Global Warming Really Is Man Made

I can see it now. Yes my friends I have seen the light and I am now ready to concede that global warming is a man made thing.

For those of you who thought I had strong convictions that warming comes and goes and that it is the result of our sun’s activity you have nothing to worry about because I still feel that way and the most recent data show this to be correct.

However, I am now a convert in believing that global warming is man made because I recently discovered what it is all about.

You see, when scientists look at the temperatures over a long time they can see a trend and this is how they decide if we are getting cooler, warmer, or staying the same.

Over the past 100 years or so the temperature data has shown that we are not warming or the warming is so small it matters not. BUT, scientists have been going back and “correcting” (read changing) the temperature data to decrease the previous temperatures so that it LOOKS like we have gotten much warmer over all that time.

Mind you, we have not really gotten warmer, they just changed the data so it LOOKS like it.

A man made the changes so in effect, we really do have man made global warming.

Though I would call it man FABRICATED global warming.

This is how Al Gore and the rest of the climate nazis work. They are not getting what they like so they manipulate the data to show the results they want. How else can they scam us out of billions of dollars while they get rich?

If they can’t show results then government won’t fund them and the government can’t fleece us of our hard earned money while it works to enslave us to more and more unnecessary regulation in order to CONTROL our lives.

Al Gore states that the science is settled and that 97% of scientists agree that man made global warming exists. He is lying, of course, because they surveyed all kinds of scientists and only took the ones that agreed with them.

In any event, 100% of them can all agree, as I now do, man made global warming is real because some men are making it all up.

What next? Will they manipulate the job numbers to make us think the economy is in great shape?

Oops, too late….

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Global Warming

The White House today announced a new push to spend all of our money to solve Climate Change! OOOHHHH!!

Liberals are STILL trying to scare the public over ‘Climate Change’ – even after all those emails released in November 2009 from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) UTTERLY PROVED it was nothing but a scam – in fact, MORE emails detailing how they HID DATA were QUIETLY released in 2011 – but the GREASY LIBERAL CONMAN AL GORE STILL FLIES AROUND ON HIS CARBON SPEWING JET TELLING EVERYONE ELSE TO STOP USING FUEL OIL!

Twenty-nine (29) years ago, when the Left Wingnuts first started freaking everyone out over how Global Warming would put NYC and the coasts under water in 20 years, I (who was in College studying the environment AND computers) said “Wait a minute, computers can’t model the Earths atmosphere, it’s too complex – there are literally BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of Data Points – something is wrong with those models” – everyone said I was nuts.
My family still lives in NYC – they ARENT using Scuba Gear even though EVERY computer model said it would be UNDER WATER!!!!

What I’ve come to realize these Global Warming/Climate Change FANATICS have is a PAGAN BELIEF the Earth is Gaia, a goddess that needs to be worshiped and protected – not the Garden The Lord meant it to be.

If Al Gore Had His Way We’d Have Fried

For a very long time now Al Gore and the followers of the Church of Global Warming have been telling us that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the culprit in manmade global warming and that we need to reduce this greenhouse gas or we would all suffer from rising temperatures.

These allegations flew in the face of history which showed cyclic climate activity with periods of cold and periods of heat. The planet was not boiling over tens of thousands of years ago when the CO2 level was many times higher than it is now.

This did not stop the climate alarmists from screaming about the end of the world if we did not spend tons of money to solve the problem (even though we do not have the money and cannot change nature).

The revelations about phony data and data manipulation did not stop the adherents to the Church of Global Warming from continuing their quest to enslave us under the guise of saving the planet.

They pressed on with their plans and they did so while they flew in their jets and rode in their limousines. They have continued to press on even as data show the polar ice caps getting bigger.

But if Al Gore had his way and we had actually been able to lower the CO2 level then we might have all fried from increased planet temperatures. You see, NASA has conducted research and concluded that CO2 (and other greenhouse gasses) in the atmosphere actually blocks up to 95% of the harmful solar rays that would increase the planet’s temperature.

NASA’s Langley Research Center has collated data proving that “greenhouse gases” actually block up to 95 percent of harmful solar rays from reaching our planet, thus reducing the heating impact of the sun. Principia Scientific

The entire global warming/climate change scheme is designed to rid you of your money and your freedom. Al Gore got very rich off this sham as did many other people.

This is not to say we should not be good stewards of our planet. We should clean our mess and find ways to create less pollution BUT we should not do so at the expense of phony science and our freedom.

Al Gore said the science was settled. I think he meant the phony science was settled.

The real scientists have found that CO2 is beneficial to our existence and increased levels keep us from heating up.

Maybe Gore should return his Nobel.

Perhaps he can get a deal on shipping if he sends it back in the same box with Obama’s.

Cave canem!
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Hotter Than Hell In Vegas

Well, Satan’s spawn Harry Reid is from Nevada…

The temperatures in Vegas have hit 115 degrees for several days and at least one person has died from the heat. Is this global warming? Should we have a carbon tax to keep Vegas from frying?

Nah, Nevada is the home of Harry Reid and Vegas is Sin City so it is only right that it is hotter than Hell. The people who voted for Reid deserve to burn in Hell and it looks like they are getting a head start.

I am not too concerned that it is hot in Vegas.

That might be because I am not in Vegas but the way I see it our troops in the Middle East put up with high temperatures all the time and they have no choice in the matter. The folks in Vegas can suck it up and stay someplace cool until the temps go down a bit though it might not hurt to boot Reid out.

Or they could ask Al Gore to come speak about global warming. Seems that everytime he schedules one of those talks it gets cancelled by snow…

Cave canem!
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Climate Change Hits New Zealand And Europe Chills Out

It is springtime in New Zealand and the flowers are starting to bloom, the crops are being planted and tons of things that happen in the spring are taking place. One thing that took place was not welcome and it was climate change of epic proportions. Six days of blizzards have hit the Southland region and lots of lambs have been killed.

Following a reasonably benign winter, the Southland region of New Zealand (NZ) has in the past week been hit by “the worst spring storm in living memory” according to the NZ Herald.

Six days of blizzards have caused deaths among new lambs numbering in the hundreds of thousands, and raised concern over the welfare of ewes yet to lamb. Meat Trade News

Once again a region of the world has been affected by global warming.

And global warming is set to destroy Europe as this winter is predicted to be the coldest in 1000 years.

It must be man made global warming because Al Gore and his phony data said so.

But with hundreds of thousands of dead lambs and record cold temperatures I just don’t think Al and his buddies will be able to hide this decline.

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
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