What Does The B In EBT Mean?

It appears, from the recent news, that the B in the Electronic Benefits Card actually stands for Bar, Booze or Booty because quite a few EBT cards are being used at bars, strip clubs and liquor stores. But, but, these folks can’t use those cards for such things because the cards are for essentials like food, formula and diapers.

Well that would be the case if we only issued the cards to people who were in need. If we issued them to the truly needy to meet their essential needs and not to people who have it quite good and have learned to game the system then we might have something that works.

Instead, we issue these cards to people who have figured out how to get cash with them and then use the cash to buy items that are not allowed. We issue them to people who drive nice cars, have smart phones, wear the nicest clothing, have jewelry that is top notch and who have wads of cash probably from jobs that are paid under the table so as to keep those benefits coming.

I have been to the store and witnessed people using the EBT card for food (really nice and expensive food) and then pulling out a wad of cash to buy a carton of smokes. I am not talking a few twenty dollar bills I am talking a wad of cash that would put a drug dealer to shame. These folks (and I see them often, not rarely as some would suggest when claiming there is no problem) then go out and get into a very expensive car to take all their free goodies home.

I realize there are plenty of people who might have these nice things and an EBT because they are foster parents and the money is for the children under their care. I have no problem with that and am sure I could tell the difference. The folks I see are gaming the system as they have been taught to by generations of welfare and generations of liberal policies that take from one group and give to another thus enslaving those folks to their masters in government.

These folks become dependable voters because they will vote for the people who promise them more “free” stuff.

Barack Obama and his minions will scream about raising taxes on the rich and claim that spending is not the issue but the reality is that we have billions and billions of dollars in waste because government is inept and can’t keep track of these things. Government is not interested in finding this waste because it likes people being subservient to it. This is why the government wants to take our firearms, to enslave all of us and not just the welfare class of low information voters who feel they are “entitled” to what they get.

We need to go through each and every case and decide if the people on welfare should actually be. We need to check and if they have suspicious EBT use. We need to get a list of their assets and see if they have expensive stuff. If so then they do not need welfare.

People with actual needs would continue to get welfare as would those who care for foster children. They are the folks these programs were designed to help and we need to make sure they are the only ones that get the help.

Before you liberals scream that the elderly is the biggest class of people on welfare because of Social Security or Medicare keep in mind that while these programs need to be reformed to exclude those who should not be getting those benefits, those who paid in really are entitled. They paid for this on a promise the government would use the money to care for them. If government had not spent the money on other things there would be plenty of it to pay those who receive the benefits. Well, there would be if we got rid of those who scam the two systems with phony claims for disability and other such things the system was never designed to pay for.

In any event, we need reform of everything and we need it now. No debt ceiling increase, no tax increases and lots of spending cuts.


How long before those of us paying taxes stop sending you the money? We had excessive taxation and attempts at gun confiscation in the past. The result was the birth of the USA.

What will the next result be?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog