Chelsea is Politician Like her parents (and just as phony)

Chelsea Clinton was out at an event when someone asked her about the trip to Bosnia and coming under sniper fire. It is not surprising that she agreed with her mother’s account of what happened despite video evidence to the contrary, because she is supporting her mother.

Her phrasing was interesting though and showed that she is a politician like mommy and daddy. She said:

“Well sir, I think that my mother’s on record as having talked about this and I support what she said. I mean, I was there as well and I’m so honored that I was there.”

She did not answer the question directly so no one can actually say that she said it was true but she did agree with what mommy said on the record. She deflects the question but basically agrees without directly saying it was true.

Notice in the video how she says that she was so honored to be there. Look at how she puts her hand over her heart and moves her shoulders in as an “aw shucks” or phony humility pose and says that she was so honored to be there. You could hear people groan when the question was asked (how dare they question a Clintonista) but they all applauded and fawned all over Chelsea when she gave that phony display.

She was very masterful at turning it around and taking the focus off the original question. She learned from the very best con artists in the business and that apple definitely did not fall far from the tree.

I predict that she will run for office one day. The Clintons are like that hot dog you ate three days ago, it keeps coming back on you and it is never pleasant.


UPDATE: No wonder they pimp her out. Read how she handled another tough question.

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Chelsea, The Pimped Out Spoiled Brat

There are those who believe that Chelsea Clinton is somehow off limits because she is not running for office. I do not happen to be one of them. I believe that if you put your self in front of a crowd and you talk about your feelings or ideas then you are fair game. She is no different than a celebrity who endorses a candidate and campaigns for that person. The celebrity status, in this case the celebrity of being the former first daughter, is supposed to lend some sort of credibility to a campaign which means that what is said or done is open to scrutiny.

This past weekend Hillary Clinton effectively pimped put her daughter over remarks about her daughter being pimped out. Hillary took the opportunity of David Shuster’s pimped out remark to take attention away from the clean sweep Barack Obama made in the four states that held a primary or caucus. It was a classic Clinton move of media manipulation and it allowed the airwaves to be filled with talk of the remark and Hillary’s “ire” rather than the talk of yet more overwhelmingly convincing wins by the Senator from Illinois.

Chelsea Clinton has been sheltered from the limelight as mommy and Bill worked to keep her from being part of American politics, which can be quite ugly. However, the Clintons want it both ways in that they want Chelsea left alone and they want her out in front giving credibility to her mother’s ambitions. Chelsea, who is not being pimped out, had breakfast with a 21 year old college student, who for some strange reason, is a Super Delegate. Chelsea had breakfast with this guy much as a salesperson does in order to gain confidence and create a sale. Much like the salesperson, Chelsea is being pimped out in order to close the deal. One has to wonder how the mommy can get so angry at a pimped out remark and then have her daughter go out with a young college man in order to buy the vote. This guy gets to brag to his friends that he had breakfast with Chelsea Clinton (a big deal to a hormonally challenged young man) and to me that is no different than the young lady who shows attention to a guy in a bar in order to get free drinks.

Today though, we found out that Chelsea is nothing more than a spoiled brat who does not realize just how good she has it. She graduated college and got a $100,000 a year job as a consultant at McKinsey & Company. One of her jobs was to research health care. There is no doubt that the company provides great benefits and that she has health care coverage that is more than adequate. Even if she did not, her parents have an estimated wealth of 25-50 million dollars so, if she could not afford it on her salary, they certainly could. She works for a hedge fund company now and the benefits are certainly just as good and the other benefits seem to be great as well. How many of us could take off from work in order to campaign for one of our parents? Her boss gave her the time off. The fact that her boss is a big Clinton backer (the source of the job) certainly helped her and how did she repay the company?

Today Chelsea said that she was not satisfied with her health care benefits.

“If you have health care and you’re not happy with it — like me who has employer provided health care, but I’m not happy with it — and if you are one of the 100 million who are uninsured at some point throughout the year… you’ll be able to buy into a Congressional health plan.” The Politico

Another source indicates that she actually said; “… you’ll be FORCED UNDER PENALTY OF THE LAW to buy into a Congressional health plan.” [emphasis in original]

Here is a 27 year old woman who attended some of the most prestigious schools and who went to work out of college making six figures. She has always been protected and her parents have enough money to buy her anything she wants. This girl might not have been born with the silver spoon in her mouth but she had one to eat her first solid foods and yet she is not satisfied. She has health care coverage and she does not like it. Aww, poor little rich kid. I am sure there are plenty of people who would just like to have health care coverage. While I disagree with the 47 million as the number of uninsured, I know there are people who would just love to have the benefit package little miss rich kid has, and she is not satisfied.

I also want to know what she means by saying; “If you have health care and you’re not happy with it.” I thought her mother’s plan would leave people who already have health care coverage alone. According to Chelsea, people who are unhappy can ditch their coverage and have the taxpayers foot the bill. Is Chelsea telling us something that is in the works?

Regardless, it is a crying shame that nothing satisfies this spoiled kid. She cannot be happy with what she has and, true to liberal form, she will look to the government to provide the happiness. Now I know there will be the usual band of Clinton apologists who say I am being too rough on the kid and that she is only helping out her mother’s campaign. There might even be a belief that she is happy with what she has but is trying to make a point about her mother’s plan. Some might call that campaigning.

I call it pimping one’s self out.

Those Clintons will stop at nothing. Chelsea insults her employer about the great plan she has. Bill tells us he has always dreamed of being able to vote for a black and a woman for president, and Hillary says that it is good for the party that they have a black and a woman running and that she is happy about it. Anyone who believes any of this should not be allowed to vote.

Sadly though, there are people out there who lack a sufficient quantity of brain matter to see through this and realize what the Clintons really are.

With any luck, these people will lose and slither back under a rock in Arkansas and we will never hear from them again.

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Pimp My Daughter

Bill and Hillary Clinton are upset at a remark made by MSNBC’s David Shuster who said that the Clintons had “pimped out their daughter” by having her call the Super Delegates on her mother’s behalf. Shuster has been suspended from his on-air duties at the network and the Clinton campaign said it does not see how it can have any debates on the network. A debate is scheduled for 26 February.

I know the Clintons have tried to keep their daughter out of the limelight through the years but now they are using her to campaign for Hillary. There is nothing wrong with that and it is only natural for family to help out in campaigns. However, if they are going to put her out there then she is going to be mentioned. I find no problem with what Shuster said because it is accurate. They are pimping their daughter out (I won’t be suspended for that).

Chelsea Clinton has been an untouchable for years and she has gotten much better treatment from the media than the Bush twins have. If she wanted to remain private then she should not be out campaigning for her mother. If you are campaigning for someone you will be open game. Oprah Winfrey has been the object of scorn by women who think she abandoned the feminists by not supporting Hillary. It is going to happen unless they do not put her before the public. It is important to realize that Chelsea would hardly be mentioned if she were not out trying to snag the young vote from the Obama camp.

I just don’t think the “pimping out” remark was a big deal. Certainly we have heard much worse said about people in this campaign and we have most assuredly heard a lot of bad things about the Bush girls.

I also find it disingenuous that the Clintons would get upset over someone saying something in reference to their daughter especially when one stops to consider what Bill Clinton did to another man’s daughter, who by the way, was younger than Chelsea at the time.

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Rule Number 1; Bill Clinton Lies

Rule Number 2, If you ever start to believe him refer to Rule Number 1.

Bill Clinton is in Nevada fresh off his defense of a lawsuit designed to disenfranchise voters and the Clinton campaign attempts to screw the union workers of the union that endorsed her opponent, B. Hussein Obama. Today is caucus day and lo and behold Bill Clinton has witnessed voter suppression first hand. He even has Chelsea to back him up because no one would want to call Web Hubbell’s daughter a liar. Here is what Clinton alleges [from The Politico]:

There is this whole business of the new politics. Well I got a taste of the new politics today. We need a new politics where we all love each other. You’ve heard all that. There’s a radio ad up in the northern part of Nevada telling Republicans that they ought to just register as Democrats for a day so they can beat Hillary and go out and be Republicans next week and vote in the primary. Doesn’t sound like the new politics to me.

Today when my daughter and I were wandering through the hotel, and all these culinary workers were mobbing us telling us they didn’t care what the union told them to do, they were gonna caucus for Hillary.

There was a representative of the organization following along behind us going up to everybody who said that, saying ‘if you’re not gonna vote for our guy were gonna give you a schedule tomorrow so you can’t be there.’ So, is this the new politics? I haven’t seen anything like that in America in 35 years. So I will say it again – they think they’re better than you.

OK, let me be the one to say it, this is BS. Clinton did not witness any such thing and he is lying to try to show there are voter problems so it can cast doubt should Hillary lose. Bill is lying. No, I was not there but he is lying. He would have us believe that a union representative is so stupid that he would say such a thing in Clinton’s presence knowing that Clinton is looking for any reason to cry foul. Bill would have us believe that a union is forcing its employees to all vote for one person or they will be punished despite the fact that the employees can just ask for the day off. Bill would also have us believe that there was a huge crowd of people saying they would defy the union. If the union is as Bill describes it, why would the employees say anything? Wouldn’t they just be quiet and vote how they wished?

Clinton is a pathological liar and he is lying about this whole episode. What amazes me is that he is taking the leadership of a union to task based solely on the fact that it did not endorse Hillary. If they had endorsed Hillary, Bill Clinton would not have personally “witnessed” any of this. He is making it up now to make the union leadership appear to be goons. I wonder why he would do this after all the years that the unions supported him and his wife as well as the rest of the Democrats. Why is Bill now indicating that union leadership is nothing more than a bunch of thugs? He has not called the leaders of the unions that back Hillary thugs and for that matter, neither has Senator Obama. Obama has not called any of the union workers or leadership names or accused them of wrong doing regardless of whom they have endorsed. The Clinton campaign, particularly Bill, is the only entity to cast the unions in a bad light.

This is what happens when you do not play ball the Clinton way. You cross this crime family and they have it out for you. You don’t endorse them or if you disagree with them they are ready to chew you up and spit you out. They are a well oiled mean machine that knows how to use the politics of destruction against anyone who does not march in lock-step to the Clinton cadence. This is why there are so many people who speak on the condition of anonymity when they discuss Hillary. These people are afraid of repercussions from the Clinton Crime Family with Billy the “Don” in the lead and Queen Hillary “the Destroyer” on the warpath. People in politics know how the Clintons can destroy a career and how they can cast doubts about anything anyone does.

Bill Clinton is a liar. I would be happy to inform him of this to his face and let him know that I call BS on him and his lies. Maybe the MSM and the people who are in a love fest with these idiots will not do it but I have no problem. Bill Clinton is a confirmed liar who has proven he will say and do anything to win and to stay out of trouble. He lied to the nation and he lied under oath. He has made a lifelong habit of lying and he cannot be trusted.

Bill, you are a liar. Hillary is Satan.

Big Dog

This should pretty much shut the mouths of the idiots at Kos who say Republicans always cry about voter fraud. Bill Clinton is crying about it FROM HIS OWN PARTY.

One other question, how would Bill feel if the union bosses refused to let workers vote in the Republican Caucus?

Is Chelsea Clinton Hurting the Poor?

Chelsea Clinton works for a hedge fund that was established by friends and supporters of her mother. It is not a stretch to say that the job was a gift to the Clinton family. I don’t begrudge the girl work but I have to ask if she is part of the problem that plagues this country right now?

Chelsea Clinton is taking time off from her job with Avenue Capital Group, a New York hedge fund, to promote the campaign of her mother, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), for the Democratic presidential nomination. The Stanford Daily

John Edwards went after hedge funds and their tax structure but he was associated with one. Hedge funds have been blamed for fueling problems in the sub prime housing markets leading to record foreclosures. Is Chelsea, the daughter of the people’s champion, helping to cause the problems for those who cannot afford their houses?

Another question. Is Chelsea receiving her salary during this time off? If the company is paying her to go around and campaign for her mother, isn’t that a campaign contribution? Is it a violation of FEC rules?