Supreme Court Not So Supreme

It would appear that being a lawyer does not mean that one could be an effective Supreme Court justice. Every member of the SCOTUS is a lawyer but they can not get the laws right. They are continually interpreting the Constitution with little regard for the actual words or intent. I have discussed the issue of separation of church and state. That is not a requirement of the Constitution. The Constitution says that Congress shall make no law establishing a religion or prevent the free exercise thereof.

We have these recent cases of the SCOTUS deciding on the placement of the Ten Commandments in government buildings. The Supreme Court ruled that this was a violation of the separation clause. As I have stated, there is no such clause. In addition, the people in a state put up the Ten Commandments. Congress did not enact a law establishing a religion. Some people put them up. However, the Supreme Court has violated the part that says shall not prevent the free exercise thereof. The SC has decided that people in these states are not free to exercise their religious beliefs. The SC is in a tough spot because the doors to the SCOTUS have the Ten Commandments inscribed in them.

The same SC decided that a monument of the Ten Commandments in Texas could stay because it has been there for 40 or so years and no one complained. Plus there are other non-religious items around the monument. I wish the Supreme Court justices would take their heads out of their duffel bags and actually read the Constitution for a change. I think they must be getting senile. Of course, the liberal justices were once again the ones who decided the outcome. Leave it to them to do things that run counter to America (75% of people surveyed say they have no problem with the TC being displayed). Of course, it does not really matter what the people want. The fact is the display does not violate the Constitution.

I believe that the justices have opened Pandora’s box. What next? Will our money have “In God we trust” removed? Will they remove Christmas from the list of federal holidays? How about Thanksgiving, when we give thanks to GOD. Goodness knows we can not have the government sponsoring religious holidays. Will these idiots demand that Crosses and Stars of David that mark the graves of our service members in federally owned cemeteries be removed? They are, after all, on federal property.

The unfortunate truth is that Judeo-Christian beliefs have been under attack for some time. It is not just the Christians who are getting singled out. The Jews are also a part of this. The Ten Commandments were given to the Jews by God. Moses was a Jew and he was the one to whom God gave them. The Christians did not exist at that time and therefore could not yet be following God’s law.

Until we get control of the judiciary back and prevent these judges from becoming radicals we will live with these kinds of gaffs. The Christians and Jews of this country will be denied their rights while we ensure that the terrorists held in captivity get a praying rug, a Koran, and signs pointing them to Mecca.

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