Stop While We Get Your DNA

People in Fort Worth Texas were funneled into a single lane and then they were asked to move into a parking lot. There were contractors working on some government program to collect DNA to see the number of people on the road who were driving with an intoxicating substance in their system. People could give a mouth swab, blood or do a breathalyzer.

All of this was voluntary and there were plenty of signs indicating so and people were paid if they gave a mouth swab or blood.

BUT, it did not feel voluntary. People who read the signs and did not want to participate were still forced to pull into the parking lot by Fort Worth police officers. People indicated that they were told it was voluntary but it did not feel voluntary. They were detained even if they did not want to participate.

One of the handouts indicated that the air inside the car was passively monitored for alcohol (this is done with small machines that sample the air which contains the exhaled air of the driver). No one volunteered for that but it was done as part of the process that forced them off the road and delayed them.

It does not matter if the entire exercise was voluntary if the police did not act like it was voluntary. If people believed they were being compelled to participate and if they indicated they did not want to participate and their car’s air was sampled and they were delayed then their rights were violated.

I hope those who did not agree are able to get this resolved with perhaps some sort of legal action. I am not normally a sue them first kind of person but government and its police state is getting more and more brazen in the way it violates our rights.

If we make it hurt by taking their money then perhaps they will get the message and stop violating our rights.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Stop While We Get Your DNA”

  1. Vxnschatzee says:

    At the very least, I would think any information retrieved during this “stop” (regarding intoxication, etc.) could not be used to bring charges or at trial. This sounds like a seizure tantamount to arrest which would be a violation of the 4th Amendment. For instance, if an officer stops you and asks if he can search your vehicle BEFORE you are free to leave the scene (before he issues a warning, ticket, or says you are free to go) then any fruits of that search are not admissible in court because you may not have known that you were free to go (since the traffic stop was still in progress to your knowledge) and therefore being detained. Usually only a “stop and frisk” search for weapons would be valid in this case so a search of your vehicle is not. Sounds like a similar situation here and I hope one of the people they stopped is a lawyer.

    Also, what are they doing with that DNA sample? How do they know that they are not going to put those entries into CODIS and try to use them to compare against evidence from crimes (now and in the future)? That would make me extremely uncomfortable. Your DNA has a host of information that I would not want to share. Including medical information…and that’s supposed to be confidential! You can’t even get information on someone’s pet from a vet because of HIPAA. LOL