Surfside’s Political Peeves

Being in a particularly cynical mood today, let me share some pet peeves that have lately stuck in my craw. Think of it as Surfside’s Top 20 list of political annoyances. It was going to be 10, but they just kept coming.

20. If we make Election Day a holiday, doesn’t that mean we have to pay all federal workers to sit at home without getting work done; and, all those working the election triple pay? Now, that ought to help the budget. For more than 225 years, people have managed to get themselves to their polling places. All of a sudden, it’s an impossible task? Why?

19. It should be illegal to raise funds in a state other than the one where you are running for senate/congressional seat. If not, who is really your constituency: your donors, or those who actually elected you? Isn’t it a conflict of interest?

18. Jesse Jackson needs to retire. The Neverland Ranch search was nothing like the Branch Davidian compound debacle. Give me a break!

17. John Kerry is not smarter than George Bush. We now have proof.

16. The filibuster is not mentioned in the Constitution.

15. God was specifically mentioned by our Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence.

14. Our laws were written based on Judeo-Christian values. The Ten Commandments are actually engraved on the oak courtroom doors in the Supreme Court building.

13. The Right deserves to be represented on the bench just as much as the Left does.

12. We treat our prisoners better than virtually any other country in the world, and certainly significantly better than the terrorists treat theirs.

11. Bush is not responsible for the current loss of life in Iraq — the terrorists are.

10. Hillary’s trying to move to the center. Stop denying it.

9. Pork Barrel spending runs across party lines. Stop spending our money like it’s water and allocate it properly.

8. Vermont should be booted from the United States of America. It clearly wants to be part of Canada, anyway. How can we trust a populace which elects/supports the likes of Jim Jeffords, Howard Dean and the new socialist candidate for the Senate, Bernie Sanders?

7. Nuclear energy is not clean. Ask the citizens near Yucca Mountain, Nevada and Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania. It’s clearly a NIMBY situation.

6. Pro-choice is Pro-Abortion. Call a spade a spade.

5. It’s hard to justify taking a criminal’s life when you are purported to be Pro-Life.

4. It’s impossible to justify taking the life of an innocent baby, yet argue a condemned serial killer should live.

3. Stop blaming Jeb Bush for Florida’s presidential election problems in 2000 and 2004. Since 1845, 33 out of a total of 43 Florida governors have been Democrats. No one complained about voting procedures and disenfranchisement during their tenure.

2. The 2000 and 2004 elections are long over. The Dems lost; and, the Republicans won. Get over it and move on.

1. Stop the personal attacks on Republicans — and conservatives in general. Howard Dean, this means you! (Can someone please muzzle the guy?)

All you cynics, please join in by adding your pet peeves in the comment section. Who knows? Maybe you’ll give me some good post ideas. (Note ; Big Dog and I disagree on some of these issues.)

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6 Responses to “Surfside’s Political Peeves”

  1. Big Dog says:

    Abortion is an action that takes an innocent life.

    The death PENALTY is an action meant to punish someone for a crime that was committed.

    You can be pro-life and support the death penalty because one is a crime and the other is not (murder is a crime, killing is not). The Ten Commandments actually read Thou shall not murder. God inspired David to kill his enemy but Cain committed murder.

  2. Big Dog says:

    There is no such thing as separation of Church and State. This is a liberal idea with no legal basis.

  3. Surfside says:

    The death penalty is taking of a life. It may not be murder, but it is irreversible. Given the fact that the legal system is not perfect and guilty men and women have been proven innocent, I’m not altogether sure we should using capital punishment except in extreme cases. Our legal system is based on the premise that it’s better to let a guilty man go free, than to punish an innocent man.

  4. Big Dog says:

    True and I have often said I would rather put the criminal in jail with no parole ever. It is much worse than death. However, there are cases where there is no doubt and the person deserves to die. If my child were killed by one of the animals like in Florida, I would want justice and I would want the most severe. Of course I would be willing to forgo the sentence if I were allowed 5 minutes with the scum….

  5. Adam says:

    Yeah, the US already locks up more people than any other country. Let’s just keep them all there longer too…

  6. Big Dog says:

    What would you have us do with people who break the law Adam? Do you suppose we could just let them run the streets. Oh wait, that is what they did with the sex offenders in Florida. Then those good fellows raped and killed a couple of little girls. Hell, these girls lost their lives because we did not want to put scum behind bars.

    When you commit a crime you need to be punished. If you murder someone you need to be in jail FOREVER! If they get the death penalty and there is no doubt, then they need to die. This country needs to stop worrying about how the criminal feels and start worrying about how the victims have been affected.

    Once again, you think it matters what we do compared to other countries. We put criminals in jail. Perhaps if other countries did the same they could reduce their crime problems.