Stupidity To The Left, More Stupidity From The Left

Oh Boy! How’s that stimulus working out for all you Americans out of work? Seen any “created” jobs lately? Not many, unless you are Chinese- they are getting a large part of stimulus cash to make wind turbines and sell them to the “Gwai-loh”, or barbaric Americans. That’s right, instead of keeping the manufacturing jobs of building the wind turbines and blades here at home, where jobs would actually have been created, (can’t have that- how are you supposed to keep people believing that they are victims, if you help them?), the administration has chosen to send all that money and jobs overseas, where it helps us not at all.

A consortium of Chinese and American companies announced a joint venture Thursday to construct a massive 600-megawatt wind farm in West Texas, using wind turbines manufactured in China.

$1.5 billion wind farm would be funded largely by Chinese financiers, with an assist from the United States government in the form of loan guarantees and grants from the federal stimulus package.

“This wind farm project came about thanks to the openness of the United States for investments in the field of renewable energy,” said John Lin, the chief operating officer of Shenyang Power Group, an industrial group in China focused on renewable energy projects.

No, actually the project came about because our feckless leader is a traitor who lies as easily as waking up- all of these jobs could have stayed here in the US, but since we (actually Nobama’s administration) owe China sooooooooooooooo much money, the pressure was applied, and everyone in the WH began learning Mandarin- all the better for talking whilst being bent over and driven to Shanghai by the Chinese.

“Created or saved jobs”- the big lie. There are no jobs created here by this venture- certainly no manufacturing jobs. I would think the unions would be howling with outrage- they certainly would if this was done by Dubya. But since they have been getting stroked by the WH for the last several years, like lizards rubbed on the belly, it may take them awhile to wake up.

According to a recent article in The New York Times by Keith Bradsher, China required 80 percent of the materials used to construct its first solar power plant earlier this year come from China.

Foreign manufacturers of wind turbines have struggled to gain entry into the Chinese market, Mr. Bradsher reported.

Well, in this instance, it is not the Chinese market that we are trying to “enter”- it is our own, and we should be able to do this better, with more innovation, and keep the jobs at home. We could do this, but noooooooooooooo.

Instead, (perhaps because all the WH loves Mao) the Chinese get the lion’s share of the work. And as for jobs, well, I will let this article say it all-

The project would mark the first instance of a Chinese manufacturer exporting wind turbines to the United States market, according to the vice mayor of the city of Shenyang, Yang Yazhou, who spoke at a news conference announcing the joint venture.

The farm is to be built on 36,000 acres in western Texas — an exact location was not specified — and will use 240 2.5-megawatt turbines manufactured in China. Construction is expected to begin next March. The project will create an estimated 300 temporary construction jobs, and 30 permanent jobs.

300 temporary jobs and 30 permanent jobs. Somehow, I believe if we were manufacturing these turbines ourselves, there might be more than just *30* permanent jobs. That is not very many, even by the White House’s dubious accounting methods of “saved” jobs. And you know that a bunch of the 300 temporary jobs will go to illegal aliens- that’s a given, considering who is in the White House.

All in all, this deal benefits a select few, most of them either Chinese, or the leeches in the administration, like Jeffery Immelt, the CEO of GE, who gets a cut of this deal. 

The turbines for the Texas wind farm, although slated for construction in China, will use technology from the United States and Europe, including a turbine designed by German wind power manufacturer Fuhrlander and gear box design by General Electric.

Yes, in most logical societies, Jeffery Immelt’s being inside the WH should disqualify him and/ or his company from deals involving him and the government- a conflict of interest, you see. If this was Haliburton and Cheney, the howls of outrage would be heard coast to coast, but not from this liberal crowd- they can’t see the hypocrisy here.

When it comes to liberal hypocrisy, they are blind, deaf, and dumb.

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5 Responses to “Stupidity To The Left, More Stupidity From The Left”

  1. Darrel says:

    “Somebody call the waaaambulance!”

    We shouldn’t be doing windpower, and please don’t let the Chinese do it either.

    Drill here, drill now!

    I guess in Blakes little rubber room, the only thing worst than us doing wind power… is the Chinese doing it with us. At least it’s not the Russians!

    • Blake says:

      Quit being obtuse, Dar- I know we will be doing wind power- As I have stated before (let’s see if you can comprehend this) I am not against wind power- or solar, for that matter.
      I am against 1)- crippling our economy by refusing to drill to fill in the energy gaps while everything else comes on line in an orderly fashion that does not harm our economy ( is THAT plain enough for you, D?), and 2)- I am against the Chinese manufacturing these turbines, and the jobs that the Liar in Chief said would be Americans’ go overseas, along with more of our money. And IS THAT plain enough for you to understand?

    • Darrel says:

      BLK: “I am against 1)- crippling our economy by refusing to drill to fill in the energy gaps”>>

      1) Oil is a world traded commodity. We have about 2% of the world’s reserves and consume about 20% of the world’s oil. It has a price/value and in this regard, it doesn’t matter where it comes from. Thus making your “drill now” slogan hardly relevant in the big picture.
      We’ll get to our hard to get to final last drops as it becomes economically feasible (higher prices), but again, barely relevant on the world stage.
      Personally, I am for sitting on it for a while so as not to encourage the dumb dumbs to flush more down their pickups. We’ll need it for fertilizers for our crops. Most of our food comes from fertilizers using the hydrocarbons from oil. We basically eat it. We’ll miss it when it’s gone.

      BLK: “2)- I am against the Chinese manufacturing these turbines”>>

      Then you must be ticked about them getting your iconic, American, Hummers.

      But good, you are for more American involvement/production of wind power. Welcome aboard. Welcome to the place sensible liberals were decades ago. There are a lot of issues you will soon be joining sensible people on, whether you have to be dragged like a contrarian four year old or not.

      Prepare yourself for reality and the future. It’s a nice place to visit but you ought to try living there.


      • Blake says:

        Your estimates of oil reserves could be off by a statistically significant amount- hell, they didn’t even know about the Brazil oil field fifteen years ago, now they say it could rival Saudi Arabia- and we might have that much off hte coasts- but we won’t have that good an idea unless and until we drill some exploratory holes- something Hussein is not willing to do.
        And while oil is an internationally traded and sold commodity, the shipping costs would be significantly less if we only had to ship from our coasts, and we wouldn’t have to worry about ignorant tribesmen from Kenya, or towelheads from the middle east, all intent on stopping the flow of oil to the US.
        And why no nuclear? That really stumps me- a person has to be ignorant on the order of an invertebrate to be against this, but this is so in this admin.
        And I am for whatever produces jobs- do I think that wind/ solar are the future? No. They are a stopgap measure that fills in some holes in our infrastructure, but they are not the desired end result.

      • Blake says:

        And, No- I care not for the Hummer, but if I was rich enough to have one, I’d get a drunken party of hunters, and we’d go goat hunting on your land- I understand even George Clooney can scare a goat. That’s actually not surprising….