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Some time ago a woman found a finger in a bowl of chili. There was a lot of grossed out people and everyone was wondering how that could happen. Surfside wrote a post here that pointed to all the inconsistencies, especially the fact that no one showed up looking for a finger. One would assume that a person missing a finger would be looking for it, or as Surfside put it:

When I first heard the story, repulsion was the initial reaction. The longer I thought about it, though, the more I thought: “Something smells in this story . . . and, it isn’t the finger.” The finger had to come off someone’s hand, right? Doesn’t someone notice when their finger falls off? One would think so. Given the litigious nature of our country, it would be a nightmare scenario for a food vendor. Obviously, Wendy’s is living that nightmare.

Today, the couple who perpetrated the scam received 9 years in jail. That seems kind of harsh considering some people get 6 months for murder but they disgusted a lot of people and the judge was not too happy with them. In any event, they will not be enjoying fast food (unless fast is description of it passing by in a prison food fight).


Surfside: The Finger Told The Tale

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One Response to “SurfSide Said It First”

  1. Rosemary says:

    lol. Maybe they’ll find someone in the whoscow to sue? lol.