Yes Virginia, There Is A Grinch

The State of Virginia decided to elect ultra liberal Terry McAuliffe as its governor and the blame for this can be placed on the liberals up north in the state. These are the people who moved from DC and Maryland to escape the ruin of liberals only to fight for the things they left behind (and thus bringing ruin to their new digs).

McCauliffe is beholden to the anti gun crowd and Michael Bloomberg because of the money that poured in to get him elected. So now Terry is working to restrict gun owners.

Terry wants to reinstate the one handgun a month purchase limit that previously existed though there is no data to show that such a measure would provide any enhancement to public safety. There has not been a gun problem since the limit was removed. The only thing that happened is that Virginians had more freedom.

Terry also wants to have vendors at private gun shows run background checks and for the state to revoke the concealed carry permit of any parent who is delinquent in child support payments (which is not a violent crime by the way).

Fortunately, Virginia has a Republican controlled legislature so these measures will likely die a well deserved death.

But Terry has to try because he is in bed with the anti gun crowd.

Maybe the Virginia Legislature can remove funding for the armed guards who protect McAullife.

If he hates guns so much he certainly should not be forced to have armed guards walking all around him.

Remember, liberals are not anti their guns they are anti your guns. The elitists want their guns and armed guards so they have a fighting chance when the products of their liberal philosophies attack.

They want you, on the other hand, to be defenseless. That is another way for them to force people to depend on government.

And they know it will keep you from having the means to fight their tyranny.

Fight back Virginia. Don’t let this liberal puke take your rights away.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Sweet! Judge Invalidates Bloomberg Soda Ban

It came down to the wire. Tomorrow many businesses in New York City would have been required to stop selling large sized sugary drinks under rules from Nanny Bloomberg. A judge invalidated the law. It appears as if there is no problem with banning sugar but the implementation and penalties were all over the place.

In any event, the ban is not in place as of right now. This is a good thing and the only thing that would make it better would be for a judge to rule that it is none of government’s business what size sugary drink one consumes.

Bloomberg believes it is government’s business and that it has the right to tell a free people what and how much (of a legal substance) they may consume. This is an overreach because it is none of government’s business.

Of course, when people decide that government is responsible for health care then government can make the claim it can regulate what you do if it affects your health.

Free people can eat and drink what they want. If they get sick or die then that is on them. If insurance is a problem then charge them more for coverage if they are unhealthy. But they need to make sure that they are charging more for people who are higher risk and not just because they consume things that government or insurance companies do not like. There are plenty of healthy and active people who eat and drink what they want.

As an aside, ever notice government does not crack down on the size of containers that alcohol comes in? Perhaps it is because most of the politicians are boozers. No matter how you look at it a bunch of quart bottles of beer are much more harmful than the same amount of soda.

Back on point. Bloomberg has been running roughshod over New York for a while now and the sheeple there seem to bend over and take it without much of a fight.

Sure, some businesses found ways around the ban (like having customers add their own sugar to large coffees, etc) but that does not solve the problem of government overreach. Certainly government would eventually pass laws to address those methods of skirting the law…

Many other businesses spent quite a bit of money getting rid of stock that would be unlawful and in buying new glasses that met the new standard.

Those businesses should now sue the city for the costs they incurred because of the nanny state overreach.

Bloomberg is an idiot who needs to mind his own business. Free people can take their own decisions. We do not need morons in government telling us how to live our lives.

New York made a big mistake electing this buffoon. They made a bigger mistake by taking his abuse with little fight.

Give them an inch and they will take a mile and Bloomberg has taken many miles…

Funny, Bloomberg says it is not a ban but portion control. New York had a portion control with term limits on mayors. Bloomberg did not like that so he had it changed so he could run again. The portion controls put in place by the people were not to his liking but then again, he is a liberal elitist…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



Bloomberg Is What They Had In Mind

Reporter Jason Mattera approached New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the governor’s conference in DC and asked him if he would disarm his security guards in the spirit of gun control. Bloomberg responded that he would get back to Mattera on that. His five armed guards worked to keep Mattera away from the Mayor and were not too happy about the questions. It seemed the question about why Bloomberg has armed guards when he wants to deny others the right to protect themselves struck a raw nerve.

As Bloomberg was whisked away by some of his detail one of the New York police officers who protect him approached Mattera and asked for ID. Mattera provided his press credentials and the officer asked for his driver’s license. Mattera told the officer he did not need that but the officer explained he needed to make sure the name on the press credentials matched the person presenting them. I am not sure if this officer had any authority in DC to make such a request. In any event, Mattera showed his driver’s license and the officer started to write down information until Mattera said something about him doing so.

This was nothing more than an attempt at intimidating Mattera. It was an attempt to make Mattera feel threatened and to let him know they were going to investigate him. Why else would the officer need to write anything down? Do you suppose he would have asked Chris Matthews for ID?

The officer followed Mattera around DC and asked him his date of birth (more intimidation) to which Mattera responded that it was none of his business.

Mattera had it absolutely right. Here is Bloomberg, in our Nation’s Capital, and he is surrounded by at least five armed guards. Why is he any more important than the people of DC or New York? Why is it the taxpayers of New York foot the bill to protect this jerk when he is bound and determined to deny those people the right to protect themselves? He has no problem taking their money and spending it on his own protection (when he is a billionaire to boot) but will not let them have guns to protect themselves. If they don’t need guns then he does not need armed guards, period.

Michael Bloomberg is the kind of politician our Founders had in mind when they protected our right to keep and bear arms in the Second Amendment. The right preexisted the Constitution and the Amendment does not give us the right, it acknowledges that it existed prior to the Constitution and protects it.

Any politician who tries to disarm American citizens is a traitor and should be treated as such. These are the kinds of people our Founders were wary of because they will usurp the Constitution and then abuse the people. Governments have disarmed people around the world and then murdered lots and lots of them. In fact, governments around the world have murdered more of their own people than any citizens ever have.

When people are armed sometimes mass shootings occur. When they are disarmed genocide occurs.

I have added Bloomberg to my terror watch list. He joins Barack Obama and Martin O’Malley (among many others) on a list of people who are represent threats to the Constitution.

Mattera showed what happens when the elitist traitors are confronted about their hypocrisy.

Mattera had better watch his back of he might end up Breitbarted.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



Motor City Madman Upsets The Regime And The SS

Ted Nugent had some things to say during a meeting with Second Amendment patriots and it did not sit well with the Secret Service. Ted was discussing the current regime and he said that if Obama were reelected then he [Ted] would be dead or in jail this time next year. Ted also indicated that if a coyote was in your house urinating on your furniture it was not the coyote’s fault but yours for not shooting it. He even stated that we needed to cut their heads off at the voting booth in November.

I imagine the remark about being responsible for not shooting the coyote drew the attention of the Secret Service. Those among us who are able to think know that Ted was not speaking of literally shooting anyone and the comments are obviously metaphorical but the Secret Service can never be too careful when investigating the safety of the one they are supposed to be protecting.

You see, they ensure that Obama is safe. They are well armed and they are ready to use deadly force to protect him and they will even go so far as to investigate the words of a conservative who utters words they dislike (liberals who make similar statements are free from scrutiny). The Secret Service will investigate this non threat because they are there to do what Obama would deny the rest of us and that would be the ability to have protection.

Obama is a gun grabber and if he gets a second term he will work very hard to take our guns away. That is not speculation, it is a fact. We the People are not, in the eyes of a liberal, worthy of the same protection that liberals assure for themselves.

Bloomberg, Schumer, Pelosi, Reid and many other people in government who want to restrict or remove our Second Amendment right have armed guards protecting them.

This is hypocrisy. Real patriots do not need armed guards. What we need is for government to stop trampling our rights and let us protect ourselves.

Those rights, by the way, include the right to free speech that Nugent was exercising.

The Secret Service has better things to do like perhaps looking for real threats of the terrorists who slip into this country and who would love to hurt our leaders.

They should also be working on clearing up the bills they incurred for all the hookers in Columbia.

Perhaps the real threat is the one of those who are assigned to protect Obama and allowed themselves to be compromised.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Quick News Hits

In case you don’t follow the news, or even if you do, a few stories that caught my eye today:

Mayor Bloomberg is an ass. I’m sorry, I really don’t like to say such things about people, but where do you draw the line? The mayor is spending taxpayer money, money taken at gunpoint, to attempt to force you to not eat salt. I have no problem with him stating his own opinion on salt — but the fact he is taking taxpayer money (MY money) to do it is completely wrong. He should shut up, and mind his own damn business.

Lauren Rymer, of Baltimore, is a whiny, selfish person. Again, I really don’t like calling people out and calling them names, but this is ridiculous. Miss Rymer is saying, “I think I should get my house for free and shouldn’t have to pay for it.” What a selfish person. What about the person whose money she used to buy that home? If she should get a free house, shouldn’t everyone get a free house who wants one? That’s just horribly self-centered.

Does anyone else immediately get the feeling that Nero fiddles while Rome burns? I’m not complaining that Obama is dancing or anything, I’m just getting the idea that America is in serious trouble and instead of doing something about it, Obama’s spending money and ignoring the country.

Why would CAIR file a lawsuit to stop Sharia law in Oklahoma while at the same time claiming it is “a legal impossibility” to implement Sharia law in Oklahoma? Yet again, something about CAIR smells really bad.

The Fed continues to demand that prices increase. I’m not making this up. They are still complaining that inflation is too low and that they WANT prices to increase. Since Wall Street went up, they’re happy. Keep that in mind next time you hear about the fed. They DEMAND things cost more for you.

Finally, if you needed it, another example showing how government is out of control. There is absolutely no way you will ever convince me that any janitor is worth $140,000 a year. But that’s the power of unions and government collusion. This government, I believe, cannot be repaired.


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