Suicide Bombers Without The Bombs

Three terrorists being held at Club Gitmo in beautiful sunny Cuba hanged themselves over the weekend. Looks like terrorists have been having problems this week with staying in and getting bombed or just hanging around. Well, now we are hearing all the outcry from the people who think that holding terrorists in jail offends them. We even have the Saudis complaining about human rights. Now that in and of itself is a laugh. These terrorists and their supporters could be in the Democratic party the way they keep a straight face when saying such outlandish things. Here are a few quotes from the article:

Military officials said the suicides were coordinated acts of protests, but human rights activists and defense attorneys said the deaths signaled the desperation of many of the 460 detainees held on suspicion of links to al-Qaida and the Taliban.
Amnesty International said the apparent suicides “are the tragic results of years of arbitrary and indefinite detention” and called the prison “an indictment” of the Bush administration’s human rights record.
To help prevent more suicides, guards will now give bed sheets to detainees only when they go to bed and remove them after they wake up in the morning, Harris said.

Let’s take a look at these things. Will someone explain to me why it is that when a terrorist in jail commits suicide by hanging himself it is an act of desperation but when he straps a bomb to his chest and kills a bunch of women and children he is an insurgent and a freedom fighter protesting the west? Why is it when these guys commit suicide and kill others they are heroes but if they die alone they are not? How is it that Bush can get blamed when a suicide bomber kills himself and many innocents and yet also get blamed when the same kind of person commits suicide and kills no one else? The fact that these guys killed themselves does not bother me one bit. They would have done that if they were free and others would have died. Just consider them suicide bombers in training who failed the class. Additionally, if the dead guys did this out of desperation can we conclude that desperation is what causes them to blow themselves up? Since desperation causes suicide we can now see, with the help of the left, that these suicide bombers kill themselves out of desperation because they are LOSING the war.

Now for the dumb asses at Amnesty International. Let us understand that the first problem with this organization is AMNESTY. That means to forget that a person has done bad things. Like our Senate wants to do with ILLEGALS. One can only hope that the folks from AI are the targets if these monsters are released. However, looking at the statement one has to see the obvious moonbat contradictions. First there is the subtle swipe at the military in the “apparent suicides” (translated: They say it is suicide but the murderers in the military probably did it and are trying to cover it up). Then we hear about these suicides being the tragic results of us holding them captive, blah, blah. OK, then what events cause these guys to blow themselves up when they are not captive? When they are not at Club Gitmo and are roaming around the sandbox they should have no reason to commit suicide so why do they? Perhaps, as the Admiral says in the article. They have no regard for human life, ours or their own.

And last, they military will take away bedsheets in the morning and issue them at night. What do you want to bet that some jackass from the left side of Congress calls this torture? My God, we can not take away their sheets! If we do that what will they wear on their heads? I say why should we give them any sheets at all? They are used to sleeping on the sand, not having bed sheets should be no problem. But if they are bound to hang themselves then I say given them a whole linen closet full of sheets. But mark my words, someone will complain that these terrorists are being deprived of bed sheets.

Oh yeah, prisoners in US jails commit suicide all the time. If we follow the logic of these folks, we will need to release all criminals so they do not become desperate. Oh wait, the only people our government lets get away with crime are the ILLEGALS…

They had better be careful down at Club Gitmo or John Murtha is going to accuse them of murder……

Source: My Way News

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11 Responses to “Suicide Bombers Without The Bombs”

  1. John K. says:

    Not sure how often you listen to Rush Limbaugh, but his Club Gitmo apparel is a must have for so so so many people. My first (and really, only) response to enemy combatants committing suicide is…”what took you so long?”. Keep up the good posts Big Dog!!!

    Check out the Rush stuff here:

  2. Bosun says:

    Still think is saves taxpayer dollars when they kill themselves. One of the boys had is ticket home. Guess he did not want to back to the middle east.

  3. Jo says:

    Isn’t suicide against most religions, including Islam?

  4. Laurie says:

    “My God, we can not take away their sheets! If we do that what will they wear on their heads?”


    Jo said: Isn’t suicide against most religions, including Islam?

    Yes, I believe you are right. But we know they are not religious, or they wouldn’t have been plotting to kill people either. Or rather, they must be “cafeteria Muslims”. Like “cafeteria Christians” they just pick and choose which parts they want to believe and follow, the parts that back up their political beliefs.

  5. N. Mallory says:

    Bosun — perhaps if someone had told the poor guy that he was actually going home…in fact, no one told him that he had been cleared of all wrong doing and was being set free. The U.S. hadn’t set him free yet because the U.S. couldn’t decide what country to send him to. I guess maybe the U.S. should have asked him.

  6. Big Dog says:

    Now we don’t know if he knew or not. We could have asked him but most of them do not want to go to certain places or they will be killed.

    We don’t just sit around and decide where to send them. They complain that they can not go home so we try to accomodate them. I think maybe we should just send them to the country the are from and they can deal with the problems there.

  7. N. Mallory says:

    Well, the report I heard on NPR this morning was that he had not yet been told he was being released by the U.S. because the U.S. had not yet determined where to send him.

    Either way, I wonder why he hadn’t been moved to that “nicer” area where they keep those other detainees they haven’t figured out what to do with even though they’ve been cleared of everything. Aren’t they being kept in a separate part of the prison?

  8. Big Dog says:

    I think that nicer area was shut down after all those guys rioted and attacked the guards.

  9. N. Mallory says:

    Well, gosh, it’s not like once we’ve cleared them of wrong-doing, we’re putting them up at the Hilton and treating them like they’re innocent. We still treat them like they’re prisoners and criminals.

    If it were Americans in their position, you’d be cheering them on. In fact, there’d be a movie made about them recognizing them as heroes. It’s really all about perspective.

    Great, now I have to go add The Great Escape to my Netflix list.

  10. Big Dog says:

    The thing about prison is that when a few people break the rules they all get punished. We just shut down a nicer area, our enemies shot people who tried to escape.

    This is more a POW camp than a criminal prison though terrorists are criminals. It is the duty of every military prisoner to try and escape. I would cheer that from any military man (though these guys are in no way honorable enough to wear a uniform). Rioting is another issue. They attacked the guards and they can be punished for that. Anyone can and they were.

    We do not just go pick people up off the street and put them there. They are in for a reason. Even those who are cleared are not innocent, just cleared from certain items that made us keep them.

  11. N. Mallory says:

    Even those who are cleared are not innocent, just cleared from certain items that made us keep them.

    That’s not true. At least two of the guys who were cleared last year who’ve made most of the news from that “nice” part of the prison were kidnapped by bounty hunters and turned over to our guys with no questions asked. They just happened to be in the wrong place, trying to get from one country to another, seeking religious sanctuary of all things. It’s one of the reasons why I find it very frustrating why the US won’t release them and find them a safe place in the US. Aren’t we supposed to be about freedom of religion? Wasn’t that what we were founded on?

    I can’t imagine why anyone would be discouraged and depressed and filled with hatred for my captors after years of being held in such conditions for having done nothing criminal nor having had any intention to commit any act of terrorism. They’re being treated as POWs after being kidnapped and they weren’t even soldiers in the war.