Hard Day For Weiner

Looks like the Weiner had a hard day today. Anthony Weiner, DEMOCRAT, Congressman from New York held a press conference today and the result was that the coverup is worse than the crime. Perhaps he is not familiar with Watergate. In any event, for those who do not know, here are the brief points. Last Friday a Tweet went out from Anthony Weiner and it showed him in his underwear with a bulge displayed. Weiner stated that his account had been hacked and instead of calling for a criminal investigation, he enlisted the services of a lawyer.

For a week, Weiner has maintained that someone accessed his account and played a prank because of his name. He said he did not know if the picture was of him (it was, the thing was pointing to the left).

Andrew Breitbart published the photo and evidence began to emerge that it was likely Weiner who posted the picture though he still held firm to his hacked story.

Then, a person sent pictures to Breitbart and said they were from Weiner. Breitbart has been publishing the less risque ones throughout the day. Breitbart claims to have an X-Rated picture that he has no intention of publishing (thank you).

Now back to the press conference. After a week of denials and attacks on Breitbart (with claims he was the hacker) and after a week of the left wing blogosphere defending Weiner, he admitted today that he was the one who sent the original photo. Weiner went further in saying that there were other pictures out there and that though most of them were sent before he was married, some were sent after. He stated that he would not resign and that it was up to his constituents to decide if he should stay in office (though I think Democrat leadership might have something to say about it).

Weiner was not as gracious toward Mark Foley when his scandal broke and neither was Nancy Pelosi who, though silent now, was all over the affront to women everywhere when Foley was caught in his sex scandal. The reality is, if Weiner were a Republican he would be getting bashed by the political left and their writers in the Main Stream Media. These people would be going nonstop until he resigned.

But Weiner is a Democrat and Democrats don’t have problems with sex scandals and lewd behavior so long as it is their fellow Democrats involved. When Republicans are involved their righteous indignation fills the air.

There are people who I have no problem watching while they are having problems like this. Weiner is not one of them. I do not care for him or his politics but I felt sorry for him while he was giving his press conference. I think I have more compassion for him than he showed toward Foley but in the world of politics things are different.

I think resignation is something he has to decide but I would like him held to the same standard as he and his fellow Democrats have held Republicans to. If it was all about the culture of corruption when Foley was on the hot seat then it should be nothing less with Weiner. His fellow Democrats should go after him with the same vigor they pursued Foley.

But that, of course, is wishful thinking. Weiner will be treated more like Barney Frank and Bill Clinton and less like Foley because he is a Democrat.

And the sad thing is he will probably (if he is still around) get reelected. At least he will offer some stiff competition.

The coverup was much worse than the crime. If he had come forward and said he sent a prank photo to someone and it was inadvertently sent to all of twitter but he took it down when he realized then he would have been the subject of ridicule for a few days and something else would occupy the thoughts of people around the country, Instead, he lied about it and blamed it on some unknown hacker and then he allowed his minions to go after Breitbart, who happened to be 100% right the entire time.

Now that he has brought this upon himself there will be a lot more photos that emerge as more folks come out of the woodwork and if some of those photos are vulgar then he is toast. Let’s face it, Breitbart might not publish the vulgar ones but someone will.

And the sad thing is that there were people defending him all last week and some of them will continue to make him the victim…

**LATE BREAKING: Pelosi will call for ethics probe (funny word there) to determine if Weiner used government resources. Decision on future will be up to him and constituents. He really backed her into a corner on this one…

Real Clear Politics
NBC New York
CBS New York
Radar Online

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The Constitution Is Written In English

The liberal genius (I know, like a certain fat man in a red suit, they do not exist) named Ezra Klein is having a bit of trouble. Klein, the person who started JournoList and is a contributor to liberal outlets, was on MSNBC during a discussion about the Constitution. The discussion was about the new Republican controlled House planning on having the Constitution read aloud to the House body. Klein does not think that this will be productive because he thinks the “Constitution has no binding power on anything” and is “confusing because it’s over 100 years old.”

The age of the Constitution is more than twice what Klein stated but what is a hundred years or so among liberals?

The Constitution is the document that outlines our government. It is the governing document of this nation and it is what we base our laws on. I would say that this means it absolutely has binding power (but if not, can we ignore Klein’s First Amendment right to say such stupid things and silence him). This, for Klein’s benefit, is why the Constitutionality of laws is debated in our system of government and why we have a Supreme Court. That body decides if a law is Constitutional and thus, has any binding power.

I also can’t figure out why it is so confusing. It is written in ENGLISH. Might be difficult for immigrants who do not have the common sourtesy to learn our language but for the ENGLISH speaking among us, it should pose no problem.

Sure, there are words that had different meanings then but we have dictionaries from then and scholars versed in such things to tell us how the words were used. Better yet, we have the writings of the men who actually wrote the Constitution and those writings explain what they did and what they meant.

The Second Amendment is easy to understand if one reads the words of the people who wrote it. Those words describe what they meant so it is easy to see how it applies.

The confusion for liberal morons like Klein is that they do not take the time and effort to research these things and, more importantly in their case, they do not want to know what was meant. These people prefer to think of the Constitution as a living document that can be interpreted in different ways for different times.

This is not what the Founders had in mind. They were brilliant in designing a system that could be changed should something no longer be appropriate or if new situations arise that could not have possibly been imagined over 200 years ago.

But to Klein the Constitution is confusing because it is more than 100 years old. Perhaps this is why liberals have trouble understanding the Bible. It is a lot more than 200 years old and was translated from Hebrew. To be fair to Klein who is Jewish, perhaps he has trouble with the Torah for the same reason…

Under Klein’s premise, can we scrap laws that are more than 100 years old? The Sixteenth Amendment (allowing them to tax our income) will be 100 years old in 2013. Can we scrap it as too confusing? Then again, the tax laws are confusing so maybe he is on to something.

Oh wait, no the Constitution is clear about it but politicians have muddied the waters with intrusive rules.

In any event, it looks like we should start weeding out anything that was written more than 100 years ago because those things would be too confusing for morons like Klein.

Then again, liberals might like that because they have been able to rewrite history and if we scrap the stuff Klein considers confusing then we will be left with liberal myth.

Just as liberals like it.

No, I think we should keep what we have and reform the educational system instead.

If our founding document, written in ENGLISH, is too much for a college educated guy like Klein the obviously the educational system has failed.

Which would explain why Obama, Pelosi, Reid and many other politicians of all stripes have trouble with the Constitution.

Ezra Klein, if you happen across this blog post it was written in 2010 and in English. You should have no trouble understanding that I think you are a moron.

Isn’t if strange that the Constitution is never confusing when liberals use it to justify things that are not even in it (like abortion) or to twist parts to fit an agenda (like individual mandates)?


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Where Is Pelosi To Denounce This?

Nancy Pelosi was all weepy one day discussing the terrible rhetoric that she hears and stated that she has heard it in the past and it led to violence. Of course, the violence she was talking about was the murder of Harvey Milk and George Moscone in San Francisco. The murderer, Dan White, was a Democrat and it was over a political dispute involving White’s job.

So Pelosi made this big deal in order to marginalize those opposed to the current administration’s actions. These TEA Party members are some violent folks, you know.

Except at every TEA Party event, there have been no confirmed reports of violence involving them. Some of the TEA Party members have been attacked by the other side but the members themselves have not resorted to violence even though the left is provoking them in hopes of making them turn violent.

Since this is obviously not working, the left has resorted to manufacturing violence. At the ceremony where members of the Congressional Black Caucus walked arm in arm to the Capitol several claimed they were spat upon and that they were called the N word. There is no evidence that these incidents took place. So far no video has surfaced to show that it happened. If that evidence existed we would have seen it non stop on the MSM. Olberman would loop it and play it for the entirety of his show.

It did not happen. Andrew Breitbart however, is offering a cash reward (now up to $100,000) for video evidence that it did. I think his money is safe.

So this gets play in the MSM but once calls for evidence go out they have nothing. What next? Take a small number of calls threatening violence and couple them with a few acts of vandalism and blame them on the TEA Party and right wingers. There is no way of knowing who did this, only speculation. The very left that calls people Islamophobes for saying that a Muslim was involved in a bombing incident are quick to indict the right for acts that could have been done by anyone.

If black lawmakers will invent a racist story to advance the party line then it is not beyond reason that the left was involved in these incidents in order to pin the blame on the right.

Make no mistake, the people who committed the vandalism and who made the threats need to be found and dealt with appropriately. But let’s find them and determine ideology before we make claims. Even then, the nut jobs involved are the only ones responsible.

For real violence, Andrew Breitbart tells of Harry Reid supporters who threw eggs at the TEA Party express bus and threatened him with harm. Since we must apply the same standard, I will need some evidence that this happened so if anyone has video, please post it. [See update below]

We do know that the left is engaged in many acts of violence and vandalism. They slash tires, break windows (sometimes their own party’s), and bite off fingers.

Sometimes they even have members of the New Black Panther Party stand outside polling places with nightsticks intimidating voters.

But the violence claim is aimed (is aimed a word that incites violence) at TEA Party members who have been peaceful.

This is by design because they know they are in trouble and need to marginalize the opposition if they hope to avoid a bloodbath in November.

Let’s keep our powder dry (oops, another phrase linked to violence) and focus on our agenda. Don’t be goaded into violence.

This is what they want.

And the last thing we want to do is give them what they want.

UPDATE: I asked for it and I got it. The video that shows eggs hitting the TEA Party bus, a guy holding an egg and a moron saying it was TEA Party people who threw the eggs is now available. There is also a man threatening Andrew Breitbart, he says that if Breitbart does not leave “I am going to jail today.” So it looks like Breitbart backed up his claims with video. Can the Congressional Black Caucus do the same with regard to the alleged racist remarks and spitting directed at them?

Video 1
Video 2

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The Politics Of Race And Deceit

This past weekend thousands of Americans descended on Capitol Hill to oppose the health care takeover. They were peaceful and conducted themselves properly. There were, however, accusations of racial and homophobic slurs directed at certain players in the health care game.

Several black members locked arms and walked to the Capitol. It appeared as if they were trying to give the impression that this was like the Civil Rights fight where blacks walked arm in arm through a sea of white people on the way to the promised land. That is a false impression and the people there were not there because of anything that had to do with race.

Several of the black members then claimed to have been spit upon and called the N word. As Andrew Breitbart points out, no video and audio evidence of this has been presented and no one in the area turned their heads in the direction of the alleged slurs. One would think that shouting the N word would get some reaction.

It would appear as if the situation was fabricated. What? Honest politicians (an oxymoron) telling lies about what was said. Yes. The Democrats will say, do and allege anything in order to marginalize the TEA Party movement and others opposed to the health care takeover. Until some type of real evidence appears, this is a fabricated story.

Breitbart is offering $10,000 for such evidence. Since some folks in the group of black politicians walking arm in arm were filming, the evidence should be readily available.

After the vote took place and Obama signed the bill into law, some lawmakers received voice mails and emails laced with profanity. Only a few were what could be classified as threats. Most were people cussing out their elected officials. Given the pass potty mouth Joe Biden was given, no one should get in trouble if their only “offense” was using bad language. Those who communicated threats should be dealt with appropriately.

The funny thing, which Evan Coyne Maloney points out, is that the Democrats were the ones using such methods and openly called for them. It was the left that organized a bus trip to the homes of AIG employees to harass and threaten them for receiving bonuses. It was Obama who claimed to be the only one between them and pitchforks.

In the past, it was Obama who told his followers to get in “their faces” and that if they brought a knife he would bring a gun.

The left has used intimidation and threats to get its way and Obama has led the way in this effort. It is the Chicago way and Obama is a thug politician from Chicago.

Now these poor Democrats are crying because they have been cussed out.

Make no mistake. This is all part of a plan to marginalize the people opposed to the radical agenda of the left. This is pure Saul Alinsky and it is designed to ensure the left can continue to run roughshod over the country.

So here is some advice to the left. Buck up and put on a cup. Grow a set and man up a bit. So some people cussed at you, big deal. So people are threatening to run you out of office on a rail, big deal. Unless you have a real threat then crawl back under your rocks because we do not want to hear you whine about your employers exercising their First Amendment rights.

Folks, it is time to take the fight to them. Ignore their whining and ignore their games. They are trying to marginalize the opposition and they are trying to provoke us to violence so they can come down hard on us.

Don’t let the junior Alinskys have their way.

Fight back and fight back hard. Work to get them out of office.

Make the bastards pay.

Oops, was that a threat? Screw them if it was.

Never surrender, never submit.

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