Sweet Caroline And The Life Of Entitlement

Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the late President by the same last name, has decided that she wants to be the next junior Senator from New York. Caroline wants to replace Hillary Clinton who will resign the seat to serve as Secretary of State (unless her confirmation hearing turns ugly and she withdraws). Caroline is on a tour of the state to introduce herself to the public and to make it clear that she should be selected by Governor Paterson to fill what is left of Clinton’s term.

The major problem is that Kennedy thinks she is entitled to the seat because of her last name. She has absolutely no political experience, she has been selectively involved in politics, and she has not voted in about half of the elections in about the last 20 years. The reality is that she has had little to do with politics and is now interested in the seat in New York because she is a Kennedy and thinks that in and of itself entitles her to the seat.

The amazing thing is that there are people who are pushing for her to get the seat. There are Democrats who think she would do a wonderful job as a Senator despite the fact that she has absolutely NO political experience. These would be the same Democrats who said that Sarah Palin lacked any experience and should not be a heartbeat way from the presidency. Of course, the same people making that claim ignored Obama’s lack of experience and made him the heartbeat.

So logical thought is not something we should expect from the left. But I want to be clear. The same group of feminists who say that women can do anything and deserve all the chances that men have were the ones jumping all over Palin. Despite the fact that she has more executive experience than all three of the other people who competed, they pinned her as the one without experience. I will say she was the least experienced at handling the media but she knows how to lead. John McCain knew how to do that at one time in his life.

Obama and Biden could not lead a group of people out of a burning building.

Anyway, Kennedy is nowhere near as qualified as Palin to hold office but the Democrats who are pushing for her to get the seat are ignoring their blatant double standard and holding Kennedy up as a model for the job even though she has zero, zip, nada, nyet, experience.

I understand that the qualifications for each job are different where Kennedy would be one of one hundred and Palin would have been one heartbeat away. The Palin argument was moot because Obama had less experience and fewer qualifications but they made it stick anyway. The point is, if the left is worried about qualified people then they should worry about them across the board.

Kennedy should stick to her philanthropic endeavors and leave politics to people better qualified.

Besides, she is doing much more for society in her current activities and this country can use more philanthropists and fewer politicians.

Caroline, I agree with very little of your political beliefs but that is of little consequence to me. I think you are better suited for the work you are doing now and that you serve the greater good right from where you are.

You appear to be well respected and admired. Don’t ruin that by whoring yourself out for a seat you have no experience to hold. People will resent that sense of entitlement.

I view that seat as one of entitlement in that the people of New York are entitled to have someone with experience representing them in the Senate.

Caroline Kennedy is not that person.


Big Dog

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3 Responses to “Sweet Caroline And The Life Of Entitlement”

  1. waij says:

    The two key attributes that determine whether someone has the capacity to perform in a certain role are INTELLECT and EXPERIENCE. And intellect is more important than experience. So I do not understand why you, and others, are fixated on experience only. Sarah Palin, by any stretch of the imagination, did not have the intellect to be Vice-president or President and her executive experience was minimal. George Bush did not have the intellect but had reasonable executive experience and age on his side.

    Obama has oodles of intellect, as anyone can see. Kennedy also has oodles of intellect. They also have some experience that is relevant to the roles they seek. After all, a good politician or leader basically needs clarity of thought to be able to articulate the needs of the people they represent in a way the people themselves cannot articulate, and then find innovative ways to meet those needs.

    So given that intellect is more likely than experience to allow someone to perform this role, it makes sense to go with the people with the former. As history shows, such people can fail in certain endeavours, but in terms of probability, intellect is more likely to succeed than experience. Raw intellect is in fact the only attribute that can ensure that someone can find innovative solutions to problems. Experience can never do that, it only allows people to tow the line or accept the status quo. In modern language, experience cannot allow people to ‘think out of the box’.

    So please, when we comment, we should do so from a broad understanding of the issues involved and not just concentrate on one aspect.

    • Big Dog says:

      Waij, you are so profound. And on what do you base your perceptions and assessment of what it takes to lead. While it is important for people to have intellect that will not allow one to lead well if he has no leadership experience.

      Who do you want leading you into battle, the guy with the genius IQ who just got there or the guy who is no genius but has been there and knows what is going on.

      In 24 years in the Army I met many people who were smart but could not lead, at least until the got some experience.

      Palin has the intellect and George Bush is much more intelligent that any of the elitist twits give him credit for.

      As for Obama, he is no doubt a smart man but he has no experience and it will show. Palin was as ready or more than Obama to lead as Obama has never been in charge of anything more than a group of rabble rousers.

      But Waij don’t let those of us with oodles of time on this planet and oodles of intellect and experience (BTW, I am more qualified to be president than Obama) get in the way of your hope and change mentality.

      People with experience know that hope is not a mission plan.

  2. Carla says:

    “oodles of intellect,” that is so profound