What Do You Expect From A Kennedy?

The wife of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been photographed at least twice using her cell phone while driving. This might not seem like a big deal except that hubby Arnold signed a bill into law that required drivers to use hands free devices starting in the year 2008. Since it is now 2009, Maria Schriver is violating the law.

This should surprise no one. Shriver is a Kennedy and that clan believes itself to be above the law. Laws are for the little people, not the elitists who have money or run the country.

Governor Arnold said that there will be swift action now that this has been brought to his attention.

A spokesperson said that this means Arnold will ask her not to do it again.

Isn’t that nice? How many Californians have been ticketed and paid fines for driving while talking on a cell phone simply because they were not related to the Governor of the state?

These are photographs and she was not stopped by the police, that we know of. How many officers would give the Governor’s wife a ticket anyway?

The elitists don’t think the laws apply to them and Shriver is no different. She comes from a privileged, elitist family and she does not believe the laws apply to her. She might be a decent person but you just can’t break old habits when you feel entitled…

She was also born in Chicago so you know that she does not know what obeying the law means.

TMZ (photo)

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