The Grande Finale

Terrorists have struck again and this time it was at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester England. Ariana Grande is a pop star whose fans range from young girls to teenagers and that demographic is expected to make up the bulk of the casualties of the bombing where (as of this post) twenty-two have died and nearly five dozen have been injured.

According to the news the concert had ended and people were leaving when a suicide bomber detonated a bomb filled with nails. That kind of bomb is designed to hurt a lot of people and it is likely the numbers will rise throughout the day.

When the news flashed last night to report the bombing the first thing I thought was that it was another radical Islamic terrorist (though the lines continually blur between radical and traditional Muslim) even as we were, once again, cautioned not to make snap judgements.

As events unfolded two things became clear, as they do in all these kinds of attacks. The first is the bomber was a Muslim (and the recent news would tend to support that) and the government already knew about him.

Yes, these things always end up being radical Islamic terrorists and the government always knows the guy. You know how it is, they were suspicious but really had no evidence so they did nothing. That should be comforting to the families who lost loved ones.

CBS News confirmed Tuesday that the man who blew himself up the previous night at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, was 23-year-old Salman Abedi, who was known to British authorities prior to the attack. CBS News

The events after this attack will be the same as all the previous attacks. People will change social media pictures to flags of the attacked nation, claim that we are all them, say they are praying and for us to pray, and then we will be cautioned not to judge all Muslims based on the attacks of a few.

If only gun owners could get this same consideration. When some nut gets a gun (often ILLEGALLY) and shoots a place up the government and its puppet supporters scream about gun control, gun bans and more laws to infringe on the rights of law abiding Americans. All gun owners are blamed and the only way to end the carnage is to ban or restrict guns. The victims are often still warm while the left is screaming about gun control, never let a crisis go to waste. Anyone hear these same people blaming all Muslims and demanding a ban on them?

The left will blame many things while telling us that it is not all of them. Perhaps not and in reality the bomber and his support group (and the radical religion) are to blame. You know who else is to blame? The people of England in political office who have relaxed the laws and turned a blind eye to the influx of Muslims. Same is true for France and many other countries in that part of the world. They welcome everyone and then get attacked.

This incident did not happen here in the US but it very well could and the likelihood is great considering that liberals have made it easier. You read that right because liberal politicians, worthless liberal judges and the liberal thumb sucker snowflakes have all opposed President Trump’s Constitutional Executive Orders on immigration. Trump wants to slow or temporarily halt immigration from a number of unstable nations until we can more accurately determine the people trying to come here.

Liberals oppose that and their sock puppet judges issue rulings counter to what the president has done, things that are well within his authority. But hey, liberal politicians and pocket judges know best.

Truth is, they don’t care about you, they don’t care about the country and they don’t care if a bunch of kids get murdered by a suicide bomber. They are protected and it is unlikely they or their families will ever be the victims so they do not care. If your kids get blown up then there will be more outrage, more opportunity for them to raise cash by duping morons into contributing, and there will be more opportunity for them to seize even more power.

If these people really cared they would not oppose the president’s orders and they would not oppose action to end these barbarians.

It is time for all civilized nations to band together to attack ISIS and all other radical Islamic groups (and any other terror groups we can find) and keep attacking them until they are completely destroyed. They cannot be damaged or degraded they must be eliminated from the earth and removed from the human gene pool so that they can never recruit and attack again.

As an aside, I can’t help wonder what Grande is thinking. At one point in her career she claimed to hate America and Americans (she later stated something different) and she is anti-Trump and for all things liberal. Reports are she can’t wait to get back to the safety of the US. I wonder if she will oppose the immigration crack down Trump is fighting in favor of in the court system…

This attack was senseless and cowardly. The radical Islamic terrorist (I base that on his name but am willing to change that should it be wrong. History is on my side on this one) attacked a bunch of little girls. That is the very definition of a coward. He detonated a bomb and murdered a lot of people and injured many more. He did all this because the politically correct world can’t open its eyes and see the real enemy before us.

It is easier to chase bogeymen and make up stories about Russia than to actually work to keep the nation safe.

And that is because of what I stated earlier. The left is not concerned about your safety. They know more attacks eventually lead to more control by the government and that is what they want. And fewer of us means a smaller carbon footprint and who can argue against that, right? Our overlords sure are great….

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Congressman John Lewis Should Retire

Congressman John Lewis of the great state of Georgia is often referred to as a civil rights icon because he marched in Selma and got the hell beat out of him by a bunch of racist cops. He is often referred to as a hero though I fail to see what exactly qualifies him for that description.

Lewis fought oh so long ago for civil rights and now he is a member of Congress and belongs to the very party that opposed civil rights. He is a Democrat, the very party that had grown all kinds of racist things from the KKK to Jim Crow and yet Lewis is part of the club.

He says he is for civil rights but he is part of the political party that has kept black people down and under the oppressive thumb of government despite the gains achieved because of Selma.

Lewis is now indicating that he will not attend the inauguration of Donald Trump because Lewis does not view him as a legitimate president. You see, Lewis’ choice, Hillary Clinton, did not win. Then there were allegation that the Russians hacked the electronic systems involved in the election. The Russians did not affect the outcome, if they even did the hacking (our intelligence agencies could do it and make the breadcrumbs lead to Russia) but that matters not to Lewis. He views Trump as illegitimate. Lewis had earlier claimed that he would not attend the inauguration and it would be the first he missed in 30 years.

Only problem is Lewis sat out the inauguration of G W Bush in 2001 because Lewis did not view Bush as, wait for it, legitimate.

A number of Democrats are joining Lewis because they are upset that Trump responded to Lewis and his allegation that Trump is not legitimate. They are all upset Trump would dare defend himself from an attack. I guess they would rather have him sit there and get beat up by a government thug. Funny how Lewis didn’t like it when it when he was attacked by government thugs…

Lewis is well past the age where he should be walking around malls with his pants hiked up to his nipples. He is living in the past as evidenced by his testimony at the confirmation hearing for Senator Sessions to be the Attorney General. Listening to Lewis describe the past and how he felt Sessions would affect the nation had me wondering if Lewis was aware that we are living in 2017 and a black man (a half black one anyway) is finishing up eight years as president.

I wondered if perhaps that beating his head took in Selma had affected his brain.

No matter what it is time for Lewis, at 76, to hang it up and gracefully head to pasture.

He needs to do it now before he completely ruins the inflated image the left has of him.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Bush Comes Under Fire In Iraq

President Bush went on a secret trip to Iraq as a farewell tour and he was attacked while there. A reporter from one of those backwards countries there called Bush a dog and threw his shoes at the president. Bush ducked the first shoe and the second sailed past his head. The president waved off a Secret Service agent who was moving in to remove the president.

The soles of shoes are the nastiest of insults in that part of the world. The shoes were intended to be the nastiest of insults but only demonstrated that the guy throwing them is a sissy who could not hit a target from 12 feet away. Probably explains why they prefer bomb vests.

There were a few comments from the left wing moonbats indicating that it was too bad the guy missed, he should have thrown an IED, and he should have put a hand grenade in the shoe. There is no restraint when it comes to the hatred of the left toward George Bush. Perhpas the left sides with the reporter because they too are a bunch of sissies who could not hit anything.

Now I know that if this had happened to Barack Obama there would be similar comments from the fringe of the right. There are fanatics on both sides (though the fanaticism of the left seems to run across the entire spectrum) but the reaction would be much different in this case.

The left would read similar comments about their messiah and they would start whining about how mean the right is and how all they think about is killing people. Terry Bisson, the science fiction writer who goes by Thinking Meat, is always ready to point out how un-Christian like any right winger who talks about killing is. Discuss killing someone who desperately needs it and Bisson is immediately there to discuss how deranged the right is. He is not alone as many of the loons on the left do the same thing.

But where are these paragons of virtue in this instance? Have any of them called the moonbats who wished the attack had been more lethal any of the names they love to spew at the right?

Of course not. They have different sets of rules for the wackos on their side.

While I believe there are many people in this world that should be removed from it in short order (like people on death row and terrorists) I would never want to see the president of my country harmed regardless of which party he represents.

It was interesting to see the video. The president has pretty good reflexes.

Too bad this did not happen to Hillary. Then she would be telling the truth when she said she came under fire. Well, at least more of a truth than what she told in the past.


Big Dog

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An Obama Win Would Be Good For Iran And Bad For Israel

Iranian parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said that Iran would prefer to see Barack Obama win the US presidential election. The statement indicates that Obama is considered more rational and flexible than John McCain. This is coming from the nation that also desires to wipe Israel off the map. It is no coincidence that Iran wants a flexible president so that the country can manipulate him and take advantage in order to attack Israel.

This endorsement comes at a time when Iran is working on plans for a preemptive strike against Israel and God’s chosen people. Iran is not likely to be foolish enough to attack while George Bush is still in office because that country knows Bush will not play games nor will he negotiate without precondition. If Iran attacks, Bush will retaliate and the blow would be devastating.

Iran will wait until the election is over and if their chosen one is elected they will attack Israel after the inauguration. Iran knows that Obama is not a big supporter of Israel and that Joe Biden has said that Israel should get use to a nuclear Iran. Couple this with Jesse Jackson’s statements that support for Israel will decrease in an Obama administration and it is no wonder that Iran is licking its chops at the thought of a rookie at the helm.

This just might be the crisis Biden was talking about.

On another note, Al Qaida said that it wanted John McCain to win so that the continuation of Bush’s policies would drive our economy to even greater depths. This is a veiled endorsement of Obama. Al-Qaida knows that if it endorsed Obama he would lose so they say they want McCain to drive Americans to Obama.

Al Qaida knows that Obama would be a push over compared to McCain and, like its pals in Iran, wants the candidate that it can manipulate. They want the rookie so they can continue to work on America’s demise.

American Jews need to pay special attention to what is going on. A vote for Obama is a vote for appeasement and complacency which will certainly be of dire consequence to Israel.

Big Dog

Will They Say McCain Staged this to Scare Us?

Every time there is a major event and the threat level increases the Democrats claim that it is fear mongering. The Democrats make these claims because they know that America views them, and rightly so, as weak on national security. The believe that Republicans trump up threats in order to scare up votes.

Obama recently had the opportunity to show how he would handle the, dare I say it, 3 am call when Russia invaded Georgia. He gave three different responses form his Hawaiian vacation spot and each one was progressively sterner. He blew his chance to look like he had a clue and it is likely his poor performance led to his selection of Joe Biden as a running mate.

Now the Russian president is claiming that American missiles placed in ally countries close to Russia will elicit a military response. Russia is saying it will respond to us with military force because it does not like what we are doing in sovereign nations (with their blessings). The countries agreeing to missiles had been on the fence about them until Russia invaded Georgia. Then they decided they needed protection though the missiles will be there to deter threats from nations other than Russia (but could be used if Russia invades).

Russia is playing a dangerous game. They should think twice before they attack our interests or they might not like the response. The Russian president does not want a Tomahawk missile hitting his house.

Anyway, how long will it be before the Democrats claim that Bush and McCain manufactured the events in Georgia in order to scare Americans? How long will it be before they claim that the Russians are helping us by showing how weak Democrats are on defense? They have claimed crazier things.

Maybe if we are lucky we can get Obama to cut short his convention and go over to Russia and scream Hope and Change until they convert.

Big Dog