Sure, They Support The Troops

The left continually finds ways to say something negative about our military. They tell us they support the troops then they go out of their way to say bad things. I know that some bad things have happened. 1% of the troops do something bad and the left portrays all troops as bad people. They fail to mention that those who did the bad things are punished, they just continue to bang a tired, worn drum. This is from a post at Lost Adam:

A UNITED Nations human rights investigator yesterday accused British and US forces in Iraq of breaching international law by depriving civilians of food and water in besieged cities as they tried to flush out militants.

But the US military denied the charge and said that while supplies were sometimes disrupted by combat, food was never deliberately withheld.

You see that a UN official has made an accusation. The US military has refuted the claim but the writer gives the impression that the military is lying. The left continually believes everyone else and discounts our troops. I want to know where the UN was when Democratic Governor Blanco and Democratic Mayor Nagin withheld food and water from the victims of Katrina. Where was the left telling us that nothing good can come from Democrats in Louisiana? Why is it that an alleged human rights violation is taken as fact and a proven one is disregarded?

This is one of the things that drives me nuts about the moonbats.

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