Is Republican Protecting HIS Special Interest

North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes is a wealthy man whose family fortune comes from ownership of a textile plant that manufactures Cannon towels and sheets. He is entitled to spend his wealth any way he sees fit but when he uses his wealth and influence to affect people in a state thousands of miles away then there is a problem.

The Pebble Mine Project is near Bristol Bay in Alaska and that project would provide jobs to many people, assist the area’s depressed economy and provide for this nation’s energy needs.

There is one problem. Hayes likes to vacation in the area some 65 miles or so from the project site. He spends time at a luxury lodge that costs thousands of dollars a week (more than the per capita annual income in the area per the article). Hayes likes to spend time at Brian Kraft’s Alaska Sportsman’s lodges where he is able to fish for the week.

Yes, Hayes is working with the EPA to keep the Pebble Mine Project from moving forward in a state that he has nothing to do with except he likes to vacation there.

Isn’t this similar to Ted Kennedy liking wind turbines but not near his home because they would block his view?

It is not unusual for people to put their desires above those of others and this is particularly true of wealthy people (especially if they are liberals) but when their desires affect the livelihood of people and the needs of the country then there is a problem.

If Hayes is involved because of his vacation spot then he would be better suited as chair of the Democrat Party in North Carolina.

There is no indication that he is involved because he vacations there but anyone with brains can read between the lines.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog