Why aren’t Liberals Screaming?

Well, it has come out now that the White House and its occupants are sleazier than we could ever know, and Liberals Love It! We know they must, because you can just smell the musky scent of rank hypocrisy in the air, carried on the warm fetid breeze of Hussein’s words. Ah, God- where to start?

We would begin at the beginning, but like the snake Ouroboros, the one depicted eating its own tail, it is hard to find the true beginning here- but we’ll take a stab at it.

AKPD, an advertising/ public relations firm based in Chicago, and run by the Resident’s Chief of Staff David Axlerod’s son, has picked up 24 million dollars of advertising on behalf of Big Pharma, in favor of the healthcare plan. Now, my father was an ad man for fifty years, and I know there are many firms much more capable than this two- bit firm, so the connection has to be purely political, especially in light of the fact that AKPD still owes David Axlerod 2 million dollars- Gee- could this be a payoff? I would think so. Perhaps the FBI could look in Axlerod’s freezer- you never know.

If Dick Cheney had had Haliburton get favorable treatment, don’t you think Liberals would have raised a ruckus? Wait- he did, and they did—— So where is the left’s anger at apparent conflict of interest? I mean, if they are not hypocrites, they should be just as incensed at this. You would think.

On Tuesday, the House Republican Conference published a one-page talking points memo that says, “Even as President Obama campaigned on a platform of change and transparency, recent dealings between the pharmaceutical industry and the administration raise serious questions as to whether the drug lobby is helping to bankroll a multimillion dollar severance package for one of the president’s senior advisors.” 

The memo refers to two ad deals, worth a total of $24 million, bankrolled by the pharmaceutical industry that went to an advertising firm founded by White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod. Although Axelrod no longer works for AKPD Message and Media, his son works there, and the firm still owes Axelrod $2 million. 

AKPD is in part responsible for two separate $12 million ad campaigns funded by in part Americans for Stable Quality Care, a coalition led by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, the industry association also known as PhRMA. 

The drug industry stands to profit greatly from Mr. Obama’s health care plans and has negotiated deals with the White House to move the reform process along. 


Yes, there are questions- if it talks like a Chicago thug, walks like a Chicago thug, it is David Axlerod. This is just another in the (apparently intentional- no one can be this dumb, can they?) tone deaf administration moves in recent weeks, along with the boycott of the “Glenn Beck Show” by “Green Jobs” Czar Van Jones pet organization, Color of Change , who pressured several cowardly companies to pull their advertising, in a very good impression of trying to silence dissent, and gag free speech- a stupid move, but I have not thought any aspect of this administration was smart for awhile now, so this latest faux pas is par for the course.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on Tuesday called the claim that Axelrod will personally benefit from the ad deal “ridiculous.” 

According to Politico, the pharmaceutical industry denies that the coalition chose AKPD to produce the ads because of its White House connections. In fact, PhRMA says it was not responsible in any way for choosing AKPD, regardless of the motivations. 

“We’re very involved in reviewing ad copy and determining targeted districts and states, but not in determining which consultants are hired to carry out the campaign,” PhRMA vice president Ken Johnson told Politico. “That’s left to the people who you hire to manage it.” He points out that PhRMA is spending much more money airing its own ads. 


Yes- you notice the quote by Robert Gibbs? Can you imagine if the position was reversed, and “the WH denies that Dick Cheney has personally benefitted from the “Haliburton” deal ridiculous,”  just how unhinged the left would be? are?

Does this make the administration’s push for healthcare more or less legit? I propose that it undermines his whole platform, but then it wasn’t much, not in substance, really- just old, discredited socialistic theories that he learned at his professor’s knee, and hasn’t been able to come to terms with the failure rate yet, which so far, is 100%.

Hussein is not going to give up, however- he hasn’t finished ramming his head into the brick wall yet, and he may never – this is a man who cannot admit to a mistake, miscue, or misspoken word. 

How could he possibly admit to a mistake in picking friends and allies?

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