Surfside Checks In

As many of you will recall Surfside is in Louisiana working with the Red Cross. After Katrina she took RC training and put herself on the list to go help. They called her out last Saturday. She told me that there are still bodies being discovered in the 9th ward and that the whole area is a toxic wasteland (though she has not been completely through New Orleans, which she will see tomorrow). Her assessment is that it will all need to be bulldozed and cleaned before anything can be rebuilt.

Surfside is a natural born leader and she was placed in charge of some logistical operations. She has been working long days and helping to get people’s lives back together. She told me that she has tomorrow off and they will be touring NO and then she is going to Bourbon Street to take a look around (and maybe have a hurricane).

I told her that some of you had asked about her and she asked that I let you know she is doing well but is very tired.

I thought you would appreciate knowing how she is doing.

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One Response to “Surfside Checks In”

  1. The Wayfarer says:

    God bless you, Surfside, and thank you.

    Big Dog, you and I have a mutual friend who also volunteered his time and efforts to help those in need in that region. These men and women (and there are hundreds and thousands of them) who put their own lives on hold to lend their time and talents to help those in need do us all proud!