Schumer Leaves Door Open For Trump Reversal On DACA

Several weeks ago President Trump indicated that he would sign whatever immigration bill assisting the illegal children (young adults under DACA) Congress sends to him. He said they were to put it together and he would sign it. This caused a lot of angst among his supporters because it sounded like he had given away the store. The Democrats and the establishment Republicans could have put together a horrible bill and Trump, if he kept to his word, would sign it.

Democrats meanwhile, have been holding the budget hostage because of the DACA issue. The very Democrats who said they would never do such a thing when Republicans did it in 2013 (though Obamacare is a budget issue and DACA is not) and those very Democrats who were talking tough on immigration not so long ago (saying all the things they now say are horrible when Republicans say them) are trying to hold the budget hostage over DACA.

Chuck Schumer, the man whose face is what results when the foreskin is removed, has been allegedly negotiating on the budget but he tied DACA to any outcome. Chuck thinks it is his duty to make sure the illegal aliens covered under the unconstitutional Obama Executive Order are cared for and that their needs come above those of the American citizens. He figured the public would back him and his band of merry thieves should a shutdown occur.

On Friday an agreement could not be reached on the budget. More accurately, the continuing resolution. You see, the budget has been ready since September but there are no votes on it because people keep playing games. Since that is the case we have had about five CRs so far. If these cretins were required to vote on the budget AND ONLY the budget we could get that out of the way and then move on to other things like immigration reform.

Instead, Chuck Schumer held the budget hostage by pushing DACA into the equation. Schumer thinks he is in the majority because he basically said here are all the things we want and we will discuss what you want later. Republicans, obviously emboldened by Mr. Trump, stood their ground and said NO. They offered a number of things and then made the promise to vote on DACA as a clean bill. Democrats balked, nothing could be worked out and the government shut down. The Democrats tried calling this the Trump shutdown but their argument was negated when they claimed Trump had been silent during the past week. The Republicans were out in front and called it the #schumershutdown and that spread like wildfire.

Liberal pundits in the media wing of the Democrat party were showing old clips of Democrats (like Schumer) saying the opposite of what they are saying now and asked hard questions about why they shut down the government. Topping this off, Mr. Trump did not close parks and other areas that are open to the public (open space) like the petulant Obama did. People saw that Democrats were putting the needs of illegal aliens over the needs of American Citizens and they were not happy. It also stuck to Democrats that they placed illegals ahead of the men and women in our military.

I guess ole Schumer must have seen some polling that he did not like because he was running around like his ass was on fire and his head was catching to get a deal. He gave in to the original deal that he had declined not three days prior and a few other items (some Obamacare tax items) were thrown in to sweeten it for Republicans all for a promise to have the DACA issue wrapped up by February 8th. The government was shut down for three days. In reality it was a half of a regular workday by the time employees went to work to sign furlough papers and shut down their offices.

Schumer had even promised that he would put in 1.6 Billion Dollars toward the wall. His base went bat guano crazy and the illegals and their front groups were madder than all get out. Their trend of sell out Schumer must have hurt ole Chuck’s ego. He has since reneged on his promise of 1.6 billion dollars. He seems to think, as I stated, that he is in charge. What I see is a man who got his rear end handed to him as he got it from both sides and since he ended up so butt hurt he took his football and went home.

Here is what should happen going forward. The Turtle, Mitch McConnell, should exercise the nuclear option and bring up the budget for the entire year (working with the House of course) and force a vote on the budget. He can find whatever parliamentary tricks will allow him to do it with 51 votes. Once that is done he can Tell Schumer he promised (actually said he intended to) to have a vote on DACA so they can introduce legislation and have their vote after McConnell ensures his caucus will vote against it. Donald Trump, meantime, can threaten to veto any DACA immigration bill that comes to him and when Schumer complains about Trump changing his mind he can be reminded that he reneged on his 1.6 billion dollar pledge.

Schumer has left the door wide open for Donald Trump to veto or otherwise reject anything he wants.

We could actually have an immigration bill. It could find a way to re-vet the DACA folks here, get rid of those who are criminals (beyond the criminality of entering illegally), limit the program to only those who previously signed up, let them stay here on some special DACA card (has to be renewed every 3 years) but bar them from becoming citizens for 25 years, deny them any public welfare or other benefits and make them have continued monitoring so if they break the law they will be jailed and/or deported. Also add on to the bill that any other person found here who had not previously signed up for DACA will be deported. Tighten up our immigration laws to allow quicker deportation and mandatory use of e-verify and top that off with funding for the wall. One more provision that reduces the number of immigrants we will allow from other countries by the number of DACA vetted and issued guest cards each year until those on the roster are completely in the system and we have ourselves one fine bill.

Again, use whatever parliamentary procedures will allow them to pass it with 51 votes, make sure the House is on board and boom, we have immigration reform, funding for a wall and a muzzle on Democrats.

The question is, will Republicans get tough. They were pretty tough last week during the budget battle but will they really be tough? They need to meet with President Trump and develop a plan to run roughshod over the Democrats.

Lord knows Harry Reid was a low life weasel but he knew how to work the system to exact his will on the opposition. We need McConnell to read from that playbook…


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Random Thoughts About Current Events

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh was given special power by the State legislature when it passed legislation taking away the governor’s discretion for legal action and giving it directly to the AG. This was done in order to allow Frosh to sue Trump over his immigration Executive Order. The EO was perfectly legal and Constitutional but liberals like Frosh are not keen on following the law or the Constitution (the Supreme Law of the land and coincidentally, the state of Maryland) as evidence by Frosh and his cronies in Annapolis with regard to gun control. These cretins disregard the constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms and don’t bat an eye. In any event, Frosh took to his new powers so he could sue the Trump Administration.

Now AG Frosh is begging the federal government not to decapitate Obamacare subsidies in the next budget (or continuing resolution as the case may be) because it will take away a lot of federal money that goes to drug addiction treatment. I don’t think Republicans in Congress, and President Trump in particular, would keep funding just for lil ole Brian Frosh and his concerns BUT perhaps Frosh should have thought about the consequences before he sued the President over a perfectly legal Executive Order. If it actually came down to should we or shouldn’t we because of Maryland do you think President Trump would be more or less likely to capitulate?

That also brings us to the real insanity. Why should a state have to beg the federal government for funding? States generate a lot of money. Even states that have no income or sales taxes generate income. Why should those states send all this money to the federal government only to beg for it later on? States should be responsible for their own existence and the federal government should only be involved in things that it is supposed to be involved in under the Constitution. If this actually happened we could shrink the size of the federal government and states would be more sovereign.

But Frosh and his ilk would rather get on their knees (a familiar position) and beg for money. Screw them. Cut every dollar that goes for Obamacare.

Speaking of Obamacare subsidies it looks like the Democrats in Congress are demanding that the budget or CR contain an extension of Obamacare subsidies. You see, Obamacare is failing and the Democrats want to pump more money into it so they are claiming there will be no budget if it does not get included. These morons will always threaten a shutdown if they do not get what they want. Even when they are the minority party they act like they are in charge.

To complicate matters further President Trump wants money for a border wall included in the budget. Democrats (including a liberal moron I work with) say “I thought the Mexicans were going to pay for it”. They will but we need up front money at first and yes, there are plenty of ways to make them pay.

The way I see it the Republicans, the ones supposed to be the majority, should take out Obamacare money and add border wall money and tell Democrats that they must take it or leave it. If all Republicans vote for it and Democrats do not then it will be they who are responsible for the shutdown of government. Perhaps Republicans can use parliamentary tricks to get it passed. Maybe they can introduce the border wall and Obamacare monies in separate standalone bills and they can all vote on them separately. No matter what, now is not the time to compromise with these morons.

Before anyone (particularly anyone from Congress) tells me how urgent this is and how we are almost out of time let me remind you that these pukes have been on vacation for two weeks. They got back last night and today and they now have three days to get a budget. If it was so damned important or so urgent they should have stayed in town and gotten it done. Short on time is no excuse for them not doing what they said they would do.

Looks like there is opposition to a border wall now (by the same Democrats who voted for one in the early part of this century). My how times have changed because we have a person in office who is actually working to get the wall. Voting for one when there is never any intention of building one or when the can can be kicked down the road is different than actually doing it.

President Trump is working to get a wall built. Those who claim we can’t do it use Google and search Great Wall of China or Berlin Wall. Those should show it can be done. We have illegals in this country and they are sucking up valuable resources. They take welfare and other things like healthcare (which Obama said they would not – You Lie!) and they are a menace to society. You will not read this in many places because the MSM calls them immigrants and always leaves the word ILLEGAL out of the equation. This is a deliberate attempt to make it seem normal to be here illegally.

It is not.

In California the morons there have special driver’s licenses for ILLEGAL immigrants and now those illegals claim they are worried the feds will use the database to deport those here illegally. The government SHOULD use that database to get rid of people here illegally. Just because California is breaking the law does not mean the feds should ignore it. The state assures illegals they will not turn over that information to the feds. I imagine a subpoena for it would do the trick. In any event, if you are here illegally you are breaking the law and if you are found and deported then that is YOUR problem.

Illegal immigration is down since Donald Trump took office. Now it is time to build a wall and clean up the rest of the illegal immigration mess.

It is unfortunate that we have so many liberals running around mucking thinks up. I do like seeing morons like Frosh begging after spitting in the face of the President. I also like how Democrats warn of poison pills and upsetting the budget process only a few short years after their take it or leave it approach to governing.

Screw them. Go for broke and go for it all and if they do not vote for it make sure the public knows that Democrats refused to vote for the budget.

On a side note I bet if government does shutdown (unlikely because they will pass a short CR to keep working things out) the President will not close things that are self-funding or unmanned like the petulant one Obama did.

Oregon Live

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Not The Constitution Guy

Michael Bastasch wrote about Bill Nye the Science Guy and how he misquoted the Constitution this past Saturday (and has evidently done that before) with regard to science. Bastasch says this is why they do not call Nye the Constitution Guy.

What did Nye say? At a rally for science on Saturday (a rally where people showed up to protest cuts to the federal budget in some of the science areas like the bogus man made global warming) Nye quoted only part of the Constitution to give the impression that the federal government had some Constitutional duty to provide funds for science. Nye made this claim:

“And it is interesting to note, I think, that Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution refers to the progress of science and the useful arts”.

Which mirrored what he said in a 2015 Vox interview:

“Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution says the government shall ‘promote the progress of science and useful arts’”.

There is one small problem here and that is Nye is not giving the entire phrase from the Constitution. Article 1 Section 8 lists eighteen things Congress is authorized to do and among those is:

“To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.”

This power deals with copyrights and patents. It allows for the granting of these things for limited duration (though successive limited grants were not deemed unconstitutional) in order to promote the sciences and the arts. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say the taxpayer (which is where federal money comes from) is supposed to PAY for the sciences or the arts.

Our nation spends a boatload of money on many things not authorized by the Constitution. If we do not get a handle on this then the people marching in the rain in DC for the government not to cut taxpayer funding of the sciences will not have to worry. There won’t be money for anything at all.

Liberals are good at leaving out parts of the Constitution. Like Nye did with the sciences and the arts, liberals always leave out the second part of the Establishment Clause. The part of the First Amendment that states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, is often used by liberals to claim that nowhere in government (or in most of society it seems) is religion allowed and they do this while conveniently leaving out the second part of the clause that reads, “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. They do this because they are infringing on your right to freely exercise YOUR religion. Liberals are good at ignoring the things that do not fit their point of view.

I know that people who live off government or are not responsible have no concept of how things are supposed to work. The reality is these folks want others to pay for things through the forced taking of their money.

It is a crying shame that people are not bright enough to see what is happening. I know there will be screams to tax the rich but the rich pay most of the taxes now. If you took all the money that all the rich people had you could run our government for three months but then you would not get any more money because you took it all. Government (and by that I mean the politicians and the people who suckle at the teat of government) has an insatiable appetite for the money of others. Record amounts of money come in and government spends even more.

Bill Nye is a big government person and by misquoting the Constitution a guy who alleges to teach people in fact misleads them and causes them to be ignorant.

Bastasch is right. There is a reason they do not call Bill Nye the Constitution Guy.

The shame is there are countless politicians and citizens who fit that bill as well.

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The Child In The White House

I don’t mean either of Obama’s daughters who probably act more mature than their father. No, Barack Obama is a child. He acts like a child and his antics are more comparable to a sixth grader than the leader of the free world.

Obama was in Michigan and he discussed the Republican budget. In his expression of displeasure over the plan he called it a “stinkburger” and a “meanwich”. Obama was in a local deli earlier so I guess he was trying to be funny.

What he actually did was show he is childish.

The budget is no laughing matter. We are over 17 trillion dollars in debt with over 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities and the Republicans (who have some of the blame for the mess) are trying to pass a budget that will bring down the debt.

But to Obama, a dyed in the wool big government socialist, that is not good. The budget stinks and is mean because it cuts spending and reforms outdated and out of control programs. It also reforms the tax code giving us two tax brackets while lowering corporate taxes.

These kinds of things do not sit well with Obama because he does not understand how an economy works. He has never signed the front of a paycheck.

Instead of offering constructive criticism he resorted to childish word games worthy of a kid at recess. Is this truly the best America can do?

I understand that he was speaking to people who support him and most of them could not pour water out of a bucket if the directions were written on the bottom but his words reach the world and those who heard them had to be scratching their heads.

Obama has shown he is not up to the task of leading. Russian leader Putin made Obama his play toy and the world senses a weaker America all thanks to the testicle free mom jean wearing child running the show.

Obamacare is a disaster with a net of about 1 million people signing up and actually paying (6 million were cancelled so the net is about 1 million) and it is a huge drain on the economy. Obama and his progressives have indicated they will run from Obamacare and focus on the economy and jobs.

They have been saying that this is their focus since he was immaculated. The economy is still in the dump and despite the trillions Obama has thrown at it we are (regardless of the phony numbers) no better off than we were when he took office.

Obama showed his true inner child with his remarks. Now it is time for him to sit in the corner and let the adults handle the country.

But give him some bubble wrap to keep him occupied.

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Kick The Can Down The Road

The budget impasse seems to be nearing an end, at least for now, as an alleged bipartisan agreement has been reached to fund the government for a few months and to raise the debt limit for a few more. Democrats have no sense of fiscal responsibility and Republicans have no spine so we ended up with a deal that allows them to kick the can down the road for a few more months.

The world will sigh with relief as it proclaims that America averted a disaster by not defaulting. Of course this is a false narrative because there is no chance of default. We take in enough money each month to pay the interest on the debt and as long as we pay that we will not default. The reality is they would have to cut from other places and the most likely places, given Obama’s history of deliberately causing harm, would be Social Security and Veteran’s programs. Since the leeches on welfare are threatening to riot if their food stamps are cut off Obama can’t afford to cheese off the base.

The reality of the situation is the Democrats orchestrated the shutdown in order to position themselves to win the House back in 2014. They need to have control for Obama’s last two years so they can inflict maximum damage to the nation. They are pushing us closer and closer to another civil war and they need total control of government to do that.

Republicans, actually some conservatives, took a principled stance to get spending under control and to reign in or eliminate Obamacare. In 2010 Republicans took control of the House based on promises to do everything they possibly could to get rid of Obamacare because it is bad for the nation, was forced on us against a huge majority of people who disliked it then and dislike it now and because it is a violation of our freedom.

When push came to shove many of those Republicans who promised to do everything they could to get rid of Obamacare backed down. They violated the trust the American people placed in them when they promised to do so if we would only elect them. Most of them are spineless cowards who are only concerned with keeping their jobs.

Sure, they took a number of votes to get rid of it but when they had the chance to hold the debt ceiling over the heads of the liberal commies they folded. Liberals will now get what they want and will spend like there is no tomorrow. I predict that they will hit the ceiling again before the next deadline limit but even if we don’t reach that ceiling we will once again be in the same place as before.

Word is out that there is a provision in this newest bill to make it harder to use the debt ceiling to influence policy. It is reported that Congress will have to vote NOT to raise the ceiling and if they don’t it will automatically go up. Keep in mind that this is what they did with their pay raises.

They don’t vote NOT to get one and it is automatic. How many times have they voted not to get a pay raise?

We will now have no limit, no hammer, and no weapon to use to keep the government from out of control spending.

Those who think the world was going to end because we hit some arbitrary ceiling are going to be in for a rude awakening when this nation is no longer able to borrow money to pay the bills. Over 50% of the budget is for social welfare programs and we do not take in enough money to sustain the current rate of spending. The Democrats want to raise taxes to cover the spending and if they gain control of the House they will do just that.

Obama has been a failure. His regime has hastened the demise of this great nation. Plans for a post apocalyptic America need to be replaced with plans for a post Obama America.

If we even have a nation by then.

Soon patriots will need to have a say in all of this. Once government loses control, and it is nearly there now, patriots will step in to fill the void. The veteran march on DC demonstrated that people who risk their lives for this nation are not afraid of a few baton twirling cops. They were not afraid to walk up to the White House and dump Obama’s gates in front of the place.

They will not be afraid to do what is necessary to regain the nation our Founders gave us.

God help us.

We are going to need it.

In the mean time, prepare for another showdown in December, just before the holidays and during the shopping season. Prepare for another intense debate with warnings of dire circumstances and then prepare for the low life members of Congress and the Bozo in the White House to pass some spending bill that does what they all want so they can slap each other on the ass, pour a few drinks and laugh at us.

God bless America.

She needs it now more than ever because the enemy is within.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
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