Sure Hope The Militia Stuck Around

I knew there was something fishy about the BLM announcing it was leaving the Bundy Ranch. The BLM and local authorities asked everyone to remain calm while the BLM packed up and left. The supporters were happy because they had “won”.

But did they?

Harry Reid said this was not over and now it looks like it is not. While the BLM was saying it would seek administrative ways to handle the situation events on the ground tell a very different story.

GOP Daily Dose is reporting that the feds are moving in with a Command Post, paddy wagons and lots of officers. The video posted at the site matches that narrative and gives the appearance that the feds are back and ready for war.

I knew the BLM was lying when it said it was leaving. It pulled back just to get the supporters to leave. Now the government is back with a larger force and ready for bloodshed.

I hope the militia members who arrived there stayed and I hope those who were in route did not turn around. The Bundys will need a lot of well armed militia to fend off the invasion that is no doubt going to happen.

My guess is an assault in the middle of the night with overwhelming numbers of armed, trigger happy federal agents. It would be a shame if they did not meet much resistance.

I truly hope the militia stayed and more showed and there is a huge force in hiding waiting for them when they come.

If the Bundys have no help there and the BLM assaults them there will be hell to pay. You can rest assured that no one will leave the next site and there will be a lot of short fuses on the freedom side.

I agree with the man who said they won’t fire the first shot heard round the world but they will fire the rest of them.

The link above has a still and a video of what is taking place.

God bless the Bundys and those who are there to help them. May they be successful in defeating this tyranny.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Sure Hope The Militia Stuck Around”

  1. Blake says:

    The Bundys have lost twice on the legal front- the problem is the judicial system that blindly follows the gubbmint’s dictates.
    That land was in Bundy possession long before the BLM got to it.
    In a real world, a just world, the State of Nevada would have “grandfathered” them into the system on a reduced or free basis- but this is really about the “King’s” land, and possession of said land.
    I guess Woody Guthrie was wrong- this isn’t our land-