Sweet! Judge Invalidates Bloomberg Soda Ban

It came down to the wire. Tomorrow many businesses in New York City would have been required to stop selling large sized sugary drinks under rules from Nanny Bloomberg. A judge invalidated the law. It appears as if there is no problem with banning sugar but the implementation and penalties were all over the place.

In any event, the ban is not in place as of right now. This is a good thing and the only thing that would make it better would be for a judge to rule that it is none of government’s business what size sugary drink one consumes.

Bloomberg believes it is government’s business and that it has the right to tell a free people what and how much (of a legal substance) they may consume. This is an overreach because it is none of government’s business.

Of course, when people decide that government is responsible for health care then government can make the claim it can regulate what you do if it affects your health.

Free people can eat and drink what they want. If they get sick or die then that is on them. If insurance is a problem then charge them more for coverage if they are unhealthy. But they need to make sure that they are charging more for people who are higher risk and not just because they consume things that government or insurance companies do not like. There are plenty of healthy and active people who eat and drink what they want.

As an aside, ever notice government does not crack down on the size of containers that alcohol comes in? Perhaps it is because most of the politicians are boozers. No matter how you look at it a bunch of quart bottles of beer are much more harmful than the same amount of soda.

Back on point. Bloomberg has been running roughshod over New York for a while now and the sheeple there seem to bend over and take it without much of a fight.

Sure, some businesses found ways around the ban (like having customers add their own sugar to large coffees, etc) but that does not solve the problem of government overreach. Certainly government would eventually pass laws to address those methods of skirting the law…

Many other businesses spent quite a bit of money getting rid of stock that would be unlawful and in buying new glasses that met the new standard.

Those businesses should now sue the city for the costs they incurred because of the nanny state overreach.

Bloomberg is an idiot who needs to mind his own business. Free people can take their own decisions. We do not need morons in government telling us how to live our lives.

New York made a big mistake electing this buffoon. They made a bigger mistake by taking his abuse with little fight.

Give them an inch and they will take a mile and Bloomberg has taken many miles…

Funny, Bloomberg says it is not a ban but portion control. New York had a portion control with term limits on mayors. Bloomberg did not like that so he had it changed so he could run again. The portion controls put in place by the people were not to his liking but then again, he is a liberal elitist…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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