Wayne Gilchrest; Liberal Or Sour Grapes

I have written about Wayne Gilchrest before. I worked hard to see that he was defeated in the primary because even though he was listed as a Republican he acted like and voted with the Democrats. I had been advocating for people to vote out incumbents and I put my money where my mouth is. Gilchrest lost to Andy Harris.

Harris is a stand up guy and a great conservative. He is also a physician and an officer in the Naval Reserve. He will be a great Congressman but we need to beat out a challenger who is putting up a good fight.

Frank Kratovil, a Democrat and an attorney, is running for the seat and he is keeping the race close. The recent poll changes the district from likely Republican to leans Republican and we still have a long way to go. I think Harris will pull this out because the district is fairly conservative and has had a Republican Congressman for about 20 years. However, this is not a forgone conclusion.

One person who has endorsed Kratovil is none other than RINO Wayne Gilchrest. Gilchrest is bitter because he was beaten and he now wants Harris to be denied the seat. I tried to warn Gilchrest to straighten his act up but he ignored the numerous emails sent to him and his condescending attitude led me to actively fight for Andy Harris and against Wayne Gilchrest. I have a lot of friends and relatives in the 1st District and they did not vote for him. He should have listened (not that I was solely responsible but every little bit helps).

It is easy to say that Gilchrest’s endorsement is nothing more than sour grapes but in reality it is in keeping with his inner liberal. You see, Gilchrest sided with Democrats on many issues that were not popular with real conservatives and he went against the wishes of his constituents. So it is not surprising to me that he endorsed the Democrat.

In case anyone thinks that one endorsement does not a liberal make, consider this.

Gilchrest has endorsed Obama/Biden. A true conservative would not do that because those two are extremely liberal. This is why Gilchrest lost his seat and I say good riddance.

Andy Harris will win this race so long as we can keep focused on the issues. Kratovil espouses the big government programs and the tax increases that support them and Harris believes in small government, lower taxes and he will never forget that he works for the people and never, unlike Gilchrest, be foolish enough to think we work for him.

If you are in the First Congressional District in Maryland then you need to register to vote and cast that vote for Andy Harris.

Big Dog

Andy Harris is a Great Candidate for Congress

Andy Harris

I had the opportunity to attend a fund raiser for Andy Harris. Andy is running for Congress in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District. I have been a supporter of Andy Harris since he announced he was running and, as many of you who read this blog know, I worked hard at exposing the failings of Wayne Gilchrest, the RINO who is currently the Representative from the 1st. Harris beat Gilchrest by a pretty good margin.

Andy Harris is a true conservative but more than that, he is genuine. I met him tonight and I immediately felt that he was sincere, warm, dedicated, and committed. In other words, he wasn’t playing “politician”. He seems like a man of the people who has the best interests of the constituents at heart. It is common in the Army to call a great leader a soldier’s soldier. These are leaders who belonged to the soldiers, not the politicians. Omar Bradley was one such person. Andy Harris gives the impression of being the civilian equivalent of a soldier’s soldier in that he belongs to the people, not to the politicians or political machine. It would probably pain Andy to see the comparison to a soldier since he is an officer in the Naval reserve. Take heart Andy, it pains me every time Navy beats Army in football…

Former Governor Bob Ehrlich was there as well and he gave a nice talk. I met him and I, for the life of me, cannot figure out what Marylanders were thinking when they voted for Ehrlich’s opponent. I imagine there are quite a few people with a bit of buyer’s remorse right about now. Governor Ehrlich had some nice things to say about those of us in attendance and about Andy Harris.

I supported Andy Harris right out of the box because I listened to him and I read about him. He gave every appearance of being a true conservative and the kind of person we need to have in Congress. I worked to ensure his primary opponent was taken to task for of all his failings because I wanted to ensure a real conservative won that seat. I have to admit though, a little part of me was concerned that I might be backing someone who would turn out to be a typical politician (but nearly anything would be better than what we had).

After meeting Andy Harris tonight I no concerns about him whatsoever. I can say without reservation that this man is a genuine leader who will serve with honor and dignity. You could not ask to meet a nicer person. A big plus is that he is a doctor and not a lawyer. Congress has enough of them already.

Andy Harris has an interesting biography and I recommend you go to his site and read it. I am not permitted to solicit donations for any candidate so I will just say that if you are so inclined to donate to him, you can find the necessary information at his site.

Andy Harris in 08!

Big Dog

Wayne Gilchrest Must be Voted Out

Wayne Gilchrest is the Congressman who represents Maryland’s 1st Congressional District. Gilchrest is a Republican but he has been a disgrace to his party and to the voters of his district. I have documented Gilchrest’s poor voting record and the number of liberal issues that he agrees with. It is beyond me why this guy even runs as a Republican when he is pro choice, and is involved in things that are not conservative.

Recently, Wayne Gilchrest voted to override the President’s veto of the huge expansion of S-CHIP. Let us make that clear, the President vetoed a huge expansion of the program. His veto did not get rid of the program and there are still plenty of services out there for poor people. Wayne Gilchrest voted with Democrats to override this veto and in so doing indicated that he feels it is OK to spend taxpayer money on insurance for people who make 3 or 4 times the poverty level. This should surprise no one because Gilchrest is not a fiscally prudent. He spends like a drunken sailor on shore leave and he continues to waste taxpayer money. He even voted against stripping earmarks (PORK) from the FY 2008 Financial Services and General Government appropriations bill. To Wayne it is OK to spend our money with little or no regard to being prudent with how it is spent.

Andy Harris is running against Gilchrest in the Republican primary. I have been talking to family and friends in the 1st District and I believe I have a lot of people who are looking for change and are ready to dump Gilchrest and put Andy in Office. If you are in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District you need to take a look at Wayne Gilchrest’s voting record and you will rapidly see this is a record to run from, not on. Andy Harris is the future of our District and we need him to take Conservative leadership to DC and replace that milquetoast RINO Gilchrest.

I have a list of things to accomplish and on it is “send a letter to Wayne Gilchrest after his defeat.” I really want to check that one off after the Republican Primary. I hate to have to go to my fall back plan of voting for the Democrat in the General election but I absolutely will not vote for Gilchrest no matter what. All my readers in the 1st, please vote for Andy Harris.

Wayne, enjoy it now because you will soon be a lame duck.

Big Dog

**Big Dog receives no compensation from any political party or candidate.

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Andy Harris for Congress in Maryland’s First District

I have written a number of times about my problem with Maryland First Congressional District Congressman Wayne Gilchrest and it is no secret to my readers that I am extremely dissatisfied with Gilchrest’s positions on many topics but particularly on the war and immigration. Wayne Gilchrest has sided with the cut and run Democrats and voted with them to bring our troops home in defeat and to weaken America. In a letter to me he said that when he was in Vietnam he hoped every day that Congress would bring him home. Wayne, I thank you for your service but hope is not proper mission planning. Perhaps if you were executing your mission instead of obsessing with Congress bringing you home we might have won the war.

As for immigration, once again Gilchrest shows that he is a RINO. He supports amnesty for those who have broken our laws and entered this country ILLEGALLY. As an aside, immigration arrested about 1500 gang members today and 1000 of them were ILLEGALS. These are the people Wayne wants to grant amnesty. Wayne Gilchrest has an R after his name but he is in fact a Democrat in every sense of the word. He continually votes with the Democrats on issues that run contrary to what real Republicans want. Wayne voted in favor of the S-CHIP bill which is nothing more than the gateway to socialized medicine. Sure we have it now but Wayne voted for the new and improved version that would provide health care to children in families making over 80,000 dollars a year. I have written a number of times that if Gilchrest had a primary opponent I would work for that person and if Gilchrest made it to the general election I would vote for the Democrat opposing him. This is how strongly I feel about getting him out of office. I understand he started out as a good guy but DC, as it does with so many, changed Wayne.

I am happy to announce that Maryland State Senator Andy Harris is running against Wayne Gilchrest and I am equally happy to fully support his candidacy. I like Andy Harris and I like his views and Conservative values. Andy Harris is a physician who serves in the Naval Reserve and holds the rank of Commander. Senator Harris is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm and instead of hoping Congress would bring him home, he pressed on with his mission. Most importantly, with regard to the war, Senator Harris understands what is at stake and he knows that our enemy seeks to convert people to Islam or to kill them. In Andy’s own words; “In this war, surrender is not an option.”

Senator Harris I am happy to throw my support behind you and your campaign to bring Conservatism back to the First District. It is refreshing to have a candidate who does not distort his record to appease the masses. I look forward to supporting you and being there when you raise your hand in victory in the primary election and again in the general. I believe that the large number of family and friends in the First will be behind you and I will work on those who are not yet decided.

I urge all Marylanders in the First Congressional District to vote for Andy Harris for Congress.

Big Dog

***Disclosure: I receive no compensation from any political campaign and thus was not compensated for this post.***