Sure Glad It Is Just The JV Team

Obama once called ISIS the JV team. That team is spreading out and brutalizing everything in its path and it appears as if little stands in its way.

The animals of the JV team have captured and murdered people all across the Middle East and what they do to women they do not murder is just as horrifying.

ISIS JV team members gang rape females as young as 9. One such girl was repeatedly raped, beaten and tortured and became impregnated with the baby of one of her attackers. She is frail and broken and will likely not survive childbirth even if a C Section is tried.

These animals have no regard for human life but don’t worry, they are only the JV team.

Let’s all be thankful they did not send the varsity team…

Obama is an amateur and he has no idea how to run things. What needs to happen is we need to dispense with all the high school jargon about JV or varsity and send in the professionals.

Unleash our professional military on these animals with rules of engagement that will allow them to rain pure hell on those animals.

I know Obama does not want to upset his brothers in ISIS but the time has come to rid the world of these animals.

Unleash the dogs of war and be done with it.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Sure Glad It Is Just The JV Team”

  1. Barbara says:

    This article brought me to tears, the girls they do these things too is what my tears are for. I hope and pray God Will punish these Evil bastards soon. We need a President quick that will have the balls to go and KIll every one of those ANIMALS. Not a President that is related to those ANIMALS and keeps kissing their asses and protecting them.

  2. Blake says:

    It is time we revamped our military to smaller, quicker response units, possibly 100 member teams broken into five man teams able to operate in team or unit components, and then (especially since these ragheads are no recognized army of any recognized country), do WHATEVER needs to be done- no rules apply. Just kill’em.