Syria Thwarts Attack On US Embassy

Islamic terrorists (are there really any other kinds these days) stormed the US Embassy in Syria with automatic weapons, hand grenades and a vehicle filled with explosives. The Syrian police guarding the Embassy were able to thwart the attack. Conflicting reports indicate that either one or two people were killed (a police officer and maybe a guard).

Syria is a hot spot, especially since the recent Hezbollah/Israel conflict. Given that Syria is not particularly friendly to the US it is amazing that the police actually fought to stop the attack instead of joining in.

As the President said last night, the world is a dangerous place and there are those who want us dead. this is a cultural clash and it will not end until one side loses. The only way I intend to lose is to be killed in the fight. I hope that enough Americans feel this way or our country’s future is in grave danger.

BBC News

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One Response to “Syria Thwarts Attack On US Embassy”

  1. Soft targets II…

    The Damascus attack failed, it wasn’t the soft or easy target the militants hoped it would be. More attacks are certain to come, and TFM still believes the targets may not necessarily be the ones you most expect….