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Substance and Style Equals Win for Cheney

Well, the one and only vice presidential debate is over. This was clearly a win for vice president Cheney. He showed poise and style. John Edwards came out of the gate aggressively but ended up looking like a small dog yapping at the feet of a grown man. He tried to attack the record of the Bush administration and again harped the lines about global test and getting other nations to help. Then he demeaned the sacrifices the Iraqi people are making in their own country. He and Kerry will not get help if they keep alienating everyone.
I will give Edwards credit that he held his own but he said little. He kept repeating the same democratic, liberal mantra. Cheney attacked the senate records of both Kerry and Edwards and let the American people know that these two are absent so much they are not qualified to lead our country. He continually showed the American people that the two were either absent or voted against the things they claim to support. Tonight John Kerry’s worst nightmare came true. Someone called him on his 20 year record in the senate. The MSM and John Kerry have avoided this like the plague because this is a real vulnerability for Kerry. John Kerry did not mention his senate career at his convention and instead focused on his 4 months in Vietnam. This was telling then and is more telling now. I think that the zingers Cheney unleashed hit the target and penetrated deeply.
One of the most important decisions a president can make is who will be his vice president. We saw tonight that George Bush is a man who makes right decisions.
The spin has started and as you might expect, each side is claiming triumph. I doubt the core supporters for each side have changed their views but I think Dick Cheney made an impression on those who have yet to decide.
Mary Beth Cahill was on and said that Bush and Cheney only want to focus on the past and that is why they keep bringing up the $87 billion vote etc. Focus on the past? Sort of like a man who runs for the presidency based on his 30 year old service in Vietnam…