Full Time Make-Up Artist For Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, radical liberal and racist, has become the first First Lady in history to put a make-up artist on full time for her traveling entourage. I imagine that any make-up job involving this woman would be a full time job. Klingons require a lot of work.

It would appear as if the big deal was made about Michelle’s falsies and the need for help in getting them straight. Seems that her eyelashes are marvelous but she needs help putting them on. She also needs the person with the trowel to apply the make-up and smooth the cracks.

And it is a guy. I am going to avoid the obvious reference.

The article says the Obamas are paying for this.

Or, did this make-up artist just happen to be heading to DC and decided he would bring all the supplies and do it for free?

Maybe he learned from the pizza guy.


Big Dog

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