Surprise! Obama Is Out Of Touch

Barack Obama does two things very well. He campaigns and he vacations and he does both a lot. When he goes on his vacations we are told that he needs downtime and we are assured that he has a lot of technology that keeps him in control and in touch. It seems to me that in our world of technology there is no reason to doubt such a claim. In other words, the president can remain in touch with secure communications no matter where he is.

As for needing downtime, does he really work hard enough to need a vacation? I guess 200 rounds of golf and endless fundraisers tend to take a toll on a body…

So if Obama is in touch with staff and has all the modern communication devices at his fingertips, why does he need to leave his vacation to return to DC to meet with staff? The Hill is reporting that Obama will return to DC from Martha’s Vineyard for what is described as a face to face with his staff.

Why does he need to have a face to face? He can communicate with them via the secure communications devices and save the taxpayer a lot of money. The cost for the roundtrip travel will exceed a MILLION dollars. If Obama must travel back then he is admitting he is out of touch with his staff. Seems appropriate given his lifestyle and ideology is out of touch with the rest of America

That seems like an awfully lot of money just to have a face to face with his staff particularly when he is able to communicate remotely.

Perhaps Reggie Love will be in DC and this is a million dollar booty call (another kind of face to face).

Or, perhaps Obama is going to announce some executive action on immigration or other issue. Since Congress is in recess now would be an opportune time for him to spring another rogue edict on the people. The Hill story states that Obama’s spokespeople say that they are not anticipating a major announcement but this is the Obama regime and it lies all the time. If it announced some executive action prior to his return to DC Congress would have time to react. If he just shows up for an alleged face to face he can make any announcement he wants and it will grow legs before Congress can react.

It is no secret that Obama intends to use executive action on immigration. He has not gotten his way from Congress and when that happens Obama uses his pen and his phone. The original timeline indicated he would take action after Labor Day but this is an election year and many Democrats facing tough reelection balked at the idea of doing this so close to the election. If he does it a few weeks early it will be old news by the time people start paying attention to campaigns which, by the way, is after Labor Day.

The low information voters will have forgotten all of this by the time they pig out on ribs and beer (no doubt paid for with EBT cards) and members of Congress will be caught flatfooted because they expected to take up the fight next month.

I suspect the face to face is a farce and there will be some major announcement. If that happens you can be sure it will be controversial.

Otherwise he would have waited.

This guy is lawless and he is imposing his will on the country contrary to the founding principles of this nation.

Of course all of this is speculation. For all I know he might just want to get away from that beast he is married to.

I imagine he is not the only one who would blow a million dollars to do so…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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