A Farewell to Football

For the few of you who don’t know, we balance on the eve of Superbowl weekend. There are times in life when you have to indulge passion in lieu of perspective. This is one of those times. That’s right, I am a woman who loves football. There are more of us around than you know. Some stay in the closet, worried that their femininity may be called into question. I say, “Heck with that!” Six months a year, I yell at the TV screen, bemoan bad calls, and cheer touchdowns — even if I’m the only one in the room.

For you Superbowl hosts and hostesses out there, let me give you a little advice: have at least two TVs tuned to the game. Why? Well, there are three types of people that attend a Superbowl party: die-hard football fanatics (like myself); social football enthusiasts (who know TO, but not Troy Polamalu); and, those just there for a good party. Your die-hard fanatics will appreciate a viewing area where they don’t have to make small talk, explain fouls, or miss a play when someone walks in front of the TV. Don’t worry about in which room the TiVo is. Die-hard fans wouldn’t miss a play. And, if by some nasty quirk of fate they did, they would not sacrifice the next play in order to replay the one missed.

And, I’d like to extend a big “Thanks” to all you significant others who have lived with our passion through the past six months. On Monday morning, we will mothball our terrible towels, cheese heads, face paint and foam fingers. The world will seem a bit duller. For the next six months, we will go out to dinner on a Sunday, even if the restaurant doesn’t have a TV. In our hearts, though, we will anticipate August and the coming of pre-season action — for the passion never dies.

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