Hillary; Tired at 11pm, Ready at 3am?

Hillary Clinton lied to America at least three times about being under sniper fire on a trip to Bosnia. When a pesky video of the trip showed a casual visit without the slightest hint of sniper fire or any other dangers, Hillary was forced to change course and she did so by suggesting that she had misspoken and that she was tired. Her husband, former president Bill Clinton, reopened that painful incident by mentioning it and then lying about the lie. He stated that Hillary was tired after a long day and that she made a mistake at 11 pm. Her lie occurred in the morning, not the night.

Bill is out talking about Obama’s smoke and mirrors campaign and how the older voters would be too smart to fall for Obama and would gravitate to Hillary. Bill spent part of the time trying to ensure his legacy was left intact by comparing his years in office with those of George Bush. Bill wants us to think that his eight years were full of peace and prosperity while the Bush years have been full of war and economic disaster. Of course these claims require a willing suspension of disbelief, but the Clintons are great at rewriting history. In any event, Bill is counting on senior citizens to elect his wife when he recently said that they would be forgetful people (as is his wife):

Last week, however, Clinton seemed to suggest that older voters might be more absent-minded than wise. Defending Hillary Clinton’s faulty recollection of landing under sniper fire during a 1996 humanitarian visit to Bosnia, the former president said of her critics, “When they’re 60, they’ll forget something when they’re tired at 11 o’clock at night, too.” Boston.com

I know that when people get older they sometimes have trouble remembering things. But this is Hillary Clinton we are talking about. Forgetting for a moment that she spoke in the morning and not at night (thus making Bill’s claims a lie), what does it say about Hillary if she is tired at 11 pm? For any other person we might say that it is not unusual but Hillary has already told us in one of her ads that she is ready to answer the phone at 3 am.

If Hillary is too tired at 11 pm and that is why she misspoke then how is she fit to answer that phone at 3 am? How will she be fresh and ready to answer the call without misspeaking or taking the wrong decisions? It would appear as if Hillary lied once again because in her commercial she is all dressed, make-up and jewelery in place and answering a phone to handle an emergency while the rest of us sleep under the blanket of protection she provides. However, in reality she and her husband have both admitted that she poops out by 11 pm and is not capable of competent thought at that time of night.

Her excuse for her lie contradicts the claims she made in the campaign ad. Bill and Hillary are used to having it both ways but during this campaign those two are yesterday’s news and people are much more critical. The MSM and the Democrats are only loyal to the moment and this moment belongs to Obama. The former Clinton supporters have jumped ship because there is a new kid in town. This means that the Clintons get tough scrutiny and in this case the lies keep getting exposed.

The Clintons can no longer have it both ways so either she was tired or she is ready to go at 3 am. I think she was tired and is not ready to go at any time. I also think her fatigue had nothing to do with what she said because it was a deliberate lie as was Bill’s assertion that she made the statement near midnight when she actually said it in the morning (and several other times in the past).

Maybe Obama can come up with an ad that says “It is 11 pm and there is an emergency. Do you want a tired old woman answering that phone and misspeaking us into a disaster?”

The Clintons are under a stronger microscope at this time. If Americans had paid this much attention when he ran for office the first time we would have never had the abomination that was his presidency. I hope America is smart enough not to make the same mistake twice.

Then again, Obama would be a worse disaster than either Clinton.

No matter what happens, we are so screwed…

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Chelsea is Politician Like her parents (and just as phony)

Chelsea Clinton was out at an event when someone asked her about the trip to Bosnia and coming under sniper fire. It is not surprising that she agreed with her mother’s account of what happened despite video evidence to the contrary, because she is supporting her mother.

Her phrasing was interesting though and showed that she is a politician like mommy and daddy. She said:

“Well sir, I think that my mother’s on record as having talked about this and I support what she said. I mean, I was there as well and I’m so honored that I was there.”

She did not answer the question directly so no one can actually say that she said it was true but she did agree with what mommy said on the record. She deflects the question but basically agrees without directly saying it was true.

Notice in the video how she says that she was so honored to be there. Look at how she puts her hand over her heart and moves her shoulders in as an “aw shucks” or phony humility pose and says that she was so honored to be there. You could hear people groan when the question was asked (how dare they question a Clintonista) but they all applauded and fawned all over Chelsea when she gave that phony display.

She was very masterful at turning it around and taking the focus off the original question. She learned from the very best con artists in the business and that apple definitely did not fall far from the tree.

I predict that she will run for office one day. The Clintons are like that hot dog you ate three days ago, it keeps coming back on you and it is never pleasant.


UPDATE: No wonder they pimp her out. Read how she handled another tough question.

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Despite Campaign Claims Hillary Lied About Bosnia

The Clinton campaign is in damage control mode because the queen herself has been caught in a big lie. Hillary discusses a trip she and her daughter went on accompanied by Cheryl Crow and Sinbad. She said they were shot at by snipers and that they had to run to awaiting cars. The biggest problem with all this is that it is fabricated. Sinbad recalls no such thing and there is video footage of Chelsea and the queen walking across the tarmac smiling and waving. Hillary lied to people about the experience and her campaign is now saying that she misspoke. Some advisers are saying that it is hard to remember all the details when there have been so many trips and it was so long ago. Bull crap! If you are shot at you will never forget it. If you have to take evasive maneuvers you will never forget it. If your child is in that kind of danger you will never forget it. Hillary Clinton lied and that is the plain truth.

Interestingly, the media is just now picking up on this as if Hillary only said it for the first time. Clinton has been telling this story for some time. Howard Wolfson says that Clinton has told the story many times but misspoke this once. Once again I must say bull crap! I wrote about this in December of last year and Newsday.com had the story which described her harrowing experience. I knew Hillary was lying then just as I know she is lying now.

They will say anything to get elected. Hillary is a liar and she got caught. The thing is, she believes that since she is a Clinton all she has to do is change the story and it will be OK. After all, that is what she and her lying husband did for years. Their supporters are a bunch of mush for brains liberals who do not have the ability to see through them. Most Clinton supporters would stand in line to do to Bill what Monica did and they would proudly boast about it.

The problem now is that Obama has a pretty big following and the media is in love with the guy. Clinton stock has been falling faster than Bill’s pants in a Hooters and she is not able to get away with some of the same crap as she did before. Bill is not even looked at as favorably as he once was. One can only hope that this campaign is the end of their prominence and we will not have to see them anymore. Of course, I hope they do not depart before the Democratic Party is destroyed by its primary.

Say it with me Clinton followers. “Hillary lied. Hillary lied. Hillary lied.” Now, read this aloud a few times; “I am wee Todd.”

Nothing new to the rest of us but you folks have been a little dense. Some still are as evidenced by how they are lying to help her out of this mess.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely feel as if Hillary is the one in that relationship who would confront danger. Bill showed what he was made of when it came time to serve in the military. Hillary might hate the armed forces but she knows how to mix it up when she does not get her way. In any event, she flat out lied about her Bosnia mission.

If she had been shot at don’t you think we would have heard about it then?

If Bill had not attacked Bosnia without UN permission (unilaterally is how the left puts it) Hillary and Chelsea might not have been there in the first place. It is also interesting to note that Hillary said if it was too dangerous for the president they sent her. He visited there before she did…

What took the tired old media so long to get into this story?

UPDATE: Here is a You Tube video from CBS that debunks what Hillary said.

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