Surveillance Investigation

The FBI is now involved in an investigation involving the domestic surveillance that was revealed by the New York Times. This is not the kind of investigation that the left was looking for because this is an investigation to find out who leaked the Top-Secret program. Though I know that the program was legal and has precedence, I know many on the left want an investigation into whether the President violated the law. That is certainly an investigation that can be handled by the courts and it could have been done so while keeping the project secret.

Many legal scholars are coming out on both sides of the issue. They are divided in their opinions ranging from the leaker has whistle blower protection to leaking any classified information is a crime. I have to agree with the second, having military experience, I know that leaking classified information is a big no-no. I do not have a problem with a person who was concerned about the legality of the program. That is oversight that is expected from employees. The problem I have is who ever leaked the information took it upon himself to decide whether it was legal or not and reported it. This means, that if the courts say it was perfectly legal then the program is seriously damaged. The employee had many avenues in which to take this and avoid it going public.

Who ever leaked the information should be discovered, investigated, tried, and, if convicted, sent to jail. I will also be watching to see if the MSM gives this as much attention as the no big deal Valerie Plame “outing.” I imagine they will now be making excuses for this saying the person was just helping or wanted to report something that did not seem right. You can bet your paycheck they will not be calling for people to be frogmarched out of office buildings. No, they are not interested because they are worried that it was a Democrat that leaked it. In any event, who ever it was needs to get a day in court.

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