Syrian Refugees Can Help With The Terror

The Obama regime is looking to bring about 10,000 Syrian refugees to the United States where they will undoubtedly receive lots of taxpayer money so they can have a place to live while they are taught English. They will probably get a place to live and money (all from the taxpayer) and will not become productive members of society.

These people are NOT our problem. It is not our job to take them in. There are plenty of Muslim nations that have lots of room and rich oil sheiks who can foot the bills. These people need to be relocated to other Middle Eastern countries, not into the US.

The pictures of the refugees all lined up is striking in that they are all male. I have yet to see a picture with women or children in it. One would suspect that a people escaping violence would include women and children. There are reports that members of ISIS are in those lines looking to come to the US. We are told not to worry because the regime will vet these folks.

Sure, like it vetted Hillary’s email set up?

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri is calling on all Muslims in Western countries, particularly the US, to conduct lone wolf attacks. Isn’t it convenient that Obama is helping out by importing Muslim men, many of whom are no doubt terrorists, into the nation so it will be that much easier.

In the view of big government statists nothing would be better than a crippling attack that frightens the population so that it will demand even more government control. Help us please! Please do what you want to us just keep us safe.

Not on my watch. We are Americans and we are forged from steel. If these lone wolf punks start trouble here then they will find out what it means to encounter a well armed citizenry.

Since Obama is hell bent on importing terror to this nation might I suggest (a suggestion I borrowed from my friend Kender) that they be placed in San Francisco, Chicago and Berkeley. I would add that they should be moved into DC and that all Obama voters should be required to take them in.

The defecation is soon going to hit the rotating cooling device and when it does the patriots of this nation will rise up to defend her once again.

I only have one piece of advice for the government.

Stay the hell out of our way.

Over a quarter of a million Muslims allowed in US annually

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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