Its Official, Crist Is A Liar

Three weeks ago in a Fox News interview, Charlie Crist of Florida was asked five times if he was going to run as an Independent in the Senate race. Five times Charlie Crist answered “No”. He looked into the camera and said that he was running as a Republican and that he would run as one in the Senate primary.

Today Crist is expected to announce that he will run as an Independent in the Senate race. There is a good chance that he will win because the Democrat is a weak candidate and the voters in that party might decide the only way to get someone who thinks the way they do into the Senate is to vote for Crist.

This departure, especially after five consecutive denials, should cause any Republicans who were considering voting for Crist to reevaluate their positions. He cannot be trusted. How can anyone listen to anything he says or promises and believe that he is telling them the truth?

It is time for conservatives and Republicans in Florida to move over to Marco Rubio, the only real conservative in the race, and leave Crist behind. I would also think that it would be only fair for those who donated to Crist to ask for their money back. He took it when he was running as a Republican and today he will leave the party.

A piece of advice to Mr. Rubio. Get the footage of the interview Crist gave where he said that he would not run as an Independent and make a campaign ad out of it.

Washington DC needs people who are concerned about the country and will work to make it a better place. America does not need self serving people who think only of themselves.

We have enough of them in DC already.

Fox News

Never surrender, never submit.
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