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In case you don’t follow the news, or even if you do, a few stories that caught my eye today:

Mayor Bloomberg is an ass. I’m sorry, I really don’t like to say such things about people, but where do you draw the line? The mayor is spending taxpayer money, money taken at gunpoint, to attempt to force you to not eat salt. I have no problem with him stating his own opinion on salt — but the fact he is taking taxpayer money (MY money) to do it is completely wrong. He should shut up, and mind his own damn business.

Lauren Rymer, of Baltimore, is a whiny, selfish person. Again, I really don’t like calling people out and calling them names, but this is ridiculous. Miss Rymer is saying, “I think I should get my house for free and shouldn’t have to pay for it.” What a selfish person. What about the person whose money she used to buy that home? If she should get a free house, shouldn’t everyone get a free house who wants one? That’s just horribly self-centered.

Does anyone else immediately get the feeling that Nero fiddles while Rome burns? I’m not complaining that Obama is dancing or anything, I’m just getting the idea that America is in serious trouble and instead of doing something about it, Obama’s spending money and ignoring the country.

Why would CAIR file a lawsuit to stop Sharia law in Oklahoma while at the same time claiming it is “a legal impossibility” to implement Sharia law in Oklahoma? Yet again, something about CAIR smells really bad.

The Fed continues to demand that prices increase. I’m not making this up. They are still complaining that inflation is too low and that they WANT prices to increase. Since Wall Street went up, they’re happy. Keep that in mind next time you hear about the fed. They DEMAND things cost more for you.

Finally, if you needed it, another example showing how government is out of control. There is absolutely no way you will ever convince me that any janitor is worth $140,000 a year. But that’s the power of unions and government collusion. This government, I believe, cannot be repaired.


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We Are All Perceived As Security Threats

The uproar over the firing of Juan Williams by NPR continues as more people from both sides of the political spectrum weigh in, in favor of the pundit. While there are extreme views on both sides, the common theme is that NPR was looking for a reason to fire Williams and this was the opening. Other people at NPR had made inflammatory statements in the past and they still work there so this cannot be the sole reason he was dismissed.

Williams was fired about 36 hours after his statements on the FOX News channel and came after pressure from the Muslim group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) which started a campaign to address the issue. CAIR is a group that claims to be for American Islamic relations but has been tied to terrorist organizations and generally works to impose Muslim views on America. Since it is unlikely anyone from NPR knew what Williams said (how many of them watch FOX) the pressure from CAIR was more than likely what drew attention to it and caused the dismissal. CAIR’s initial response was:

‘NPR should address the fact that one of its news analysts seems to believe that all airline passengers who are perceived to be Muslim can legitimately be viewed as security threats,’ CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad said. Daily Mail UK

This might come as a shock to Nihad Awad but Muslims are viewed as a security threat as are all other people who choose to fly. Everyone MUST go through security at the airport and be screened because we are all viewed as a security threat.

One would think that we are no longer viewed as threats once we are screened but this is not the case. People and their possessions are subject to search at any time once past the security checkpoint. There have been too many incidents of attempted terrorist attacks on aircraft by people who successfully made it through security to believe that once people have been screened, we are safe.

Since a huge number of those attempted attacks have been by Muslims it is not unjustified or bigoted for Muslims in full garb (which announces they are Muslims) to be viewed as a security threat.

If little old blue haired ladies were attempting or threatening to blow up planes on a regular basis then Juan Williams would be apprehensive when he saw little old blue haired ladies on his flight.

The difference is, he would not be fired for expressing that feeling and the rest of the liberal echo chamber would agree with him.

How many acts of violence have Tea Party members initiated? None, but they are viewed as dangerous by the left wing in this country and they are routinely disparaged. No one has been fired for calling them names, saying they were dangerous or calling them radical.

But let someone express how he feels with regard to the people from whom most of the terrorists have come and he is fired.

So Nihad Awad orchestrated a campaign to get Williams fired and NPR complied because it helped with what they and George Soros wanted anyway.

But none of this takes away from the fact that Williams was correct in what he said and that what he said was not bigoted. It just helped Soros push his agenda and it allowed CAIR to claim victim status once again.

All of us who fly are considered security threats and that includes the Muslims who are up in arms at the very insinuation.

I think this incident will cause the government to cut funding to NPR. But what about donations? Do you think they will go up or down? Williams might get the last laugh…

And those who travel by air will still maintain vigilance when flying especially on planes with Muslims in full garb.

LA Times

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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Tyson Capitulates; Labor Day Off, Back On

Tyson foods has heard the voices of talk radio and has felt the fury of the countless emails that were sent and the phone calls placed. The union has worked out a deal where Labor Day and Eid will be celebrated this year and then in the future employees will have Labor Day off and receive a personal holiday that may be taken at the employee’s discretion.

This is a reasonable compromise and it allows all employees the day that celebrates workers and it gives a paid day for Muslims to take off for Eid or Jews for Passover or anyone for anything they desire. This was all we wanted, fairness.

Of course, this is not seen as fair to everyone as Ibrahim Hooper of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) said that the company backtracked and this is because of anti Muslim hate filled web sites (like mine, I guess). You see, Hooper does not care about fairness and he does not care if every holiday in America goes away so long as Muslims get what they want. Hooper is a terrorist sympathizer who has been associated with known terrorists and he cares not one bit about America. Ibrahim Hooper is an enemy of this country, the enemy within. He is hell bent on Islam taking over America. Hooper wants the American government to be Islamic and the Koran to be the law of the land. This is why he is upset with Tyson. He does not want fair, he wants Islam to rule.

Regardless, Tyson has taken a decision that is equitable to all concerned, Hooper’s protests not withstanding. The company was able to ensure all its workers were respected. This happened because we, along with many other patriots, made noise (excluding the dhimmis who called us racists). When all is said and done Tyson looked out for its bottom line. They knew that if millions of Americans decided not to buy their products, they would not have to worry about holidays because they would be out of business.

We won this round but we cannot let our guard down. We must continue to hold companies accountable and making sure they uphold American values and tradition. If Ibrahim Hooper does not like that he can pound his Koran where the sun does not shine. It is only good for toilet paper anyway.

Good work gang. I am avoiding Tyson because of their practice of hiring illegals. You all do what your conscience tells you to.

Big Dog

Can America Learn from Israel?

Last week a Palestinian terrorist took a weapon to a Jewish Seminary and started randomly blasting, shooting hundreds of bullets a minute. He killed eight children and could have killed many more if not for the acts of an Israeli man. Yitzhak Dadon, an off duty military officer shot the terrorist twice in the head killing him. Dadon was carrying a weapon like many other Israeli men often do. Lesson number one, an armed citizenry is the best way to protect people from violence. But Big Dog, eight people died. Yes they did and that is tragic but think of how many more might have been killed waiting for the police to show up. Think Virginia Tech and how many people died there because no one had the means to stop the attacker. If one person at VT had a gun the outcome might have been different. However, since VT is a gun free zone the only one with a gun is the killer. Most recent shooting in America have happened in areas designated as gun free. Unfortunately, this uses the same logic that gun control laws use and that is, criminals will somehow obey the law.

Lesson two occurred during the funeral procession when a man stooped down to pick up a piece of paper that was on the ground. The police immediately surrounded him to determine what he was up to. They wanted to make sure he was not getting a gun out of his pant leg or picking up a stone.

They would not comment on why they had stopped Mr Muniyeh. He may have been stooping to pick up a stone, they suggested, or to pull out a firearm. He looked Arab, they concluded. [emphasis mine] Times Online

The police concluded that he looked Arab so they checked him out. Profiling at its best. The Israelis have figured that the people who are trying to kill them are Arabs so they look for people who look like Arabs and check their behavior. In America, we let people in this demographic board a plane without question because the authorities are worried some terrorist organization like CAIR will make a stink. CAIR is very important with regard to the protection of terrorists and since our government lacks the testicular fortitude to smack them down, Middle Eastern men board aircraft unabated while little old ladies get strip searched. Lesson two is very simple; profiling works. Law enforcement does it all the time except to a few select groups who use the status of victim quite well.

All law abiding citizens in the US should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon if they desire. It is a right reaffirmed in the Second Amendment and one that is routinely ignored by the government. Law Enforcement should profile based upon the probability of a particular group committing a crime based upon the incidence of that group actually committing said crimes. It would put the criminals on the defensive and let the little old ladies get on the plane without being harassed.

Perhaps our government should pay a bit more attention to these things because, after all, it’s for the children.

Big Dog

I Don’t Care What Offends CAIR


There is a little bit of flack going on right now because the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has complained to the FBI about some comments made at a few blogs. The blogs in question were Little Green Footballs and Gateway Pundit and evidently a commenter left something that suggested blowing up a minaret being built in St. Louis. The comment was removed when it was discovered but CAIR complained to the FBI and asked that they investigate. Of course, the FBI takes every case of threatened violence seriously, unless those threats are against people who are not Muslims.

I personally do not give a damn if CAIR gets upset. Sure, making a comment about blowing up a structure is over the top but this is America and the person, no matter how deranged, has a right to speak his mind and Charles Johnson had the right to remove the comment. If a person wants to write those things he should do it at his own blog so that others are not affected by it. BTW, the terrible thing Gateway Pundit did was comment on how the call to prayer would go over great in St. Louis. Oh my God, call the FBI. I think it was over the top and I probably would have removed it as well because it could be perceived as a threat. If someone were to say that he wished all Muslims would get struck by lightning and disappear or that he hated all Muslims, or that it would be nice if Iran’s nukes detonated and killed all of them then that would be OK because these cannot be perceived as a threat.

CAIR would object anyway but who gives a damn about them? They are a terrorist organization that supports terrorists. Ibrahim Hooper is an idiot who uses intimidation to stifle opposition to him and his group. He is the SS for the Nazi terrorists who carry out evil deeds in the name of Mohammad, the child molesting prophet. Well screw CAIR. I just don’t give a damn about what bothers them. I don’t care if their poor feelings got hurt because someone does not like them. They are upset because someone said something that might be an indication of violence. Where are these sand fleas when Ahmadinejad calls Jews a bacteria and says that Israel should be wiped off the map?

I will give a damn about what CAIR thinks and says when I am done giving a damn about all the Muslims who make threats to the US, to Israel and to the rest of our allies. I am still a bit busy giving a damn about Muslims blowing up retarded women and killing children, sawing off people’s heads and rioting over cartoons. I am busy giving a damn about Muslims who hijacked planes and flew them into buildings killing 3000 of my countrymen. So as far as CAIR goes my give a damn is a bit overwhelmed to really care what bothers them.

Mohammad child molester

Those low life, cry babies at CAIR should start worrying about why people have a bad impression of Muslims. It is not because the world is full of bigots (most of the bigots are the Muslims anyway) or that we all hate brown people. We have a bad impression because Muslims still act like they are in the stone ages. If they want to worship a child molester that is their business but all this blowing people up and rioting every time someone breaks wind makes a bad impression. Couple that with the realization that most major acts of terror committed in the last 20 years have been by Muslims and CAIR’s complaints ring hollow. They can be upset but screw them.

Start acting like human beings and maybe people will treat you like human beings. As for the FBI, perhaps they should get up off their sixes and investigate CAIR and its ties to terror. Perhaps the FBI should be working to get this group out of this country so we do not have to be subjected to harassment by our government in the name of a terrorist organization.

CAIR is no good and they should not be here. If they don’t like what I have to say, screw them because I just don’t give a damn.

Gates of Vienna
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