Stop Rebuilding New Orleans!

The reconstruction of New Orleans is in gear but they need to stop right now. Hurricane season is a week away and experts are predicting that New Orleans will be the prime target this year.

New Orleans, still down and out from last year’s assault by Hurricane Katrina, is the U.S. city most likely to be struck by hurricane force winds during the 2006 storm season, a researcher said on Wednesday.

The forecast gives New Orleans a nearly 30 percent chance of being hit by a hurricane and a one in 10 chance the storm will be a Category 3 or stronger, meaning sustained winds of at least 111 miles per hour (178 km per hour), said Chuck Watson of Kinetic Analysis Corp., Savannah, Georgia a risk assessment firm.

If this is the case then we should stop rebuilding so that new things are not destroyed. Leave the people where they are so Welfare Ray Nagin will have a better chance of evacuating fewer people (if they can decide who is in charge) and fewer will be around to claim that George Bush abandoned them.

President Bush needs to put a halt to everything and tell them to do the best they can until the storms come and then evacuate as quickly as possible when told to. This way, no one can claim that the feds were too slow to respond or that George Bush hates black people.

Want to bet that any such move would draw criticism? Want to bet that people will feel like the government is interfering? Of course it was not interference when they wanted the feds to swoop in and rescue them after their leadership broke down. It is our tax money that they are using (unconstitutionally, in my opinion) and we need to be guardians of that money. It just does not make sense to get things started and then have them destroyed by more storms.

Source: Reuters

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2 Responses to “Stop Rebuilding New Orleans!”

  1. Robert says:

    Agreed but if GW puts a halt to rebuilding, that would lose him the black vote, Oh wait he already lost that. Hell maybe he should then. LOL
    Nagin better get motors started on them buses now they are going to need them again.

  2. I doubt they will stop rebuilding anytime soon. As far as I understand, the levees should be able to withstand anything under a Cat 3 hurricane. However, that is somewhat unknown.

    At least on some of the rebuilds, they are forcing people to raise their houses a number of feet off the ground.