California Taxpayers Fund Welfare Casino Visits

California is in financial trouble and that is an understatement. The state is near bankruptcy and has no viable plan for reducing debt and getting back on sound financial ground. Generous pension plans, unions and out of control spending as well as a welfare mentality has led this state to the precipice of insolvency.

Welfare should be for those who absolutely need a helping hand, or a hand up as opposed to a hand out. It should be sufficient to help people get on their feet and it should be short in duration. The longer people are on welfare the less likely they are to actually go out and make their own money. This leads to generational welfare where the entitlement mentality is passed from one generation the the next.

One would think that people who receive benefits because of the generosity of taxpayers (as if taxpayers actually have a say) would be responsible as to how the money is spent but that is just a pipe dream. Those who receive something for nothing usually care little about how they get “their checks” as long as they get them.

The aftermath of Katrina demonstrated the welfare entitlement mentality as the federal government issued $5000 ATM cards so that people could get necessities and make it during the turmoil. Instead of taking care of their families, many folks used the money to buy alcohol, tobacco products and other non necessities. Some folks spent the money are bars and strip clubs.

Why not? After all, it is free money…

California is experiencing the same issue with its welfare program. At least 1.8 million taxpayer welfare dollars were withdrawn from casino ATM machines. While one can argue that there is no evidence that the money was spent in the casinos a thinking person would have to ask why use the casino ATM when there are plenty of ATM machines around?

Welfare recipients used taxpayer money to gamble, that is the only conclusion that can be reached and while $1.8 million is a small amount of money when compared to California’s entire welfare expenditures, it is a substantial misuse of the money and puts a huge burden on an insolvent system.

The fraud is also not the only that is in the system. How many people use the welfare money to buy booze or cigarettes? Elaborate scams have been developed by welfare recipients and unscrupulous business people to circumvent the system and allow taxpayer provided money to be used for things that are not permitted by law.

Taxpayers in California should be outraged at the fraud in the system and should demand change. Governor Schwarzenegger has put a halt to use of welfare cards in casinos but this will not prevent people who can get cash for the cards from getting the cash and going to the casinos anyway (or from participating in the myriad of fraud schemes that run rampant in such a system).

The state needs to reevaluate the situation of every person on welfare and tighten up on those who should not be in the system or are abusing it. People should sign a contract when entering welfare so that they are clear on what is allowed and what the penalties will be if they defraud the system. Start by removing illegal aliens from the system and working to get them deported.

In addition, people who can work should be forced to get a job. If a job is advertised and they are able to do it (NO MATTER WHAT IT IS) they should be forced to take it. If they get fired or quit they are ineligible for welfare. People on welfare should be randomly tested for drug use and if they test positive they should be removed from the program. People who use welfare money for alcohol, tobacco, or gambling (and this is not an all inclusive list) should be removed and prosecuted. All fraud should be prosecuted in order to foster an environment of fear. People on welfare should fear being caught doing something wrong.

In addition, business people who assist in defrauding the system must be prosecuted. If workers in a business devise a scheme to defraud then they must serve mandatory jail time. If business owners are knowingly part of the scheme they should have their business licenses revoked and their businesses seized and sold to pay restitution. Obviously, they should serve jail time.

Continually rewarding people with “free” money makes them less willing to work and more willing to devise schemes to keep that money coming. They lose the desire to work for something and to contribute to society. Ignoring the illegal things that take place in the welfare system helps to foster this attitude and further degrades the system. It also makes it much tougher for people who actually need welfare assistance.

One more thing that should be considered. California should require people on welfare to work for the money. Obviously there are some people who will not be able (the truly disabled) but most will be able to participate. The state has plenty of roads and parks that need to be cleaned of litter. There are plenty of housing projects and parks that need the grass cut. There is a lot that can be done to earn the money from taxpayers and it is time we forced welfare recipients to do something to earn the money.

Sitting on the couch watching Jerry Springer or Oprah while waiting to squirt out another entitlement baby is not productive work.

And California is not the only state that should be doing these things.

Imagine how much money could have been saved if welfare recipients were required to shovel all the snow from this past winter’s brutal storms…

If we make welfare an uncomfortable way of life fewer people will be willing to go on it.

Who knows, maybe they can get a job at one of the casinos…

LA Times
The Desert Sun

Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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Maryland Senate Hit List

Today the Maryland Senate voted for the largest tax hike in state history. This tax hike is unnecessary and is being done during an unnecessary special session so Governor O’Malley can start collecting taxes for a budget problem in a budget that has not been developed as yet because the current Maryland budget is balanced and expires in July 2008.

The whole idea is to get it done and enacted now so they can begin to collect taxes right at that big shopping time known as Christmas. It is also important for O’Malley to get a bunch of money to pay off all the unions and other special interest groups that he owes for their support in the last election. Today the bill passed the Maryland Senate and it goes to the House tomorrow. The bill, which they claimed would only hurt rich people (as if that is OK and it was a lie) has now been turned into a monster that will affect everyone even more so than the original plan. I personally hope it bankrupts some businesses that supported O’Malley and that the poorer folks who voted for him have to eat cat food this winter so they can heat their homes. Call me heartless but the only way to teach stupid people is for their mistakes to be painful to them.

The 24-23 vote had no Republicans voting in favor of the increase and only those Democrats the leadership let vote to no to make it close. These are the Democrats who voted to take money out of the pockets of Maryland families to pay off political debt, to cook up more social programs and to give college education and health care to ILLEGALS:

  • Gwendolyn Britt (Prince George’s County)
  • Joan Carter Conway (Baltimore City)
  • Ulysses Currie (Prince George’s County)
  • Nathaniel Exum (Prince George’s County)
  • Jennie Forehand (Montgomery County)
  • Brian Frosh (Montgomery)
  • Robert Garagiola (Montgomery County)
  • Lisa Gladden ( Baltimore City)
  • Verna Jones (Baltimore City)
  • Edward Kasemeyer (Baltimore and Howard Counties)
  • Delores Kelley (Baltimore County)
  • Nancy King (Montgomery)
  • Michael Lenett (Montgomery County)
  • Richard Madaleno (Montgomery County)
  • Nathaniel McFadden (Baltimore City)
  • Thomas Middleton (Charles County)
  • Thomas ‘Mike’ Miller (Calvert and Prince George’s County)
  • C. Anthony Muse (Prince George’s County)
  • Douglas J.J. Peters (Prince George’s County)
  • Paul Pinsky (Prince George’s County)
  • Catherine Pugh (Baltimore City)
  • Jamie Raskin (Montgomery County)
  • James Robey (Howard County)
  • James Rosapepe (Prince George’s and Anne Arundel Counties)

This is the official hit list and everyone of these slugs needs to be removed from office in the next election. They must be held accountable for ignoring the huge majority of Marylanders who were against this tax hike. They must pay for failing to realize that they work for their constituents and not the special interest groups. If one of these people is your Senator and you do not vote for his opponent then you are telling him it is OK to bend you over and have his way with you.

As for you cretins who voted for Martin O’Malley, I hope you feel the pain of this like you have never felt it before. He promised to solve the electric bill problem and you got a 75% increase that he could not stop despite his promise to do so. Now he is raising taxes and despite what he says it is going to affect every person in this state. What you buy, your home, your gas, your barber, and you name it because it will all be taxed and you will have to pay it. This winter you might have to decide between heat and food. I hope that the tax increase puts you in the depths of despair and that the taxes make it impossible for you to make ends meet. You deserve this for voting for him when you were warned he was going to do this. You deserve this pain so that you might learn.

For those of you rich libs in Montgomery County, I hope your businesses dry up and blow away. I hope you have to pay so much in taxes it makes your eyes bleed. I hope the tax increase in your over priced country club county hurts like a hot saber being slowly inserted into your heart only I hope the pain does not stop. I heard you all on the news crying about how these taxes are going to affect you and that you did not like it. Too bad. You voted for this jackass governor when he told you he was going to raise taxes.

Bet you didn’t think he meant largest tax increase in state history did you?

He sure fooled you, huh? BOHICA*

Big Dog

*Bend Over, Here It Comes Again