The Shine Is Off Hope And Change

Barack Obama was elected by the moron class (with a bit of help from election fraud) and he promised that he would transform America. He told us that his campaign was about Hope and Change. He bragged about how the oceans would recede and how things would be better.

There are many folks who still believe all of this bunk but many of those who were initially fooled have awakened. Perhaps it is the fact they are still struggling or are still unemployed. Maybe they have been able to see past the smoke and mirrors and understand that things are as bad as or worse than when Hope and Change took office.

Maryland is a 2:1 Democrat to Republican state and it has been run by Democrats for a very long time. One Republican governor (a moderate to say the least) served about 12 years ago but he was steamrolled by the Democrat controlled legislature. One would think that any Democrat running in Maryland would have an easy time of it.

Evidently Anthony Brown, the current Lieutenant Governor (and candidate for governor), thinks things will be a bit tough on Election Day. He was supposed to run away in the race but Larry Hogan is giving him a tough challenge.

So much so that Brown brought in the toxic Barack Obama to campaign for him. Brown must feel confident that Obama will help rather than harm him otherwise Obama would not have been invited. If Brown thought he had a commanding lead would he really risk any potential backlash from an Obama appearance?

Obama was in Maryland yesterday and it looks like things did not go as planned. During his speech a number of people got up and left.

Yes, it appears as if some of the faithful have awakened and now realize that Obama is a failure.

Then again, the Ravens were in town so perhaps folks had better things to do, like watch something successful like the Ravens Team.

Tony Brown should be sent packing. He is an oath breaker and a disgrace to the office he holds and the military uniform he wears (he is a reservist who is very misleading about his service).

Send him packing…

Tony spelled backwards is Y Not. Why Not send him to the unemployment line in November and help Maryland get on the path to real prosperity.

As an aside, doesn’t Obama look sickly?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Hey Nevada, Thank Harry Reid

Harry Reid, the criminal Senator from Nevada, pushed hard for Obamacare. He was busy ensuring his labor union buddies in the casino world got their breaks and they ensured union employees went out to vote to keep ole Harry in the Senate. Obamacare is wonderful Harry tells us.

Well it looks like it will not be so wonderful for tens of thousands of people in Nevada as their premiums are set to go up between 35 and 120 percent. The younger folks will be hit hardest as their premiums rise by a huge amount in order to pay for the others getting subsidized health care. Insurance companies cannot stay in business if they do not have enough money coming in and the young, healthy crowd is the cash cow in the equation.

Local insurance brokers are reporting spikes ranging from 35 percent to 120 percent on policies that renew from July to December. The increases are especially acute among employers with workforces made up of younger, healthier men. That’s because Obamacare prohibits offering lower rates to healthier groups. It also narrows the allowed premium gap between older and younger enrollees. Las Vegas Review Journal

People will definitely have sticker shock. All the mush filled heads who voted for Barack Obama and Harry Reid will get just what they deserve. Unfortunately, so will many who opposed them and their madness.

Harry and his Democrats know that bad things will happen which is why Obama keeps delaying and changing things in Obamacare. He is trying to make sure the bad things do not happen until after the election in November. He and his minions (particularly those in vulnerable seats) are hoping that they can delay the pain until they are safely in their seats for another term (six years for Senators and two for Representatives).

Don’t be fooled people. You are going to feel the pain at some point. no matter how many times they delay the pain will eventually catch you.

Some of the expensive renewals will be mailed out prior to November so people will be hopping mad come Election Day. Look for Reid and the Democrats to do everything they can to prevent that from happening.

Please do not be gullible. If they delay the notifications until after the election the price increase will still come. It matters not when you find out, you will still get the same bad news.

Hold them accountable and vote every Democrat out of office. Send a strong message that they were wrong and that you are making them pay.

You folks who voted for them in the past and begged for government health care actually deserve to get screwed over badly but the rest of us should not be punished for your stupidity.

So let’s replace the tyrants with people who will do a better job and who will listen to the people.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Shouldn’t Obama Embrace The Boston Bomber?

Barack Obama has a place in his heart for domestic terrorists. He is friends with Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn both of whom were part of the Weather Underground. That group was a bunch of terrorists who bombed buildings in the United States and was responsible for several deaths.

Obama started his political career in Ayers’ home and worked with him as well. Though Obama describes Ayers as some guy in the neighborhood there is no doubt their relationship is much more than that. In fact, there is speculation that Ayers actually wrote one of Obama’s books.

Barack Obama has no problem associating and befriending a domestic terrorist who, by the way, is not in jail (and never served time) because of a technicality.

Why wouldn’t Obama embrace the two bombers in Boston? Why wouldn’t he have affection for the one who remains above the ground?

He seems to have affection for that kind of person.

I imagine if Obama actually had any experience getting his hands dirty (not politically but with actual dirt) he would have felt right at home building bombs with Bill and Bernadine, had he been old enough to participate.

The death of Americans means nothing to Obama. Benghazi put that issue to rest.

If Bill Ayers had a son he would look like the Boston Bombers…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



Biden To Put On NRA Show

No, not a gun show which would likely be sold out with long lines. Joe Biden was put in charge of solving the gun violence crisis and he has been meeting with groups that favor some kind of restrictive gun control on the gun owners who have done absolutely NOTHING wrong. <a href="Biden will now meet with representatives of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Make no mistake; the die has already been cast. Biden knows exactly what he will present to Obama because he was given the mandate along with the assignment. The meetings, particularly with the NRA, are designed to give the appearance that the Obama regime considered all options and opinions. They want to push through their unconstitutional gun grab while telling everyone they talked to a lot of groups, for and against, and this is what they wanted.

Biden, who once famously said that Barack had better not come for his Beretta in an effort to give weight to then candidate Obama’s claims that he would NOT come after your guns, is now working fast and furiously to take our guns away.

For you liberals and other Obama supporters, this means they both lied. Obama assured people that he would not try to take their firearms and Biden told us we could trust the guy. Now they are doing what they said they would not and this makes it a lie.

The people from the NRA will be able to present a very detailed account of what the Constitution says and what the Founders said about individuals keeping and bearing arms. They need to do this because Obama, Biden, and the rest of the gun grabbers have no clue or are deliberately ignoring the Constitution. Regardless, this will fall on deaf ears because Biden already has his marching orders and he thinks he is the smartest man alive (he is a moron).

It matters not what Obama and Biden come up with because it is unlikely any proposed legislation would make it very far in Congress. Besides, no matter what they pass real Americans will ignore any gun grab and will find other ways to arm themselves because gun laws do not keep people from getting guns. No law stops people who have decided not to follow it.

Case in point, by law Congress must pass a budget every year. The House has passed one every year but the Senate has not. It has been more than 1300 days since a budget was passed. This is by design because the first Obama budget was bloated and provided the baseline for all continuing resolutions, should a budget not get passed. In any event, the fact that there is a law that requires a budget has not forced Harry Reid, a Senator who has sworn to uphold the law, to pass one.

No gun law will keep people from getting guns. This has been the case all along as there are over 20,000 gun laws in this nation yet criminals keep getting guns illegally and using them to commit crime. Hell, it is against the law to murder people with or without a gun.

The only thing Obama will do if he passes any kind of gun control is make a whole lot of new “criminals” whose only crime will be to have followed the Constitution.

People will not be disarmed no matter what Piers Morgan, Barack Obama, Joe Biden or any other lying statist does or says. We will not give up our God given right to keep and bear arms.

In other words, if you want them Molon labe, if you are feeling froggy that is…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



Paul Ryan Already Draws Hate Fire From The Left

The news began to leak out last last evening and early this morning it was confirmed that Mitt Romney had selected Paul Ryan to be his running mate in the upcoming save America election. Ryan has some baggage with regard to his conservative credentials but he is fairly solid and brings a lot to the table. Despite a few issues he will bring a lot of conservatives back into the tent.

Ryan and Obama are not quite pals and it is probably still fresh in Obama’s mind that Ryan eviscerated him during the discussion over Obamacare.

Ryan has worked up a budget and it contains some tough cuts to popular programs but those cuts are needed. Liberals portray it as an end to Medicare and Social Security but that is a stretch. In fact, coming from Democrats you know it is a lie.

I think Ryan will do a fine job. He has a sound business mind and a great grasp of economics not to mention he has far more business and government experience than Obama had when the country immaculated him. I know Ryan is not running against Obama but the claim from the left in 2008 (and some on the right) was that Palin did not have the experience to step in should McCain not be able to complete his term (which it looks like he would have). Palin had more experience than Obama so I expect to see the ads claiming Ryan is not ready to step in. In fact, there is already one article making that claim. It is a bunch of bunk (where was this person when Obama was running) so I expect more to come.

The Twitter world was ablaze with condemnation from the left and there were wishes that Ryan would die young like his father and grandfather (even if that happened he would have been out of office for 5 years assuming two terms). Kos pointed out that Ryan is white. I wonder why it is that the people who claim they are the champions of minorities and non racist are always the first to notice color.

Ryan is white, OK. So is Joe Biden but no one screamed about that. So was Al Gore but then again Bill Clinton was our first black president so I guess that was OK.

I guess Kos wanted people to think of Republicans as the party of the white guy but that falls short. The left is full of racists who will play the color game at every opportunity. Even black folks on the left play it. Allen West was portrayed in an ad with every stereotype of a black man you could think of and the NAACP reviewed it and claimed it was not racist. If that had been a conservative ad with Obama being stereotyped the NAACP would have lost its mind.

But I digress.

Democrats are playing games and attacking Ryan but they would be wise to worry. He is no pushover and I think he will wipe the floor with Biden when they debate.

The field is now set for the election and this will be brutal. Obama promised that he would not use attack ads and that he was a different kind of politician. We know that is a lie and we know he will use Chicago thuggery and do everything he can to win.

Obama needs four more years to complete his dismantling of the country. He needs more time to see the dreams of his real father fulfilled. He needs time to help George Soros destroy this great nation. Obama, as he said to the Russians, will have more flexibility if he gets a second term. He will finish the destruction that he started in 2009.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are determined to keep that from happening. The left is vile and the attacks will be vicious but that will not stop us from achieving victory.

It is November or never for America and Romney and Ryan know that as do all sane people.

We will stop Obama and the Socialists from ruining this nation.

Energy is on our side, now we need to be vigilant because the Dems are going to cheat.

Not on my watch people, not on my watch.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog