Student Wants Education, Not Brainwashing

A 16 year old high school student from Aurora, Sean Allen, taped one of his teachers going off on liberal rants and now the teacher is being investigated to see if his remarks were out of line. The teacher, Jay Bennish, injected his beliefs into a discussion and that upset the student. I listened to the tape and for the most part, I think the teacher was in line. There were times when he went off on a tangent and though he bashed President Bush quite a bit, he did zing former President Clinton once or twice.

I think that some of the remarks he made were out of line. I also think he was quite misinformed about a few of the things he said. He injected that the war in Iraq was illegal, though that has not been established and he did not indicate that it could be considered illegal, he flat out told it as if it were gospel. He said George Bush was not exactly like Hitler. This is an uncalled for remark. He basically said he is like Hitler but not exactly. He also equated the plants in South America from which cocaine is extracted to tobacco and asked the students why South American countries should not attack North Carolina for producing a crop that kills a lot of their people. The teacher failed to recognize that tobacco is a legal product that their government imports and cocaine is an illegal product that we try to keep out of here but they import it illegally.

I wish I were a student in this class. I would have cleaned this guy’s clock with the facts. I think he would have been crying when it was over, he seems like that kind of guy. But I don’t think that what he said was as anti-conservative as it was anti America. He placed the blame for almost every evil in the world on the US and gave us the perspective of the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11. He rationalized their behavior and gave an Adamesque blow back analogy. Once again we are the bad guys for everything.

America bashing, terrorist defending, and sympathetic to our enemies. I guess the guy is a typical liberal after all.

Look out Sean. All the liberal teachers will be out to get you. I bet they make you stop using your tape recorder in class.

Hear the teacher on KOA Denver

UPDATE: Courtesy of Stop the ACLU
Anti-US geography teacher, Jay Bennish, that was taped by a student calling the U.S. the most violent nation on earth, has hired an ACLU attorney. Not just any ACLU attorney, but the same one that Ward Churchill had, David Lane.

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