson as she begged for her life explaining that she was pregnant. Jones shot her in the head and then pumped more rounds into her body. She died and her unborn child is in critical condition.

The anti gun nuts in this country will blame the weapon for the crime but the weapon was used by a person who should not have had it (criminals do NOT obey the law) and who should have been in jail. Charinez Jefferson was the victim of a liberal judicial system that refuses to incarcerate felons. Jones has a long rap sheet.

A police source said that Jones was a “stick-up man” well known to area police. At the time of the shooting, Jones was serving 2 years of probation for a 2010 burglary conviction, Dillon said. He also has a “lengthy” juvenile record, including convictions for unlawful use of a weapon, possession of a stolen motor vehicle, and burglary. Chicago Tribune

Jones should have been in jail. He was well known to police and had a history of violence, criminal activity and use of weapons. Why was this thug on the street?

He was on the street because of a judicial system that allows judges who live in protected communities to be lenient on people who have shown they are unworthy of freedom.

Charinez Jefferson was murdered and her child is in critical condition because a judge or judges refused to put the animal who eventually murdered her in a cage where he belongs.

And since Chicago has one of the most stringent gun laws in the country, Jefferson and others are not allowed to carry guns for their own protection.

They are prey to people like Jones who refuse to obey the law and who are coddled by the lax judicial system.

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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