Superman’s Wife Backs Super Flipper

Dana Reeve, wife of the late actor Christopher Reeve, announced today that she is backing John Kerry for president of the United States. Ms. Reeve cited Kerry’s support for stem cell research as the reason for her decision. Ms. Reeve appeared at a Kerry rally today to make her announcement. She stated that her appearance and support were unsolicited. While I have my doubts about this, I will take her at her word unless evidence to the contrary surfaces.

It is amazing that with all the issues that face us today Ms. Reeve based her decision upon Kerry’s support for a science that has little promise of near term success. It is doubtful that there would have been a breakthrough helpful to her husband. Perhaps she was swayed by John Edwards’ assertion that if Kerry was in the White House Christopher Reeve would get up from that wheelchair and walk. Perhaps she holds out hope that if John Kerry could make that happen he could also raise her husband from the dead.

It is not surprising that Ms. Reeve held out hope that this would help her husband. It is only natural to believe in miracles when a loved one is afflicted with disease or injury. Unfortunately, Ms. Reeve was not then, nor is she now, able to face reality. Success in stem cell research is tenuous at best and there has been little evidence that it holds any promise in the near future. There is also evidence that it causes other health problems. Of course, this would be great for John Edwards and his lawyer friends. They could just step up to the trough and feed off the lawsuits.

George Bush has already provided funding for stem cell research. He just won’t let babies be aborted to provide the cells. This is his moral position. It is not right to kill one being to give another life or a better life. This is no different than removing a heart from a healthy youngster to put it in an old cardiac patient so he can live longer. The one’s death does not justify the other’s life. It is sad that the people who are using this issue for political gain can not see that distinction.

I wonder what Ms. Reeve’s reaction would have been if they told her they could use parts from one of her children to make her husband whole again, but that it would cost her child’s life? How then can she feel it is OK for someone else’s child to die to make her husband whole again?

All in all it was an interesting announcement. The only thing missing was a few people in wheelchairs for Kerry to bonk on the head so they could get up and walk.

Perhaps we would be better off today if stem cell research was an issue when John Kerry was in the womb and they had harvested his cells.

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