Sometimes Pain Is The Best Teacher

Sometimes people only learn when their mistake causes them some discomfort. Pick up a hot lid from a pot and you quickly learn that you should check or use a pot holder.

It seems that this might be the best approach for liberal run cities that have been in steady decline from decades of liberal “leadership”. Baltimore is one such city but there are plenty of others. Charm City, as Baltimore is known, is a cesspool of crime and liberal failure on display each and every day. Oh there are a few things that shine to be sure but even the sparkle of those things begins to fade as liberal ideology eventually ruins all that it touches.

Baltimore was once a thriving city but decades of liberalism and the dependents produced by that ideology have obliterated all sense of normalcy and forced it into an animal kingdom where thugs prey upon those whose circumstances will not allow them to leave.

Baltimore celebrated its 100th murder by firearm before the month of April came to a close. A city that has bought into the liberal idea of gun bans, needle exchanges, blame and victim status for its dependents had 100 gun murders in 4 months in a city that is part of a liberal state that has strict gun control. This is not supposed to happen. People are supposed to be enslaved on the liberal plantation and do what they are told so they can get their meal cards, their welfare checks and their free cell phones.

The city and its liberal leadership can’t figure out what is going on. The mayor says there are too many guns not even considering that the guns are not the problem and what she and her city has is too many CRIMINALS. I would wager a paycheck that the people murdered in Baltimore, the 100, were not murdered by people with legally owned firearms. These people were not murdered by others who have a clean criminal record or who have never interacted with the criminal justice system.

But to the hapless mayor the problem is too many guns.

The mayor ignores that the city spat in the face of its police force when its previous mayor gave a stand down order and allowed rioters to destroy the city (this led to her political demise) after the death of a career criminal while in police custody and the malicious prosecution of six officers by the State’s Attorney for Baltimore. All six cases were ruled in the officer’s favor. There are questions in my mind about some of the events leading to the death of that career criminal but no matter what happened the city handled it poorly. It was handled so poorly the State National Guard had to be activated to get things in order.

Now the new mayor, upset about the increased number of murders and clueless as to their cause, wants the federal government to help. She wants the Federal Bureau of Investigation to assist in keeping order in Baltimore and has been in talks with the Baltimore field office.

Since when does a city mayor communicate with the federal government for assistance? The city communicates with the state and the state communicates with the feds. That is how things should work. The mayor has bypassed the normal channel and ignored resources the state might have to get help from the federal government, the very federal government that is run by a man the mayor and her liberal colleagues cannot stand.

By the way, it is worth noting that Baltimore, in addition to being a Petri dish where welfare dependents are grown and released to suckle at the teat of government in return for votes every four years, is also a sanctuary city. The city ignores federal immigration law, turns a blind eye to illegal immigrants and then expects the federal government to come in and help with the problems.

Hell, I think the city has directed its prosecutors to take care in what they pursue if there is a chance the person is illegal because it might mean deportation. Let me interpret; ignore the petty lawbreakers and their crimes so they do not get deported. Yes folks, this is how stupid the liberals are but they do have some nerve.

It takes a lot of it to ask for help solving the problems you caused from people who you do not like and who you will not cooperate with.

I am sure this should all go through the state but the Trump Administration, if it decides to help and let the FBI assist, should force the city to cooperate with immigration laws. It should force the city to get rid of the sanctuary policies and start working to get the illegals out.

If the city declines then it can clean up its own mess which might be the best thing anyway. If the city is forced to deal with the pain of its policies perhaps those liberals will learn from that pain.

Who am I kidding? I am sure they can continue to blame too many guns as people continue to die, police officers continue to depart and citizens fortunate enough to escape do just that.

Because, you know, in liberal reality their policies are not the problem and all they ever need is a little more money or a little more legislation that infringes on the rights of others.

You know, for the children.

Pain is a great teacher but you at least have to have the ability and desire to learn…

CBS Baltimore

Freddie Gray Case Unravels

There is no doubt that police officers do bad things and get away with them. When these happen it erodes public confidence in the police and the public eventually strikes out at any officer for any act whether it was justified or not.

This seems to be the case with officer William Porter and the other five charged in the death of long time drug dealer and often arrested criminal Freddie Gray. Let me pause here to say that a person’s criminal history does not give the police the right to become judge, jury, and executioner. Every person is presumed innocent no matter how often that person has been in trouble. I get tired of seeing officers and those who support them write that it was good Gray died and that one more scumbag is off the street. While that applies when a criminal dies during the commission of a crime or in a direct confrontation with police there is no evidence Gray fit into that mold (what crime did he actually commit). The reality here is if Gray did something wrong he deserved his day in court but it is also a stark reality that if the judicial system had kept Gray behind bars where he belonged he might still be alive. I am not losing sleep over a dead drug dealer but the backlash of what happened has caused a lot of people restless nights to include six officers.

Porter and five others have been charged with the death of Gray. Each officer faces different charges but they are all charged with some portion of the alleged crime. The problem here is there does not appear to have been a crime committed.

It is possible that one of these officers did something to deliberately harm Gray but there is no proof that such a thing did in fact happen. Officers chased Gray, took him down and into custody. One can question if they had any reason to go after Gray in the first place but there is no evidence they harmed him once they did go after him.

I am aware Gray had a knife (the legality of which is unclear) but it was not found until after they chased and caught him so it was NOT the reason they went after him and claims to the contrary are untrue.

The prosecution decided to go after Porter first because they believed it was their strongest case and that once he was found guilty he would turn on the others whose cases were not as strong. The prosecution, who rushed to judgement in the first place, had no reason to believe that it would not win a conviction. The thugs in Baltimore have been threatening to riot once again if any verdict other than guilty was returned. The prosecution was counting on fear to get the conviction.

But some brave jurors had other ideas. At least one juror was not convinced that Porter was guilty of the charges and the end result was a mistrial due to a hung jury.

This will have a domino effect. Porter now has to be the one to get convicted in order to have any hope of even trying to get the others.

You see, during his trial the prosecution claimed that Gray’s injuries happened IN THE TRANSPORT VAN. None of the officers who apprehended and arrested Gray were in that van. The prosecution cannot simply change its tune and now claim those officers harmed Gray. In reality, I can’t see how they can go forward with the prosecution of these folks in any event, with or without a Porter conviction. If the prosecution contends that Gray was harmed in the van (which is what they did and is part of the record) how can anyone who was with Gray BEFORE he got in the van be responsible for what happened to him?

The prosecution cannot have it both ways. It cannot simply change its tune and claim Gray was harmed during the arrest. I do not think they should have charged any of the officers but if they were dead set on doing so they should have charged those who had first contact with Gray and claimed he was harmed during the arrest. It would have made more sense to do it this way and then claim Porter ignored Gray’s requests for medical care.

By taking the route she did Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby ensured that in the event of a failure to convict Porter the entire case would unravel.

We are seeing that now.

Baltimore has remained calm so far as people wait to see what comes next. People are aware that Porter can be put on trial again and they are waiting to see if that is the case.

I can’t imagine the political troll Mosby will not retry the case. She wants a conviction, nothing less.

It is up to brave jurors to look at the evidence and take an informed decision. So far that evidence points to not guilty.

And then the riots will begin.

Mosby did this. She convinced the medical examiner to change the ruling on death from accidental to homicide. She has not been forthcoming with evidence and she is playing politics with the lives of six officers who, by all the evidence so far, did not harm Freddie Gray.

Facts do not matter in a mob ruled locality particularly when the desire is revenge not justice.

This is what you get when Democrats run things.

And Baltimore is getting what it deserves.

The real crime is that six officers are getting screwed over in the process.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Get Ready For Unrest Baltimore

The first officer charged in the death of Freddie Gray is awaiting the verdict from a jury. His trial wrapped up this afternoon and the jury is now deliberating his fate.

If Officer William Porter is found not guilty the city will again become unhinged.

After Gray’s funeral Baltimore became a national news story as rioters vandalized the city and burned buildings and cars. The rampage cost millions of dollars and put many lives at risk. The rioters did not seem to care as they went about destroying things.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake told police officers to give them room to destroy and destroy they did. The National Guard was finally requested and sent in to restore order.

People have been protesting peacefully during the trial but the peace might soon be in jeopardy.

If the jury finds Porter not guilty the city will probably burn again. Or at least the rioters will try. The Mayor has opened the operations center and alerted surrounding law enforcement agencies in case help is needed. I bet though, the antagonists have been working on riot plans for weeks…

If Porter is found guilty there will likely not be riots because those who support him (and I think he is not guilty) will probably not burn the city down. The people who feel entitled and live off the government on the other hand have no problem destroying the property of others if they do not get their way.

Be on the lookout if you are in or near Baltimore. When they announce the verdict is in it would be best to get away from the place as quickly as possible before it is announced.

The last place anyone will want to be is in Baltimore if the words not guilty are uttered.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Maryland Gun Control, Absolute Failure

We are well aware of the failures of places with tough gun control laws. Chicago has thousands of shootings this year and it is nearly impossible to legally own a firearm there. California’s gun control failure was on display in San Bernardino last week when Muslim terrorists murdered a bunch of defenseless people.

Maryland is not far behind the crowd of gun control hell holes where criminals get guns and murder people while the law abiding are denied their protected right and are treated like the criminal class.

Martin O’Malley, former governor and presidential candidate, is responsible for pushing through these restrictive and unconstitutional laws. He relished in the moment and thought it would increase his bona fides with the liberal base. O’Malley, like his fellow Democrats, called for more gun control exploiting the dead while they were still warm and before all the facts were known.

The Second Amendment Deals With An Individual Right

The reality is these people were defenseless because their government made them so. The reaction of those in charge is to increase security from unarmed guards to armed guards. The only folks that there was no mention of arming are those who will suffer at the hands of bad people, the citizens.

It has been nearly two years since Maryland passed all the tough gun control. Baltimore City has over 300 murders this year, most of them with firearms and there are plenty more shootings where people were only injured. Perhaps the criminals did not get the memo about gun control because they keep getting guns and they keep using them.

Case in point, the first line from a Baltimore Fox 45 (WBFF) article indicates that police have taken two more guns off the street. They arrested two men who were involved in drug distribution and each of them had a gun. The article clearly indicates that neither of them was legally allowed to possess a gun and yet, they both had one.

You see, criminals do not obey the law, period. It is against the law to murder people and yet that happens. What makes anyone think that gun control laws will keep criminals from getting guns?

In fact, the two who were arrested had 200 bags of cocaine in their possession and I know that possessing, buying, selling or using cocaine is against the law.

Anyone see a pattern here?

Gun laws only affect the law abiding and they make us sitting ducks for those who have no regard for the law or for human life.

Martin O’Malley brought this to Maryland (mostly the urban areas as most of the suburbs are full of conservative people who own guns and obey the law) and now he wants to bring it to the nation.

I have no time and no desire to be lectured about guns by people like O’Malley particularly ones who are protected by armed guards.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


City Riots vs Biker Gang Shootouts

There is an article on the local CBS affiliate website that tries to draw comparisons to the way the riots in Ferguson MO and Baltimore MD have been portrayed in the media with the biker gang shootout that occurred in Waco TX.

The article discusses these events and concludes that riots that damaged property (which the author notes can be replaced) but where no one was killed received more coverage than a biker shootout where nine died. It is further noted that during the riots the police showed up in riot gear, used tear gas and made mass arrests while they were shown in their normal uniforms in Waco in what the article describes as nonchalant.

The article also points out that the riots had live media coverage whereas that did not happen in Waco.

The point seems to be that when predominantly black communities riot there is outrage and the rioters are viewed as thugs but when white bikers have a shootout there is not as much coverage and the incident is viewed as an isolated incident.

These items involve two entirely different crimes and this article only serves to further push a race narrative where one does not exist.

Yes, most of the rioters were black but the cities involved have mostly black populations. There were some white people there and they were attacked by the rioters. There is no doubt that some white folks participated in the unrest.

In Waco most of the bikers were white but there were some people of color. It was reported that there were some black and Hispanic bikers involved.

Perhaps the reason there were not cameras and live play of the gunfight is that it happened spontaneously. The police were aware that some trouble was brewing but the police do not call the media in every time there is a threat of violence. I am not sure how much media is available in Waco but the issue in Ferguson simmered for weeks giving the media plenty of time to show up and Baltimore has many major news outlets in or near the city. The media would have been present because there was unrest (read that as thugs attacking people and breaking the law) on Saturday and the riots occurred on Monday. The media had time to gather.

Since the gang shootout happened there has been word there will be some sort of retaliation. You can bet the media is there now.

As for the police. They anticipated violence in the cities and were dressed appropriately. In Waco they had information something might happen. The big difference here is that the police in Waco were involved in the shootout. They were shot at and they returned fire. They then arrested hundreds of bikers. During the riots, particularly in Baltimore, the police were continually attacked and DID NOT fight back. They were ordered to give the rioters room. Perhaps if the police in Baltimore had started attacking those who were breaking the law and arresting them in droves we would have seen pictures of police officers being nonchalant as they walked around hundreds of handcuffed protesters.

Since the police in Waco were allowed to do their jobs they had all the bikers under control and were able to be more “nonchalant” than the police in the rioting cities.

The only thing these incidents have in common is that they both involved people who were breaking the law. The idea that the rioters had a grievance so their behavior can be excused especially since no one died is ridiculous. They were breaking the law and they were destroying property. No one died but scores of police officers were injured.

The bikers felt they had a grievance as well but their actions are no more excusable than those of the rioters. The big difference is that the police responded to the violence in Waco.

And for those who think there is disparity, there is. The rioters in Baltimore who happened to get arrested complained about high bail amounts. Every biker arrested in Waco had bail set at one million dollars far above any amount reported from Baltimore.

The thugs in Waco will get what is coming to them just like the thugs in Baltimore eventually will. And yes, both groups are thugs. Despite what the author wants you to believe, the bikers were referred to that just as the rioters in Baltimore were.

When people stop trying to excuse any kind of bad behavior and start holding everyone accountable society will be better off.

And then people will have no excuse for race baiting articles…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog